Final Fantasy XV’s August update adds Bestiary and Chapter Select By Erren Van Duine on August 22, 2017 at 8:50 AM

Final Fantasy XV‘s next update is around the corner and with it comes a number of new quality of life features. The game’s August update is set to add a monster Bestiary along with a Chapter Select feature when it drops later this month.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version is due out early 2018.

  • stevenm281

    Cool update!

  • MistwalkerKilyK


  • Serj_Angelo

    Finally, was really looking forward to the bestiary feature.

    Hoping the descriptions are more in-depth for most enemies though. FFXII bestiary’s enemies and lore descriptions were top notch, would love for them to reach that level.

  • Artemis_Polara

    Now to see if I missed an enemy anywhere. πŸ˜›
    I wasn’t expecting a chapter select feature (nice touch)

  • alef321

    I want an update that swap the whole graphics to the pocket version and makes the game run 60 fps.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Very nice update!!

  • x5kevleo

    Those are the big anouncements?

  • King Zeus

    Bestiary is an actually cool addition.

    Of course it could never compare to Final Fantasy XII’s ridiculously awesome descriptions, see for yourselves:

    “Being a hideous creature with brownish-green mottled skin, and writhing tentacles. It eats only of flesh, drawing no sustenance from photosynthesis as common plants do. Favoring stealth, it approaches its prey in silence, then strikes without warning, swallowing its victim whole. Its maw is filled with powerfully acidic saliva, and breathing the miasma that is its foul breath causes poisoning and madness.”

  • Lord Shiru

    Naissu ! That’s a great addition for the game !

  • Mehmed

    So it seems. SE and FFXV seems to be a bunch of shit.
    Oh Nomura how I missed you.
    I actually seem to hate FF. I loved the concept of Versus.

  • The last update was multiplayer, chill for a month.

  • Considering the translators have been kinda trashy I wouldn’t be surprised if the effort was low in comparison to the glory of FFXII

  • I’m excited for chapter select, now I don’t need to wait for hard mode for me to play though some parts again :3

  • Vallen

    These month-end updates are the only thing good coming out of FFXV. Hope that survey will bring good news amongst this dread of mobile mediocrity.

    So Gamescom 2017 brought us:
    -Monsters of the Deep VR (Nov)
    -Pocket chibi FFXV on mobile (Fall)
    -Episode Iggy (Dec)
    -Bestiary and Ch. Select (late Aug)
    -FFXV PC (2018)

    Kinda underwhelming..

  • stevenm281

    I was expecting to hear about the Comrades background story, the in-game survey results and their plans, a glimpse of Ignis DLC, but heh….

  • Games Das

    You can now replay a chapter?It sounds weird and inconsistent with the game’s progression.

  • Kerrikakins


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  • stevenm281

    I think as long as it unlocks after completing the game, it won’t matter that much.

    When creating a NG+, rather than starting at 0, you choose where you start from.

  • β€’december

    I can’t wait to replay this game in like a year from the beginning, with all these nice little extras thrown in. Should feel like a brand new game by then. Episode Ignis in December… still a long way to go.

  • Syul

    Nice update, loving the fact that we finally have a bestiary~

    Although it would have been amazing if they would have taken advantage of the fact that they were doing one to make it like FFXII’s bestiary, so that we could know more info about the world and so on xD

    Still… For what I’ve read, there’s still one announcement for FFXV this Gamescom. They haven’t said when exactly will they reveal it, though. I’m just sitting here hoping for something related to the survey. but who knows what will happen… xD I mean, nobody saw that Pocket version coming, and probably neither the tease that FFXV might end up showing up for Switch as well.

    Impatience is killing me >_>

  • Lucas NΓ³brega Maia

    well , we can already take it out “World of Ruin” and “Improved Magic system” as they will take a close look at that in the multiplayer , but who knows the rest of that survey?

  • Lucas NΓ³brega Maia

    well , the only thing you miss would be those timed quest , but I am sure they will just make it them regular quest in a future Definite Edition.

  • Lucas NΓ³brega Maia

    Multiplayer will be talked in more detail with their TGS’s segment.

  • stevenm281

    Multiplayer wasn’t included in July update… it will be included sometime this Fall.

    They made a beta test available earlier this month, but it wasn’t an update at all.

  • Syul

    Well, there’s been the announcement of the collab in social media, but… Is that what they were talking about, the last announcement, or…?

    But well, it’s free, looks funny, has scenes, and it gives new outfits, so if it really is that last announcement, at least looks nice and there’s still TGS next mont~ In all honesty, I think I’m going to enjoy the event, all the more given the fact that I’ve always felt curious about AC *always as positive as can be*

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this is that last announcement or not… but damned be waits xD

    Also yes, they’re probably going to tackle World of Ruin and Improved Magic System with Comrades (and I think that magic system could go into the main game somehow), but still, I wouldn’t let World of Ruin out as a future option to expand… I mean, the multiplayer was already known to be being made when the survey came out, Comrades so far doesn’t seem that will have an open map, and there’s that option that hints at WoR… *thoughtful*

  • So what, point is they’re working on stuff.