Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.15 adds new PvP mode “Rival Wings” By Erren Van Duine on November 21, 2017 at 7:25 PM

Today’s release of Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 4.15 brings with it a wealth of new content including a new PvP mode and Bard-specific Performance Actions.

The new PvP mode, known as Rival Wings, allows teams compete to destroy the core within their opponent’s base, which is heavily protected by a magitek field. In order to deactivate this field and access the core, players must first destroy two enemy towers while defending their own towers from mammet soldier NPCs. Teams may also take control of goblin machina after fulfilling certain conditions, which can effectively eliminate enemy structures and players.

Bards can unlock the new Performance Actions in Old Gridania, allowing for new action to create music by playing individual notes. For more on Patch 4.15, including the latest patch notes, head here.

  • Ryuke

    Dipped into Rival Wings last night and it was lots of fun! A great addition to PvP, as Shatter was getting tiring. Now, if people just responded to direction half the matches would be more like an organised mess than just a mess!

  • Justice V

    Just a squad based PvP?