A look at Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion “Comrades” closed beta test By Tony Garsow on August 3, 2017 at 2:53 PM

The closed beta test for Final Fantasy XV‘s multiplayer expansion “Comrades” is live today. Those who purchased the Season Pass and have either PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold will be able to check out the game before the full release. Currently the closed beta is scheduled to end on August 8th. (Update: an additional test will occur between August 11th and August 13th to further test the matchmaking feature.)

We gave it a spin, check it out in the video below:

In this expansion, you will create a custom character — in a rather lavish character creator — that serves as a member of the Kingsglaive, elite forces that serve the Royal Crown. We guess this takes place somewhere near the end of the main game when the world is thrown into chaos. When starting Comrades, you’ll have a base camp from which you can practice combat and take on new multiplayer missions.

Speaking to Cor will allow you to undertake one of three missions at a time. Should you choose “Quick Play”, the game will automatically match you with other players. Or, if you prefer, you can create a room or join someone else’s — there’s also an option to password lock yours for specific people you’d like to invite.

Missions often consist of defeating waves of enemies and protecting targets with up to three other players or AI. After you set off from your rendezvous point, you’ll be taken straight to the battle. Combat here is a little different than the main title, where you’ll be able to create a shield by holding the block button and cast healing and offensive spells with the left trigger and a button press. The ability to warp around and warp-strike is also intact, and should you parry and counter incoming enemy attacks, you will initiate a “chain-warp” combo in which the party’s warp-strikes will activate a counter that amplifies damage.

For communication purposes, you can use emotes by holding down the right trigger and selecting text or images from a menu.

After you complete a mission, spoils that you may have picked up from monsters or harvested will be used to make a meal. Just like in the main game, meals will bestow various bonuses. Note that you’ll only be able to take back one item from the field, so you’ll want to find the highest quality item you can for increased meal effectiveness.

Weapons in Comrades, in addition to stat bonuses, include Abilities. These include the ability to change the magic you have or the effect your attacks inflict – such as the ability for stop to afflict an enemy or replenishing MP on hit. These abilities also have a level system, but you cannot gain experience towards leveling up in this closed beta. Aside from ability levels, your character also has a base level where accumulated experience points are tabulated after a mission.

Here are the weapons and sigils you can find:


  • Sennin-giri
    Attack Rating: 106
    Stat Bonuses: None
    Ability: Flurry Rush – Damage output increases with each consecutive strike.
    Obtained: initial equipment
  • Ashura
    Attack Rating: 73
    Stat Bonuses: Fire Resistance +20%
    Ability: Flamebound – Standard attacks inflict fire-type elemental damage
    Ability: Offensive Spell: Fire – Caster’s default offensive spell changes into fire-type elemental magic.
    Obtained: Road to Old Lestallum, Naga Extermination


  • Mythril Hammer
    Attack Rating: 120
    Stat Bonuses: Strength +10
    Ability: None
    Obtained: initial equipment
  • Imperial Axe
    Attack Rating: 181
    Stat Bonuses: Strength +10
    Ability: Soulsiphon – Standard attacks gain a small chance of replenishing MP.
    Obtained: Naga Extermination


  • Crimson Flashes
    Attack Rating: 88
    Stat Bonuses: Fire Resistance +10%
    Ability: Flamebound – Standard attacks inflict fire-type elemental damage
    Ability: Warp Combo: Fira – Casts fire-type elemental spell after a successful warp-strike.
    Obtained: initial equipment


  • Kagenui
    Attack Rating: 24
    Stat Bonuses: None
    Ability: Petrifier – Standard attacks gain a small chance of stopping enemies in their tracks
    Obtained: initial equipment
  • Fuma Shuriken
    Attack Rating: 65
    Stat Bonuses: None
    Ability: Deathbearer – Standard attacks gain a small chance of inflicting instant death.
    Obtained: Naga Extermination
  • Raiton Shuriken
    Attack Rating: 96
    Stat Bonuses: Lightning Resistance +20%
    Ability: Stormbound – Standard attacks inflict Lightning-type elemental damage.
    Ability: Offensive Spell: Thundara – Caster’s default offensive spell changes into lightning-type elemental magic.
    Obtained: Hunting the Garulessa, Naga Extermination


