New Kingdom Hearts III trailer revealed at Orchestra –World Tour– concert in Los Angeles By Wazi the pa on June 11, 2017 at 1:35 AM

To our pleasant surprise, game director Tetsuya Nomura revealed a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III while taking center stage at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- event in Los Angeles. Prior to showing, Nomura confirmed to the audience and public that Kingdom Hearts III will not make an appearance at E3 2017.

In the trailer below, Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy help Hercules battle various forms of Heartless on the iconic Mount Olympus. Fans will see Sora in a new form, which allows him to perform special powerful solo and joint attacks on his enemies. A new glimpse into the game’s storyline reveals a reunion with Disney villains Hades, Maleficent and Pete as they discuss the location of a mysterious item while Sora is faced with a dilemma in an effort to bring back an old friend.

On July 15 at this year’s D23 Expo event, Square Enix will be unveiling even more information about the latest numbered installment, including a new world announcement and trailer.

Check it out:

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer

Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned to Nova Crystallis for all the latest.

  • 케빈

    its so beautiful <3

  • eijin_kiver

    Why Maleficent model not using Angelina jolie? 😀

  • MasterNinja MonKay


  • Randy Marsh

    Holy smokes FOUR PARTY MEMBERS?!

  • Serj_Angelo

    Looks beautiful although I do have some quirks gameplay-wise, they have plenty of time to polish them out.
    Also excited for the fact that they’re realising a new patch for 1.5+2.5 tomorrow

  • Wazi the pa

    What. A. Pleasant. Surprise. INDEEEEEED.

  • Kristinajgonzalez

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  • There is a goddess….

  • *cries tears of joy*

  • Looks like styles and forms are back and mixed with flowmotion and shotlock. Even saw Sonic Blade.

  • Jesus Christ


    Better than FFXV! Yes, I just wrote that.

  • Jesiah Grant

    Lol that would make a weird inconsistency since she looks like that in every kh game. I personally prefer the classic look. Never saw that live action version.

  • Jesus Christ

    Why am I so excited? WHY?

  • Wazi the pa


  • Jesus Christ

    I just feel incredibly gurly right now. Like I’m fan girling. So inappropriate but I must! YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    The new CGI in-game graphics kinda thingy gotta get use to and that’s piece of cake. Everything else is yaaaaaaaaaaasssss!!

  • NoctLightCloud

    Damn those onions….

  • Syul

    Okay so yesterday I did this thing of joining all my KH stuff together in a “summoning circle” for memes and fun:


    … And like 40 mins ago I saw that I have a message of a friend telling there was a KH3 trailer out. WELP this turned out funnier and I’m so damn hyped right now xDDD (Dat pretty trailer <3)

  • eijin_kiver

    I was remember. First KH explore Tron classic movie.Second KH explore Tron Legacy. I’m just think Maleficent will change into Angeline Jolie in KH3. Lol 😀

  • Kyle

    If you don’t like FFXV I don’t understand how you could ever play this.

  • Randy Marsh

    Highly doubt Disney and SE would want to pay her for using her likeness in this game.

  • CallMeGod

    FF15 is garbage compare to KH so there’s no need to even compare them.

  • Kyle

    This is the children’s version of FFXV you fucking idiot. Same concept: mash, but this one takes EVEN LONGER to make. I’m not a kid anymore; glad to know you are.

  • Kyle

    Because you didn’t like FFXV but you want more in a childish form.

  • Jesus Christ

    Shade. Shade. Shade! Kingdom Hearts is child-like, not childish. Get it right.

  • Jesiah Grant

    Well both those tron movies were connected, tron legacy was a sequel. The angelina jolie movie was not connected to the animated version of sleeping beauty.

  • Thom Kristiansen

    Even though KH has a convoluted messy backstory, at least it has a backstory and characters with depth. You’ll know that if you manage to look behind the cartoony style.
    15 is nothing compared to the golden age of FF that was 6-10. All it has is graphics.

  • JTD95

    Not a FFXV hater or anything. Enjoyed it a lot. But the KH series has way more intriguing gameplay mechanics and variations than FFXV.

  • Kyle

    No it doesn’t

  • Kyle


    I just don’t understand how this community works. They never spit facts, just hate that’s why I’m doing it. KH3 should have came out years ago…

    “All it has is graphics”

    -_- Seriously the golden age was a great time, mainly because it was easy to avoid dumb fans.

  • Thom Kristiansen

    X-2 huh?


  • Kyle

    Yeah you can laugh… laughing is good.

    FFX made me puke from Tidus’ smile alone. Hideous teeth. He’s always cringing even when he smiles.

  • Some Random Guy

    I loved the part where Sora said “So that’s it, huh? We’re some kind of Keyblade Warriors?”

  • Kyle

    Sorry when the game was announced I felt old enough to play it then. As soon as I saw Pete I was thinking ugh not this shit again.

  • Thom Kristiansen

    Thank you Kyle. I needed to laugh. I have crippling depression. Can you please talk some more about how wonderful X-2, XIII and XV are, so I can laugh some more. Thanks Kyle

  • Kyle

    XIII sucks and everyone knows that. You put me in a group just because I like XV. That makes you as shallow minded as the rest of the XV haters flocking over this eye burning garbage.

