Final Fantasy XV Universe previewed in new E3 2017 trailer; Episode Prompto drops June 27 By Erren Van Duine on June 13, 2017 at 3:09 PM

Square Enix has released a full-length trailer detailing the Final Fantasy XV Universe, rounding out a number of add-ons coming to the main game and PlayStation VR this year.

Here’s a look at what you can expect:

Final Fantasy XV main game

  • Support of next level hardware including the Xbox One X, first showcased at this year’s Xbox E3 2017 Briefing. Final Fantasy XV also supports PlayStation 4 Pro.
  • Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto” DLC, where players can experience an all-new episode playing as Prompto on June 27. Future DLC episodes include “Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis” and “Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades.”
  • Free Updates and New Content, including the “Regalia Type-D” update, planned for release on June 27. This new update gives the player greater freedom to drive the Regalia off-road through various environments.

New Projects

  • Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, a new fishing action PlayStation VR game unveiled at the PlayStation E3 Media Showcase and set to release this September.
  • MajoraMan28

    And here I was expecting a big reveal for a story DLC…

  • Jintae

    Give us that Ardyn DLC come on. *pokes SE*

  • Justice V

    Wouldn’t expect any of that until after Ignis’ DLC releases. Though never know they could add in a bit like they did with Chapter 13 earlier.

  • Nayame Prado

    after horror in Chapter 13 now FFXV gift us with shooting mechanics, I couldn’t be more excited… YayNAAAYYYYYYY

  • •december

    Yeah what Justice V said
    But then again I’m still so super-mega excited for Episode Prompto and Episode Ignis alone – they can throw what they want at me I know what’s the priority lol

  • •december

    dat dere snowmobile
    glad to see its still in Episode Prompto
    hoping we get to steer/ride!

  • Michael Stinger

    How should they do that? Would he be the playable character then? No way! Me and many others wouldn’t wanna do that. He’s the bad guy, and we dislike him. Why would we play him? I wouldn’t wanna play as Kuja kidnapping Cid’s wife neither (FF9), or playing as Seymour killing your own father. That would suck hard imho. But maybe I underestimate the amount of people loving Ardyn (for whatever reason).

  • Jintae

    what? hell no. I meant more story on Ardyn’s past like they pointed out in the survey 🙂

  • Michael Stinger

    Ah okay, now I got you. Sorry that I thought of you as a Noctis-hating hardcore Ardyn fan 😉

  • Jintae

    Nah, I. love everyone equally. Well maybe Gladdy gets a bit more love 😀

  • Jesiah Grant

    Yeah they showed the same trailers so many fricking times in that gimped up live stream, my god. Glad I went to bed.

  • stevenm281

    By Story Content: Ardyn’s Past, in the survey, I believe they mean through cutscenes in the main game, opposed to Playable Character: Lunafreya, which would mean they would include parts in the game where you play as her.

    I doubt they’ll make an Episode: Ardyn.

  • Ulises

    That wasn’t impressive at all…