  • The Rogue’s Sigil
    It enables the bearer to use [Left Analog Stick + Attack/Sprint Button] to take a step in midair after attacking (costs MP).
    Stat Bonuses: Strength +20
    Obtained: initial equipment
  • The Pious’s Sigil
    It enables the bearer to cast two offensive spells in a row by expending more MP.
    Stat Bonuses: Strength -60, Magic +99, Spirit -99
    Obtained: initial equipment
  • The Tall’s Sigil
    It greatly increases the bearer’s attack power but prevents them from casting curative spells.
    Stat Bonuses: HP +500, MP -30, Strength +60, Magic -50, Spirit -50
    Obtained: initial equipment
  • The Oracle’s Sigil
    It enables the bearer to recover more HP across a wider range by expending more MP.
    Stat Bonuses: HP -200, MP +50, Strength -60, Magic -99, Spirit +60
    Obtained: initial equipment
  • Krijn van Alten

    I’m not a PSN member, but seeing this makes me certain that I also not going to start with that for this boring expansion.

  • Diego Pinheiro

    I watch a gameplay of this expansion and I enjoyed what I see. The way you can heal your conrades during battle, the customization of the character and the fighting style. Looks promissing. Reminded me Monster Hunter and it is a good thing.

  • Syul

    So far I’ve played it today with a friend and, while it had some issues, there were issues that one would expect from a beta (like for example having a little delay when you change a feature of your character in the creator/editor), and we had some fun~

    Creating the character and trying the gameplay was nice (the way the equipment seems to work looks interesting and I love the new healing spell, to highlight something), and I’m really looking forward to see in the future all the things they specified in the webpage working. This multiplayer can be something nice if Square-Enix gives it enough love.

    What I didn’t like was that I expected it to be a bit more lenghty though, 3 missions tasted a bit too short for us xD

  • Gabriel Hage

    Final Monster Hunter Fantasy XV

  • Lord Shiru

    The gameplay features should be added to the main game !
    Especially the magic system (the fact that it’s tied to weapon is great ! And we finally have the “Protect/Barrier” spell from Kingsglaive).

    They should drop the “Elemancy” system for this. Tying L2 for magic is a great idea ;-).

  • Artemis_Polara



    So can you make a Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku hair for the dude avatars?

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    I don’t think that Elemancy needed to stop , but this magics and weapon’s abilities is a great idea.
    Those Kingsglaive’s magic should be used as “ring magic” with an Ascension and custom our ring’s buttom command.
    I also think that L2 should be used to change characters while Summons should be a special command like R3+L3 or something like that , FFXV’s techs should worked similar as “I am Setsuna” and they shoul included more chapters than only 15 , as the second part were rushed……….

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    it’s a beta (more like a Alpha to me) , in which we have only 6 missions (in which 2 of them were basically the same protect mission but with different monster).
    If SE had released more Comrade’s stuff , it would be better to replay that demo , well , I guess we need to wait a second Closed Beta or a Open Beta

  • •december

    I’ve surprised myself
    Dare I say this was actually a great idea?
    This will be huge lol, I’m really enjoying this more than the DLCs
    Huge potential…

  • alef321

    so they did needed a couple of years for XV
    let’s hope they aren’t hard heads and actually shove the gameplay into the real game for the ultimate FFXV pack that will eventually launch.
    I mean look at ep gladio and prom and compared their gameplay to the crappy vanilla game, not even fair.

  • •december

    Lets not even talk about Episode Gladiolus lol
    Episode Prompto was great, but still too short
    by the looks of it, things are improving a lot
    I’m really excited for Comrades now. Wasn’t before…

  • Lord Shiru

    I think that having 15 chapters for the game is symbolic (FFXV/FF15).

    Maybe they could mix Elemancy (only the part that allows us to modify spells) and this new magic system :).

    Summoning is too situational (while being awesome), so your suggestion should be good :).

    They could easily put “Holy” as a perfect guard/dodge ability.
    Protect/Barrier could be used as the default “guard/block” ability with the ring.

    Or they could do it like KHBBS / 3D / 0.2 : Summons a magical barrier for 3 seconds and if the character manages to block the attack we can counter-attack with “Holy”.

