Here’s another look at Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto By Erren Van Duine on June 15, 2017 at 3:30 PM

Square Enix has shared another round of footage featuring Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto. Due out on June 27, players take will take control of Prompto on a solo story adventure separate from the game.

Captured from the master build of the game, the video takes a look at basic gameplay as well as cutscenes. The full thing is said to run around two hours, with extra time devoted to challenge missions and the like. You’ll be able to download it as part of the game’s season pass or purchase the content separately for $4.99 at launch.

For even more footage, including E3 commentary, head here.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Bring it on~ I’m good at shooters anyways, so this will be fun πŸ™‚

  • Syul

    I wasn’t expecting that happy “YOINK” and now I can’t stop replaying that part just because of that, is that weird…? xD

    Ah… Can’t wait to play with Prom >.< Only 11 days… Only 11 days…

  • Stonespear

    Heya NoctLightCloud haven’t seen you in a while. Hoping this’ll be a good one!

  • β€’december

    JUICY !!!

  • NotCarolKaye

    I want a new Final Fantasy third person shooter set in Ivalice. There, I said it.

  • xMysticx

    People seriously like this ??…

  • β€’december

    Haters still commenting here ??…

  • Jesus Christ

    With the handsome Balthier as a playable character?

    Count me in!

    Side note: Love the sexy beard! But, you already know that.

  • Lisajmcgill

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  • xMysticx

    yeah, do you have a problem with me commenting?
    and you waited for this ? for whole 3 days of e3 ? how disappointing …

  • NoctLightCloud

    Thank you for the warm welcome πŸ™‚ I have the feeling they have something nice in stock for us regarding XV^^ I just did that survey yesterday that pops up in the main menu of the game, and they included both Aranea and Gentiana in their “possible future playable characters”! :O I hope that will come true~
    (I voted for Aranea cause my waifu…if I were a man, that is :P)

  • NoctLightCloud

    Let him be^^ Even if he hasn’t played it yet. Still better than those “Google is paying you…”-comments :’)

  • xMysticx

    you mean her … uhhh just by looking at the demo it will be underwhelming …just as gladio dlc

    and i havent commented in a long while so why the diss…

  • clafelallerizu

    oh look its dirge of cerberus remake…
    people hated the hallway part of ffxv and XIII so lets do more hallway…

  • Soldier Blue

    Fanboys are still fanboying ??…

  • Stonespear

    You can still have a Waifu in this day and age! I chose her too. What an absolutely badass character.

  • Noctis Leonhart Strife

    It would be interesting after the mechanics of the DLC characters are ready, they implement in the main game that gameplay and the possibility of controlling Prompto, Gladio and Ignis. Alternating characters during battles, and using their respective abilities present in their episodes.

  • Artemis Polara

    I like your thinking, I’d really like that too. Though given what we know of Prompto’s he’d be cut off from most stuff when you’re not fighting imperials. Though to balance it, they’d probably expand his arsenal overall outside of the episode and just let you equip that stuff with unlimited ammo like anything else.

  • Dennis Gurkis Johansson

    Looks pretty good. Just hope the shooting don’t feel like the turrets in the main game, cuz the turrets (as much as i really like FFXV) feel awful.

  • Mehmed

    the comments tell me: ff xv is quite dead.

  • β€’december

    Yep, quite.
    But I’ll probably stop playing after Episode Ignis, maybe
    Haven’t played FFXV since Episode Gladiolus came out

  • gabrieuTG

    I think it’s alredy time to move on. I want to see fresh meat

  • Mehmed

    I’m interested in what they will offer as DLC’s. Are they going to redeem themselves with a coherent story in a redone story? Who knows.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I did not diss you though

  • β€’december

    Us: Will they do it
    *Episode Prompto releases*

  • Games Das

    At last,something looks promising in Final Fantasy XV.