New images and videos highlight Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s story mode By Tony Garsow on November 5, 2017 at 12:04 PM

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the console version of 2015’s arcade iteration, will be headed to PlayStation 4 on January 11th in Japan and January 30th, 2018 in North America and Europe. This version of the game will feature a new story line that revolves around a clash of new gods — Spiritus and Materia.

New screenshots and videos below highlight the story and show off a bit of the new interface:




  • fish8100

    What is Materia wearing though. Where did she get that dress? It’s awful.
    …and those shoes and that coat, jeez. XD. Sorry I had to throw that in.

  • alef321

    Cloud’s shoulder are so tense, he looks neckless

  • Zero_mask

    it represent machina, in awful design. and you need to deal with it.

    No! we need to deal with it. =)

  • One Eco

    We know thanks to Theatrhythm Arcade that Materia is Cosmos’ will embodiment and Spiritus is Chaos’ will embodiment.
    Also, thanks to Opera Omnia’s Chapter 10, seems that Materia and Spiritus won’t repeat past mistakes by Cosmos and Chaos and will cooperate in Chapter 11.

    The entire plot of OO makes me real curious about how will be the relationship of the two gods in NT’s story cutscenes.

  • Randy Marsh

    Jun Fukuyama’s voice as the Onion Knight sounds kind of off to me, sounds way deeper than it did in the original Dissidia, but maybe I’m too use to his Kyle Dunamis light pitch approach.

    Also what’s up with Cloud and Noctis? They’re animated so stiffly compared to the other characters, it’s really distracting lol.

  • arcnate

    Is Vaan going to be annoying to Onion Knight Again?

  • Yuntu

    It´s p weird, I thought they would have the most detail to them as Nomura has a role in this project and Nojima is writing this.

    You know what I mean? Like them putting the most effort into the characters they know the most? Their “children”?

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Can you translate what the characters are saying in the two videos above?

  • One Eco

    I’m not that good with “oral japanese”, in fact I’m translating OO because it’s easier for me to translate text than voice acting, however that doesn’t mean I could try:
    · WoL and Cecil are introducing Noctis into the cycles of war, there’s also something about finding Materia. Also Materia’s monologue is confusing me in something, I’ll rather ask somebody I know about what she means with that instead of saying something that will probably be incomplete or incorrect.
    · The second one is easy: Cloud is wandering away, Vaan ask him what will he do, Cloud says that he needs to find something or someone on his own and Vaan wishes him good luck. Then, Onion Knight is introducing Y’shtola into the cycles of war, he asks her if it’s her first time on the war, Y’shtola confirms it and says that she is in their care and OK accepts to be her senpai.

  • MajoraMan28

    Omg, Cloud’s AC design just doesn’t click for me. His classic look would be so much more fitting for the tone of the story. Yeah, I know it takes place at a later time in each hero’s respective timeline, but come on, Dissidia kinda transcends time and space. It doesn’t need to take into account AC, given how bad the film was and how that picture ruined Cloud as a character.

    Forgive my rant, my fellow friends. I just feel a bit underwhelmed with this and other tidbits of the game. 🙁

  • Justice V

    His OG costume is his default one, so maybe by showing the AC outfit they’re showing those parts of the cutscenes are semi interactive in that you can choose which outfit/weapon the characters wear during them.

  • Justice V

    Is Nojima writing this? If so I have a little more hope for the story than I did before.

  • Yuntu

    Yes Nojima is writing the story. Though don´t expect too much, the way they make it sound like the story is told seems kinda weird.

  • Justice V

    Yeah, so far everything I’ve read about the presentation of the story has been disappointing.

  • MajoraMan28

    It’s not interactive in any way. The story is set at end of each of the heroes’ respective timelines. Not a single video showcasing the story mode showed Cloud in his OG design, sadly. Which is a shame, given the Dissidia NT version is excellent, even better than the Remake design.