New Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade character to be revealed August 7 By Erren Van Duine on August 2, 2017 at 1:36 AM

Square Enix is preparing to reveal the next playable character coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy‘s arcade version on August 7. The reveal will take place during a special live stream on Niconico starting at 20:00 JST as part of an initiative to reveal one character each month through November.

According to Famitsu, the reveal will be one of the characters pictured in this grouped together silhouette:

The live stream will also feature new details on the game’s latest update.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, a PS4 version based on the original arcade release, is due out early 2018.

  • Wtf is that… Is it Gilgamesh? It’s gotta be.

  • Justice V
  • I thought he was already revealed for NT

  • slicer141

    Exdeath is already In the game lmao. It’s probably Golbez.

  • I wanted to say it was Golbez but he has too much stuff sticking out of places that doesnt add up. Plus Golbez silhouette wouldn’t like that unless they changed his design. Which I doubt they did because everyone else looks the same.

    My money is on Gilgamesh.

  • Mauricio Assunção

    There’s more than one character there. You can clearly see Golbez’s shoulders, Ultimecia’s pointed hair and Cloud of Darkness’s Floating Hair.

  • arcnate

    its obviously Golbez look at his character model from the psp games

  • Kchri

    that was my thought exactly until i finished reading the article. notice it says: “the reveal will be one of the characters pictured in this grouped together silhouette”

    attention to detail, friend.

  • Wait, after further inspection I think it just might be him. Even thought somethings look oddly different.

  • They did that to throw people off XD

  • I hope eventually they add Edge(4) or Shadow(6).

  • Codes McGodes

    I just wanna know who that dumb little hand belongs to.

  • Codes McGodes

    Those feet at the bottom could be one of the Garlean’s from FFXIV. Looks closest to Nael’s, but could also be Gaius’.

  • Deraj Keeper

    Golbez, Cloud of Darkness, or Ultimecia most likely. Golbez seems like the most prominent figure here, but if you look closely, you can see a portion of what appears to be Ultimecia’s hair, the bottom of her gown in the bottom-left and what seems like a bare foot. And I just assume the jumbled mess of hair at the top is a part of Cloud of Darkness, little unsure on that though.


    Come on let it be Angeal

  • One Eco

    They are CoD, Golbez, Ultimecia and Jecht.
    They’ll be the next 4 characters to be added to the game.

    And we still don’t know nothing about the “surprise character”

  • One Eco

    The feet are Golbez’s

  • One Eco

    Actually, it’s a combination of CoD, Golbez, Ultimecia and Jecht’s artworks

  • One Eco

    Exdeath was the last character to be added… so your theory is kinda… (ex)dead (???
    Kill me now

  • Codes McGodes

    Possibly. If this is going off of their character artworks though then they can’t be as only one of his feet is visible in his artwork. One of the feet might belong to him but the other is occluded by his cape.

  • Codes McGodes

    Where do you see Jecht?

  • arcnate


  • One Eco

    Details from his greatsword can be seen at the right side and bottom of the blob silhouette.

  • One Eco

    The cape is formed by Golbez’s cape and Ultimecia’s robe

  • One Eco

    It is. The first that analyzed the silhouette were the guys from the Dissidia Arcade wiki.

  • Codes McGodes

    I think you misunderstood me. In Golbez’ artwork specifically, only one of his feet is visible. So both of those feet cannot belong to him unless they’ve updated his artwork.

  • One Eco

    Oh, the other feet is Ultimecia’s robe

  • David Thornhill

    Obviously Golbez.

  • Justice V

    Haha my bad. But ended up being Jecht who I would probably never have guessed from that silhouette.

  • Justice V

    Seems like. Think I missed his reveal completely, or just forgot he was already in heh.

  • No worries. I mean I sorta forgot as well. He’s not really one of the characters I typical play as or care for anyways (I like golbez better tbh because of his design)

  • One Eco

    That’s because the only part of Jecht’s artwork that was featured in the silhouette was the sword x’D