  • Thom Kristiansen

    Thank you Kyle

  • JTD95

    FFXV barely had any varations in its gameplay and most of the mechanics got introduced during the first fourth of the game. KH has lots new abilities, commands, and other mechanics that keep building upon itself throughout the game. FFXV introduced everything from the beginning abd does not build on what it establoshes.

  • eijin_kiver

    I’m agree!

  • eijin_kiver

    Johnny depp is more selling? 😀

  • Vallen

    This looks good. Nomura makes good games. SE pried FFXV away from the man and ruined it. KHIII is proof that Nomura brings quality (and I don’t play KH), and then look at what Tabata did to FFXV…

  • Vallen

    Of course, they took FFXV away from Nomura and ruined it.

  • MajoraMan28

    *Golden age of FF that was I-X


  • Eyoi

    Poor you. You can’t handle any XV criticism so you’re projecting it onto another game. You are definitely a true XV fanboy.

  • Unless you’re stuck in some time loop of 2006 to 2013 then you should damn well know by now that FFXV hasn’t been a hack and slash since Nomura had been on. The game has hack and slash elements but doesn’t play as fluid as a KH game does.

    FFXV story is greatly butchered from it’s original concept and while KH has a complex story that hard to understand sometimes even for long time fans, it’s still charming and likable regardless of it’s convolutedness.

    Not too mention KH is definitely more fun and feels more fluid when playing as opposed to FFXV where everything feels stiff.

    Also it takes longer to make because Nomura was working on FFXV for 7 years before they took him off but still manage to get KH 5 games out. My point there is just cause we haven’t got 3 doesnt mean we haven’t got any KH games.

  • Jesiah Grant


  • Jesus Christ

    Now now… I know y’all know i’m KH fan, but I’m not without criticism.

    Let’s talk the trailer. Square Enix … cheap cheap cheap cheap. They never really show really new stuff. It has to be OLympus my goodness. They give a dash of new. And my impression is that lots of attack mechanics we’ve seen already just with more pretty cartoon like spectacles (that’s cool, but not really new). But that’s it.

    Literally anything can happen in this game series’s plot. I mean it’s ridiculous what Nomura thinks out just to connect the dots and make many more unanswered questions. I’m so fan freak, so I don’t buy into every little explanation he gives just to patch things together in the series. I can say the series is convoluted and its a drawback. it’s messy.

    [spoiler] Not to mention they don’t really take risk on big characters. Fans get super sad a character dies so Nomura figure out a way to bring him back and I guess it’s Roxas. I believe it’s more powerful for Roxas death to NOT be resurrected[/spoiler].

    Remember how they said Nobodies don’t have hearts… then a game or two later, we realize some do…. that’s what i called Nomura pulling explanation out of his bum bum. It’s cheap. Oh and don’t forget the clones galore. So many characters with practically the same faces and forces developers to pull explanations out of their bum bum to make it work. So characters we love like Sora’s appearance loses originality IMO.

    Other than that. I LOOOOOOOOVE GAME PLAY!

  • Jesus Christ

    I give you this. Lots of repetition in KH series. The most original thought probably KH and KHII and hopefully KHIII. But we know olympus with hades will return and we have Maleficient doing the same ole thing. Trying to conquers the worlds and fail – 100%!

    Other than that, I still anticipate this game way way way wway more than XV.

  • Elizabethbjackson

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  • Patrick Bateman

    ….. FFXV and KH are WAY different battle wise ( maybe not with the Gladio battle update, i haven’t play any of the DLC yet so I don’t know what’s actually changed ) KH always had it right imo since KH1. FFXV wen’t unnecessarily complicated ( unless you just hold down attack and block the whole time ) and boring since magic is barely used and active timed commands rarely register. I honestly always fluked/randomly got Linked Strikes because the AI has to be in the right exact place for them to work.

  • Patrick Bateman

    “No it doesn’t”

    Good argument LOL

  • Patrick Bateman

    This game looks so awesome, I really hope you don’t have to play any of the side games to understand KH3 because those games were pretty much all garbage….HK1 and 2 were really all they needed to make. Maybe the Keyblade War PSP game as backstory, but that’s it…the rest were completely unnecessary and just a money grab ( chain of memories coded, re:coded, re:re:re: coded HD etc are basically all remakes of the first game, like how many versions and times do we need that game re:re:re:re:released?) I instantly got bored in the first like hour of Dream Drop because oh look! Traverse Town again for the millionth time!

    Kingdom Hearts 3 took waaaay too long to be a thing : I’m not even talking about how long it’s taking to get made now, I’m talking about the announcement of a Kingdom Hearts 3 alone.

  • Wazi the pa

    Hate to break it to you, but yes, you have to play the side games to understand the premise of KH3.

  • Patrick Bateman

    thank god for You Tube haha unless the confusing 1.5,2.5,2.8 go to xbox ( which i know they most likely never will even though 3 is going to xbox ) I’ll just cut scene it.

  • Kimberlyelee

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  • Kyle

    Yeah mashing X and building a gummy ship.

  • One Eco

    Well, considering that KH came before… FFXV is the adult version x’D