Nobuo Uematsu and Emiko Suzuki talks about their music for Final Fantasy XV: Comrades By Chelsi Laire on November 14, 2017 at 1:41 PM

In the upcoming Final Fantasy XV: Comrades which will be released tomorrow, the series’ legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu will be making music for it, containing vocals from Japanese singer Emiko Suzuki. The emotional new track is called “Choosing Hope”, to be featured in the new expansion.

  • Kyle

    Great music… did it mix with the trailer? Hell, it actually kind of did.

  • stevenm281

    This song seems like it was taken out of FF14 OST, the voice sounds like a Susan Calloway clone, which I can’t stand unfortunately.

    Nobuo used to always bring something different to each title he worked on, but this feels rehashed, and unoriginal.

    Take One Winged Angel, Liberi Fatali, Eyes on Me, Melodies of Life, Suteki Da Ne, Kiss Me Goodbye, they are all composed by him, yet all feel different.

    Take Answers, Dragonsong, Revolutions, and now Choosing Hope, they all sound the same. Since the first three are for FF14, I wouldn’t complain that they all have the same sound as its coherent within that title, however, the one for 15 shouldn’t sound like exactly like them.

    This song transpires hope and, with total darkness hitting the world, no idea of Noctis’ whereabouts for ten years, the population surely cannot feel positive. If anything I believe they feel distressed, panicked, and in fear. Keep in mind that most of them have to flee their homes (accross all kingdoms) and try to reach Lestallum, the last beckon of light, and most of them probably fails as they are defenseless against the demons invading the world. Plus, once they reach their destination, they have to deal with the loss of their loved ones killed by the demons.

    That is what the song should be about., but that’s merely my opinion, and I’m known to have opinion quite opposed to the rest of people.

  • Kyle

    Good points

  • Games Das

    Emiko looks..well how to say it…quite…good for a Japanese.

  • Mmmmm, Horse!

    This vocals here don’t stand a chance, especially when compared to the criminally under-utilized main themes composed and performed by Florence and the Machine.

  • what the #### does that mean?

  • You have time for Comrades but not time for the remake of FINAL FANTASY VII, you damn sell-out!

  • stevenm281

    it sounds quite racist.

  • Final Fantasy

    sooo comrades would sell better than THE final fantasy vii? hmmm….