New Dissidia Final Fantasy character to be revealed September 5 By Erren Van Duine on August 30, 2017 at 11:25 AM

Square Enix is preparing to reveal the next player character for Dissidia Final Fantasy‘s arcade version, the company announced today. Fans are invited to join a special Niconico broadcast starting September 5 at 20:00 JST for the latest on the 3v3 fighting game.

Following the reveal of Jecht last month, Square Enix plans to announce one new character for the game through November. This time we’re likely to see another villain from the original PSP games join the cast.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is due out for PlayStation 4 early next year.

  • stevenm281

    Well, while the concept is great, based on the Beta, its NOWHERE near the level of quality of the PSP games.

    Matchmaking took forever, lag is insane and makes the game barely playable, no possibility to party with your friends or fight against them, graphics were grainy….

    Worst online game I ever played… I am so disappointed.

    I’m not gonna buy this until some heavy price drop.

  • Pleasance13

    New* Dissidia Final Fantasy character to be revealed September 5

    *returning from previous games much larger rosters

  • Zero_mask

    base on your comment your disappointed of the beta the “WORST online game I ever play” you sounds like your trolling and your thinking people support your ideas for buying this game when it was “HEAVY PRICE DROP”

    I know you want this game but why saying its the worst online game your played. but still wanted to buy it and play it when the time is right. dont buy games when your disappointed and already suffer for a game like this. Id rather say I will buy this game when they fix the problem that preventing this game from being best like it used to be (PSP).

    Dont make me wrong I just wanted to see how this game turns out to be one of the greatest competitive fighting game. maybe you can save your comment for your self. if its not helping and trying to help the community. how this game can become good, not this one but for all the games that comming out. voice your opinion but in good way dont make us support your idea. when its not gonna help the devs its hard for devs to hear this kind of comment specially if your willing to play this game. you sounds like opportunist please consider them support them. they will make this game enjoyable to all us just addressing the problem correctly and rightly manner. we dont know when the game community falls who know maybe we think its raising but in contrary. So lets help them together build raising the community that we all love. peace V. =)

  • stevenm281

    fine, I corrected my last sentence.

  • David Thornhill

    They’ll start adding NEW new ones after the entire PSP roster is on there. 😛

  • Randy Marsh

    I wouldn’t judge this so quick my friend. Remember we only got kind of a taste of what’s actually in the game, move sets and stuff. The matchmaking is obviously because of how little people play and prime hours to find matches are mainly between the hours of 3-6 PST, which had me finding matches pretty quick. The lag is indeed insane, but it’s rare also when you get it and from what I can tell it seems to be a mixture of servers and people on your teams possibly leeching the wifi signal from Taco Bell’s internet.

    Also there is indeed an issue with balancing, certain character’s suffer from SSBB Ike syndrome *COUGH* CLOUD *COUGH*. However, these are not even the full move sets, which the arcade version has more of and each character are pretty much more diverse and fun to play once their full sets become available. However, the original Dissidia had these oversights also, hence why 012 was even made afterward. I don’t think a lot people remember how bad the original Dissidia was in polishing…JPN, NA, PAL, and UT.

    I will admit I have a bloody gripe with not being able to party with my friends, as I had some friends from FFXIV and IRL that got codes and were disappointed we couldn’t party together. However, I wouldn’t call it the worst online game ever…..ugh there’s so much worse offered, especially by NBG’s fighting games. But yes, they need to fix a lot of stuff before launch, especially if they have this asinine dream they want this to be an Esport (lol sure….).

    However, if you want to wait until this is cheaper, sure go ahead, will also make buying DLC character’s more likely since you’re not being suckered into paying the full 60 dollar price tag.

  • One Eco

    So Cloud of Darkness or Golbez.
    I doubt that it will be Ultimecia since FFVIII has no stage, but in November the new character of that month will bring along a stage, so… yeah.

    I’m more curious about what will be added in December (maybe that’s the surprise character, FINALLY)

  • alef321

    here we go again with this disappointing bullshit

  • MistwalkerKilyK


  • Zero_mask

    someone here needs to satisfy. we never even know who the next character is to be revealed. yet your disappointed already. I dont understand the logic here or you just feel like to be disappointed whenever you want.

    I tend to be cool in this kind of news even they announce character that I dont like, so be it. I dont get disappointed that easily specially the game isnt finish yet. the beta had purpose thats why they want us to participate and its free of charge its understandable that the game was need to balance. that way they build this game up to the release day that everyone able to enjoy.

    So why disappointed and mark it as “bullshit” you make your life hard to enjoy if your being like that. life is too short to be disappointed to the things that you don’t even know yet. peace V.

  • Artemis_Polara

    At this point I feel they just hate on everything nowadays. I don’t take anything they say seriously.

  • Shinobuden

    It’s a beta. Do you know what a beta is? It’s so people can test, examine and report problems to the developers. Naturally a beta is going to have problems, and a beta does in no way represent the final quality of a game. So to judge the entire game on a beta alone is ridiculous.

    To each their own though. I guess not paying full price for the game is a smart move in and of itself.

  • One Eco

    It will be either Cloud of Darkness or Golbez, pal.
    It’s been confirmed since July!

  • One Eco

    Well, that’s not totally correct. In the July stream we got confirmed that August, September, October and November’s character additions to the roster were going to be Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Ultimecia and Jecht.

  • Zero_mask

    I just want to understand something sometimes. i guess.

  • Zero_mask

    oh I see maybe he just upset to the upcoming roster that square will announce. still tho, the game isnt out yet and its not proper to mark it as bullshit its not justify the reason at all.

  • stevenm281

    I’ve played Betas before, and it was never this laggy, 3v3 is way too hectic on screen.

    I don’t know, a lot of balancing seems to be required, as matches can finish in mere seconds.

    I remember playing over 400 hours of Duodecim, I can’t even enjoy this Beta for more than 3 matches. Remastering Duodecim would have been a much better option.

    I’ll keep reading articles and updates about the development, but so far…. its not ready for release at all.

    Plus having to pay for each individual character added after release, which will probably cost 3-5$, we’ll end up paying the game almost double by the time all 50 characters are in.

  • One Eco

    Yeah, if a game doesn’t fulfil your expectatives doesn’t mean that the game should be considered as bullshit, it only means that your expectatives were totally bullshit… x’D

  • Abigailjbreton

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  • Justice V

    FFVIII needs a stage. Would be nice if it WAS Ulti and she came with a new stage as well. They’ve gotta do a lot of quick updates to get it ready for PS4 too, because as it is now it’s still way less than what the PSP versions offered.

  • Justice V

    Which PSP one though? DIssidia 1? or 012? Cuz 012 added in a bunch of extra characters too hehe. (We already got a couple characters from 012, so guessing they’re trying to at least sorta match that one).

  • Justice V

    Agree on that it’s nowhere near the level of quality (besides visually) of the PSP games, but not for the reasons you listed. The matchmaking and lag was whatever, about what I expected for a closed beta of a game that forces you to play with 5 other people.

    My main issues are the game itself is lacking in almost every way (other than visually) compared to the PSP games. I’m still holding out hope that the full version of NT will have enough of the original PSP features returning that make it at least close to their level of fun.

  • David Thornhill

    012. Kain’s in the game.

  • One Eco

    You’ve just described what it’s going to happen in November’s update, dear x’D

  • One Eco

    Welp, Feral Chaos won’t be in the final roster, because “reasons”