    Or even better (like KH’s shortcut command system):

    L2 + ▲ : Kingsglaive “Thunder”
    L2 + ☐ : Kingsglaive “Barrier”
    L2 + ◉ : Kingsglaive “Fire”
    L2 + ✖ : Kingsglaive “Healing”

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    exactly , and if we were allowed to edit those commands when it comes to the ring , it would be perfect.
    I know that 15 chapters is symbolic , but it makes the second part rushed , with 20 chapters or a little more , with some main quests having sub-quests (like the Vault Quests in the game) , we could have Nilfheim and Lestallum and maybe World of Ruin.


    thank fookin’ god you can play a female character, wasnt sure

  • Rivershield

    Honestly, I coudn’t care less about a multiplayer feature in this game.
    What about the fixes in the storyline? Any good news about seeing Luna’s background and explanation on Ravus?

  • Dod

    Seems like most people don’t care about those since they asked for a multiplayer feature…
    What a wonderful world.

  • Yuntu

    The way weapons work is great, the character creator has a surprising amount of depth despite only having very few options unlocked for the Beta (lol at the Chocobo), hopefully final thing will have more variety in objectives and I´m curious about which city they gonna have as a hub.

    The only big problem for me was that matchmaking was kinda busted, but that´s kinda (sadly) the norm nowadays for anything thats multiplayer the first days …

  • Yuntu

    Maybe they will have something at Gamescom.

  • Vallen

    Elemancy is fine, they should simply patch an option for shortcuts so you could set your spells to four button commands (L2+square/circle/triangle/or X).

  • Vallen

    -character creation depth
    -world of ruin setting
    -updated battle/magic systems

    Needs Improvement:
    -even further customization options
    -server stability
    -matchmaking options and features
    -better quest variety
    -a bigger hub city

  • Serj_Angelo

    Alright, so I’ve been toying around with it for these couple of days and I’m seriously butthurt about some of the gameplay feature’s not being in the main game.
    – Airstepping with every light weapon
    – More unique animations per weapon that are more fluent and responsive
    – Tying magic and skills to weapons (we got a hint of that in Duscae but it never got transitioned into the main game)

    I really really want these features to be implemented in the main game eventually and when Noctis rolls into Comrades as a playable character, for him to utilize all that in the same manner but with larger variety of weapons.

  • Codes McGodes

    Who asked for it? The only thing I’ve consistently seen people complain about and want fixed is the story.

  • Dod

    Probably the same people from the XV fanbase who asked for an open-world and a flying car..

  • blazeblast4

    It’s not the number of chapters that’s the problem, it’s the chapters themselves. The first 4 chapters could easily be one with how little distinction there is between them and everything between Leviathan and chapter 13 could’ve been extended. In particular I would’ve really liked to see is more negotiations and more of the travels. We’re getting World of Ruin with this DLC, so that’s something to check off, though I’d love to see more of the side characters at the point Noctis returned.

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    I already said that: “more chapters and some chapters had subquests”
    1 to 4 could truly be one , the same goes to “destroy that nilfheim HQ” or “take those 2 Royal Arms”.
    But I still thinks that those subquests + 20 chapters or more could improve the game , but only with they had included Nilfheim , Oracle’s kingdom (I don’t remember it’s name) and expanded Altissia

  • Yuntu

    I think, not know, they will implement it as the free update together with the DLC releasing. Atleast that´s my hunch on it.

    I personally think this will come after episode Ignis and they will give the maingame a major gameplay focused patch with character switching etc. – well that would be the best scenario for us anyways.

  • •december

    Things are looking up

  • CallMeGod

    How the hell are there still member of Kingsglaive who still have magic power and warping abilities. This shit is the stupidest thing ever and doesn’t even make any fucking sense.

  • xXDibbs

    Could be set before the movie?

  • Rivershield

    I hope so.

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    It’s set after World of Ruin

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    Because Noctis still were alive and claimed his ring

  • xXDibbs

    Then maybe their pact isn’t with the king EG Regis but with the Ring itself.

    So as long as there is someone who can equip the ring then the Kingsglaive can use their magic.

    So when Regis died there was no successor to Regis’s bloodline, so the glaives lost their powers.

    When Noct equips the ring then they should regain those powers.

