Early registration for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition now available By Erren Van Duine on November 8, 2017 at 11:27 AM

Square Enix has opened the doors on Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition‘s early registration today. Those with Android devices can head on over to the Google Play Store to sign-up, gaining access to up-to-date information on the game’s release later this Winter.

This new take on the Final Fantasy XV story will span ten episodes – all available at launch. The first episode is free, followed by two and three priced at 99 cents each. After that, the cost rises to $3.99 per episode or you can ultimately grab the whole thing for $19.99. Here’s the full rundown:

  • Ep 1 FREE
  • Ep 2 $0.99
  • Ep 3 $0.99
  • Ep 4 $3.99
  • Ep 5 $3.99
  • Ep 6 $3.99
  • Ep 7 $3.99
  • Ep 8 $3.99
  • Ep 9 $3.99
  • Ep 10 $3.99
  • Bundle $19.99

Additionally, Square Enix released a new trailer highlighting gameplay and art style.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is due out on iPhone, iPad, Android devices this Fall and Windows 10 devices later this Winter.

  • •december

    cash grab smh…
    just give us a nintendo switch version

  • Yuntu

    I don´t really see how this is a cashgrab compared to any other mobile game tbh

  • Len

    How is it a cash grab?
    They let you decide to try out one chapter for free and after that you can try Chapter 2 and 3 for a reasonable price.
    You can buy each chapter separately for a total of 29,91 (which would be a stupid thing to do), or buy it at once for 19,99 which is an okay price for a whole game.

    Unless you already have knowledge of in game purchases, if that is the chase please share this info with the rest of us.

    And switch version of this Pocket edition or the actual game, which I doubt the switch can run smoothly without a lot of additional work.