Sign up now for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s closed beta By Tony Garsow on July 16, 2017 at 9:59 PM

Starting today you can sign up for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT‘s closed beta — which will begin later this summer. For North American and Latin Americans, click here. Europeans can register here. Note: you’ll need a Square Enix account to register.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a console version of the arcade game based on the original Dissidia games for the PlayStation Portable. Developed by Team Ninja, it brings together many characters from the Final Fantasy series that mixes a fighting game with an RPG. This particular title will feature 3-versus-3 matches.

The game will formally launch on PlayStation 4 in all regions sometime in 2018.

  • Adam Hedquist

    The closed Beta is only for NA. Might change in the future.

  • I cannot log in, even recovering my account access. I am from Latin America.

  • One Eco

    7th of August next stream of Dissidia Arcade.
    Yesterday it was confirmed that the next 4 to be added are going to be Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Ultimecia & Jecht.

  • NoctLightCloud

    But Europe is mentioned too in this article?

  • Mariehhuie

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  • Adam Hedquist

    Well, it’s wrong about the EU part. https://twitter.com/FinalFantasy/status/886776918074245121