    I think thats a very easy way to explain it?

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia


  • CallMeGod

    It been state in the movie that Regis is the one who share his power with the
    Kingsglaive. Therefore, that would mean they had some sort of pact with Regis to be able to use the ring powers. That’s why they all lost the power when Regis die. Just like how Gladious, Ignis, and Prompto are able to conjure up the weapons because they have a bond or contract with Noctis who is still able to use the power even though he didn’t have the ring on. If all it takes is for random people to have magical power is by having someone with Lucian blood to put on the ring then everyone in the world should had the power.

  • CallMeGod

    Even if he did put on the ring, he never grant any of the Kingsglaive the power because in the movie it was Regis who gave the Kingsglaive their power. I mean in the movie he wasn’t even wearing the ring and Nyx was still able to warp, only when Regis die did they lost the power. Meaning they had some sort of contract or connection with Regis, thus Noctis putting on the ring and granting power again to the Kingsglaive wouldn’t make any sense because he has connection or contract with them and still stuck in the crystal.

  • Lord Shiru

    That would be neat indeed.
    I really would like to have the “Protect/Barrier” spell added to the main game.
    L2 + Square for the magical barrier ?
    L2 + Circle for Fire Elemancy ?
    L2 + Cross for Ice Elemancy ?
    L2 + Triangle for Thunder Elemancy ?

  • xXDibbs

    I don’t think they made a pact Regis directly but by proxy of the ring of the lucii.

    You see the reason I assume this because of their powers originally belonging to the Lucii and receiving them by the proxy of its holder.

    Since Noct doesn’t get the ring until late in the game, the Kingsglaive are left powerless up to that point.

    When he equips it their contract with the rings master is reinstated, thus so too do their powers return.

    If we want proof of this then we only need to look at how Ardyne was able to reinstate Gladio and Ignis’s powers that they received from Noct.

    They have no contract with Ardyne, yet he is able to reinstate it.

  • •december

    No you’re wrong.
    We don’t know when during the events of FFXV this Comrades Kingsglaive takes place.
    …Let alone the “Alternate Reality” which is canon.

  • •december

    Refer to my earlier comment lol
    …but unrelated: in saying this has anyone noticed the colouring for the world looks more realistic?

  • NoctLightCloud

    PS Plus? Oh I kinda forgot you need that, damn… Guess I’ll pass on this one then.

  • •december


  • stevenm281

    So I’m back from my vacation and as much as the multiplayer seem fun and exciting, it doesn’t really make sense.

    How can we be a Kingsglaive member during World of Ruin? They all lost their powers when Regis died. If I’m not mistaken, its through their brooch that they can channel the powers of the king.

    Granted, Noctis could be providing powers to them but he his sleeping in the crystal, unless he doesn’t need to be aware that he his providing his powers. Then again, Kingsglaive members use magic that the king can use, and nowhere in the game can Noctis use the spells that his father and the Kingsglaive members use.

    I hope they come up with an explanation or they add these spells to Noctis’ arsenal in the main game once he awakens from his Crystal Sleep.

  • Justice V

    Maybe the first king gave them powers?

  • Games Das

    I was just checking the Playstation Store price to preorder Shadow of War Gold Edition since I already bought it on Steam.Is this some kind of jest?Final Fantasy XV is $37.99!
    I remember very well to preorder it at $89.99.Not even a year has passed since its release and this is the condition.How is this even possible?

  • NoctLightCloud

    People keep saying this is good. Ia it really fun?

  • Ulises

    The game disappointed everyone but fanboys… they’ve been trying to fix it adding stuff that should have been in there from the beginning but the damage was already done.

  • stevenm281

    Its not because of how great or how bad a game is that prices drop.

    Prices drop when a title achieved a certain profit with sales, in FF15’s case, the development cost was covered within the first day of release of the game, therefore easily causing a price drop within months after release.

  • stevenm281

    Far-fetched, but possible.

  • stevenm281

    I’d say its during World of Ruin, as proved by the color of the sky.

    When Noctis defeats Ardyn, the sky turns back to normal, therefore ending World of Ruin.

  • Ulises

    Good point but still…

  • •december

    It was really fun yeah.
    Promising, so we shall see