Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report at Tokyo Game Show 2017; Comrades multiplayer DLC detailed, future plans By Tony Garsow on September 22, 2017 at 11:41 PM

Square Enix held a special Active Time Report at this year’s Tokyo Game Show with a special focus on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV: Comrades multiplayer DLC set to go live on October 31st, 2017.

Comrades director Kazuya Takahashi took the stage to explain some of the elements of the game. You will be able to join a team of four Kingsglaive members and undertake missions and engage in combat. These party members can be people from around the globe or AI. Single-player quests will be available and will be based in the city of Lestallum and will take on the style similar to an RPG.

You can collect meteor shards to help re-establish an electric power grid originating from the Exineris power plant in Lestallum. Just like in the mothership Final Fantasy XV, Cid Sophiar can customize your weapons in various ways, and you can appoint various refugees to different roles within the city. There might be some characters you may recognize that show up here.

You’ll be able to select one of many Royal Sigils that will determine what role your character plays in combat — like a tank, healer, or damage dealer. Each sigil has it’s own type of abilities that you will inherit. You’ll be able to select four weapons from your inventory to take into combat.

In the footage below, the party takes on a mission to wipe out monsters and a King Behemoth enemy. Using a shield, you can use it to block incoming enemy attacks for your friends so that they will have an opening to strike. You will also be able to draw attention to your self to accomplish the same goal, similar to a tank in a MMORPG that employs the “holy trinity“.

Final Fantasy XV
director Hajime Tabata took the stage to explain the various elements of the game’s expanding Universe of cross-media titles, and revealed that the team has plans to continue creating content for the game into 2018 based off the feedback from fans. They deliberated whether or not they wanted December’s “Episode Ignis” to be the last DLC for the game, and decided they would want to create more stories that fill in what fans feel is missing in the main game.

Tabata also shared that this broadcast would be the final Active Time Report, and that the team will be using a new way to communicate new information in the future.


    Hopefully this new way will be beneficial for fans of all languages and not just Japanese. Not relying people magically knowing how to tune into a stream in a language they don’t understand, relaying information that’s only partially relevant to them, with no way to tell which is and isn’t.

  • CallMeGod

    LOL FF is dead now SE just confirm they going to milk the FF series with multiplayer now.

  • •december

    Still the only content I love seeing, on this website lol
    FFXV news? Sign me tf up.

  • Codes McGodes

    “They decided they would want to create more stories that fill in what fans feel is missing in the main game.”

    What fans feel is missing from the game??? Are they serious rn? Half the damn story is missing! Don’t get me wrong I’m glad the updates will continue but like seriously SE?? Y’all know ya fucked up. Don’t play.

  • Vallen

    cheap bait

  • Vallen

    Throw us more story content in 2018 – that’s all we want. I feel most people even gave up on asking for new areas etc..

  • Krijn van Alten

    ‘the team has plans to continue creating content for the game into 2018 based off the feedback from fans’

    I can’t remember that they asked me for this, because without a doubt I should have say ‘please fucking no, let it stop’!

  • Artemis Polara

    If it makes you feel better, you can hate me. I did ask for them to continue into 2018 with the updates back during the survey (I asked for a bunch of things and that was one of them)


    i hope they add these things to the actual game, id hate to replay the game and have to leave the game to see the episodes . i wish they loaded right into the game when you reach that part, the episode begins automatically after a loading screen, not turning the game off and restarting to do that.

  • stevenm281

    An interviewer should ask Tabata how much money does Square Enix want to do this.

    I know its a bit arrogant, but last time someone asked about integrating them DLC into the main game, he said his team had no plans for that, and he seemed to doubt/surprised that fans wanted that, and its such a shame.

  • Yuntu

    i read somewhere they think about giving you a prompt (or maybe thats already included?) that starts up the episode at the point where it fits in

  • Codes McGodes

    I hope so, that really wouldn’t even be difficult to do. Gladio rejoins the party, Noctis asks “where have you been?”, you have the option to dive into his DLC episode, or ignore for now. And for content that just features cutscenes, integrate that directly into the story. Like have the death of giant Shiva happen right after the invasion of Altissia. Then the story picks up on the train ride to Cartannica. This is like basic Programming 101 type stuff.

  • Codes McGodes

    I’m still hoping against hope that they’ll make Niflheim more explorable. Maybe not everywhere but at least the areas we visit, like Cartannica, Tenebrae and the Shiva Corpse. And it would be nice if you could revisit those areas for side quests or hunts. I mean they could just replace the “paw” option for Umbra to be “past Niflheim”, and have it take place before Gralea.

    But you’re probably right. I’d love to get those areas but I’m not banking on it. More story is the higher priority for me.


    im not sure about that., ive heard the exact opposite. ive never checked myself as im waiting for december before i replay it (i beat it last december)


    yeah instead of asking the same questions, someone should bring this up. from one of the media sites. too bad we will have to switch between 10 different DLCs through the game by the end of this in 2018. instead of just a loading from ingame to the new sequence.

    chapter 13 gets new additions? LOL , you can only choose one of them . the second one if you wanna see you gotta turn off the game and reload. did it save after that? are you overthinking the save, did you miss that sequence. ? the headache continues

  • Breathless

    It’s weird because the gaps themselves are very obviously gaping in the main game, it’s not like the entire story and the characters are so complex that actually plugging those holes was such an overly taxing challenge. I think these fan requests and dev reactions (heck, the fact that they need to be requested) just go to show how utterly clueless and out of touch Tabata(&co) is. Despite all the surveys and back-and-forth communication.

  • Breathless

    Personally, I even gave up on asking for more story content. Coming from being overly excited months before release, and then outright growing to hate it in a few weeks after beating it, with not even the continuous additions helping any of that… I don’t think it’s such a common phenomenon. I certainly am not used to experiencing it myself. :/

  • NoctLightCloud

    Wait, Cid Sophiar? Good to know~

  • Josh Asher

    I felt the exact same thing. 10 years waiting for this game, hype unbelievable leading to release, then the final game was such a let down and so many things about it pissed me off, and now there’s a strange bitterness about it though I’ve over it by now. It’s definitely a phenomenon as you said

  • Justice V

    Man comrades actually looks pretty cool, but I hate playing with other people and don’t have PS+. The AI comrades is a nice touch for someone like me, but hopefully that means I can play without having to go online?