Get to know Martina & Row, and the town of Grotta in Dragon Quest XI By Wazi the pa on July 6, 2017 at 8:21 AM

It’s that time again, folks. Square Enix has updated the official website to Dragon Quest XI’s official Japanese website to share additional details about the upcoming RPG. For this batch, we’re treated with information and screenshots of characters Martina and Row, as well as the game’s town of Grotta.

Feast it all below:


Accompanied by old man Row, Martina is a female fighter who travels around the world in seeking to carry out a certain objective. Her well-built legs boast of unrivaled destructive power. With the addition of her eye-catching beauty and commanding demeanour, Martina is certainly not your average fighter.

—A female fighter with tough kicks and eye-catching beauty!

Martina specializes at going in head-first in battle. She can execute her attacks with spears or claws, and primarily stages the role of an attacker utilizing her unique kick techniques. Her alluring looks are also a viable asset in battle, as it can be used to apply status ailments on monsters.

—Spear Special Skill: “Hell Spark”

—Seductive Special Skill: “Sexy Beam”

—Claw Special Skill: “Witch Nail”

—Seductive Special Skill: “Sexy Beam”


An elderly man shrouded with many mysteries, Row’s appearance of owning a staff and carrying large luggage is like that of any traveler, but in reality he’s capable of casting highly advanced spells and boasts of extraordinary martial arts skills. Just who is this old man?

—A mysterious old man with an unfathomable ability!

Row is primed with high power that enables him to take on the role of both an attacker and healer. He particularly specializes in recovery spells that both heal and revive allies, as well as attack spells that inflicts high amounts of damage to his enemies. Row fights in battle using a two-handed staff or claws, and is capable of changing his role mid-battle by switching weapons based on the situation.

—Row’s Spell: “Kazing”

—Claws Special Skill: “Liger Crash”

—Row’s Spell: “Kacrack”

—Row’s Spell: “Kazam”

—Enlightenment Special Skill: “Baptism of Zero”

—Two-Handed Staff Special Skill: “Revival Staff”

Town of Grotta

Grotta is a flourishing town located in the northern part of the game’s world continent. Held in the town is a “Masked Fighters Tournament” where masked fighters brawl in pairs. Especially during tournament season, Grotta is bustled with fighters that gather to test their strength and tourists who come to view the tournament first hand.

—Within Grotta is an arena which the Fighters Tournament is held. In a building connected to the arena, a statue that gives praise to Delcadar’s General Greig has been erected.

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS on July 29 in Japan, with its Nintendo Switch version currently in development.

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