Group including ex-Lucrezia players claims World First clear of the Unending Coil of Bahamut raid By Tony Garsow on November 4, 2017 at 10:59 AM

Final Fantasy XIV‘s first “Ultimate”-tier difficulty encounter The Unending Coil of Bahamut has been cleared.

After 11 days of struggle, the group with the World First title is out of Japan — specifically Alexander server in the Gaia cluster. They consist of mostly ex-Lucrezia players, who you may remember claiming World First in the “Final Coil of Bahamut,” the last raid series of the A Realm Reborn patch series. While Lucrezia is no longer formally together, it’s rather poetic that they’ve returned in some form to reclaim the title for Unending Coil.

The Unending Coil of Bahamut was introduced in Patch 4.11 and is currently the most difficult fight in the game — so much so that Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida jokingly warned players to turn back on a previous community broadcast. The duty pits the three final bosses of each tier of the Binding Coil of Bahamut against a party of eight level 70 players. In order to access this encounter, you must first clear the Savage mode difficulty of The Deltascape — the raid series introduced shortly after Patch 4.0.

Reward for clearing the Ultimate Coil of Bahamut are item level 345 weapons with three slots for materia. You can see the Dark Knight weapon claimed from today’s clear below:

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.11 went live on October 24th.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    the reward is a bit underwhelming IMO,should’ve been 5 materia slots i345 weapon

  • Miqote

    I agree

  • Randy Marsh

    They can’t do that, that would make the weapon overpowered more than the current gear available, which will make people chase after it, especially if it’s BiS for people. The goal of this is to be a fun little thing for the top tier players who want an extra unique reward, not something every single should be chasing after because the weapon is the best. That reasoning is also why they have the same stats as the V4S weapons, but only just have an extra materia slot, mainly to be a unique reward, while also being fair to the casual players not doing this terrible content (terrible as in torturous progression,not as in bad).

    And yes you complain that it’s “lame they’re trying to be fair to the entire playerbase”, but that is the overall goal from the dev team for 4.0 after they royally screwed the pooch with their terrible raid opening in 3.0-3.2.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    if you clear super savage usually means you have nothing else to do except for collecting other things anyway because that means you cleared all available raids so it won’t break the game if you give it at the very end of the journey.
    besides that weapon will be expendable once the item level is upgraded too

  • Randy Marsh

    It will kind of break the game for non-high end content, mainly caused by the high stats with some extra boosts in stats from hypothetical 5 extra materia slots. The reason it’s different compared to the say green-tier crafted gear, is because the crafted items have lesser stats than these weapons. The weapons from 345 + 5 materia can highly make up for some of the bad stats the weapons have and have some boost in dps, specifically Direct Hit and Critical rates. I mean it won’t be earth shattering broken, but it will provide an unfair advantage over other players.

    In the end, the weapons are supposed to be trophy items. Nothing more, nothing less. Not the best in the game.

    And no I’m not saying this because of my lack of desire to do Ultimate Coil, I have cleared Omega Savage with my static and am fairly pleased with my far superior Shinryu Cane for my WHM. However, what I have stated and explained is directly a desire from the dev team.

  • Codes McGodes

    While I agree that they cater way too much to the casual fanbase, you ought to consider the ultimate perspective of the iLevel weapons. Even if the Unending Coil weapons were the strongest in the game, they would only be the strongest for three months. Every piece of equipment becomes outdated three months later when the next patch comes out. Or six months at most (with 4.X delaying increasing iLevels). Once upon a time, Alexander Savage weapons were worth getting, and now they’re useless. Ultimately the weapons and armors in this game are only temporarily worth getting. Otherwise, they pretty much solely exist for glamour purposes.

    Which, again I do think is a seriously flaw with the game. But that’s what we have.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    no it is not. 5 sub stats isn’t going to break the game, because sub stats have to be stacked by like 20-30 materias of them to make a difference, 5 isn’t going to do much

  • Aulix Indragonz

    because that’s the whole point. for temporary enjoyment
    super savage is probably going to be introduced 3 months before item level increase, or 1 patch before item level increase. in that 3 months those hardcore player can enjoy be the best before being matched by other player again

  • Randy Marsh

    The stacking can make an immense difference if they have the proper meldings, anyways you clearly are missing the point. I haven’t the time to waste my time on thickskulled people currently.

    The items are simply trophy items in the end. Many of the people I know doing UCoB have no issues with this 3 slot thing, they’re simple doing for the perks, which is what many people who do this content solely do it for. Especially many of the hardcore raiding scene on Gilgamesh and Chocobo where I’m fairly active at.