The Final Fantasy XV: Comrades avatar creator is quite detailed By Tony Garsow on August 4, 2017 at 8:27 PM

Final Fantasy XV‘s new multiplayer expansion titled “Comrades” is currently in a closed beta phase where those who purchased the Final Fantasy XV season pass will be able to test out the online mode with other players across the globe. In this expansion you’ll be creating your own “Glaive” — of the Kingsglaive — tasked with protecting the royal line of Lucis.

While the closed beta is a limited look at the final product, the number of options available is still lavish. You’ll be able to create an avatar with two “ancestors” for a base profile of your face. You can tweak it further by fine-tuning each part of the face with a plenitude of sliders that represent each part of the face.

As for clothing options, each part of a garment is individually dye-able, allowing for some pretty in-depth customization of the currently limited clothing options.

You can check it out in our videos below:

The Comrades beta is scheduled to conclude on August 8th, but an additional test on the 11th through the 13th to improve the matchmaking feature.



  • alef321

    needs more hair ,I also predict paid costumes to look like stuff from FF1~13 in XV’s graphics.

  • Codes McGodes

    Yesssss there’s a butt sliderrrrr!

  • •december

    Ok, so yeah detailed or not it’s not the final build.
    There’ll probably be like waaay more, and
    lets be honest: The potential is there.
    It’s very promising

  • •december

    No offence to the main game, but I’m hoping this online Multiplayer is challenging enough for me to lose health, atleast every once in a while.

    Why not make Niflheim fully accessible too, while they’re at it!
    …I noticed the Server names: Niflheim and Lucis
    Got me thinking lol

  • Justice V

    That’s what I was hoping for in the main game. Hopefully it does get realized in Comrades. Unfortunately I think Comrades is only playable with a PS+ or Xbox Live account and I’m not paying for that.