Star Ocean Producer discusses rebooting the series and his hopes for a new Star Ocean game By Raptorchan on November 29, 2017 at 5:34 PM

Shuichi Kobayashi, a producer at Square Enix, had been the one to revive the once dormant Star Ocean with the release of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness after the series had been quiet for roughly seven years. And in a recent interview with Sisilala, Shuichi spoke about his experiences with rebooting the series and discussed his hope for the development of a new Star Ocean title.

Thanks to Siliconera, some of the highlights from Kobayashi’s interview have been translated to English:

  • When Kobayashi went to get approval from producer Yoshinori Yamagishi who said he’ll no longer make a Star Ocean game, he was jokingly told “So you’re going to take one for the team.”
  • Kobayashi said there wasn’t any chances in his favor but felt it was a waste to see the IP that is Star Ocean remain dormant. He always felt that it was worth doing since he understood that it has many passionate fans, but since nobody stepped up to the task he decided to do it myself.
  • Unfortunately, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness didn’t meet its sales expectations, but that was also something that Kobayashi expected.
  • Resource management was one of the first things Kobayashi thought about. From the very start, he had no intention to simply make Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and stop right there.
  • The producer explained that nowadays if you make something from scratch and end it there, the hurdle of making profit is very high. For this reason, it’s important to manage resources. For better or worse, by “customizing and recycling” well you can consequently secure its quality.
  • Assets are part of your resources, and something that has been cultivated doesn’t go bad. By using those resources, you can think of various new developments, reduce risks, and develop with a sense of speed. Simply put, you can use assets as a base and from there it is possible to make something even better.
  • Kobayashi used assets from Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, including  its game engine, character model data, backgrounds, and other texture data in the early development of Star Ocean: Anamnesis.
  • When Kobayashi first brought the idea to bring back Star Ocean, he presented a three-step proposition to Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda:
  • The Star Ocean series that has been dormant will reboot under Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness on console and revive the IP.
  • With the revived IP we’ll develop an IP and bring sales from there.
  • If this development works out we’ll continue boosting the series with new title developments.
  • Star Ocean: Anamnesis is being supported by many fans. If Star Ocean’s popularity continues, and there’s enough demand from fans, Kobayashi hopes to be able to do the next thing for the series.
  • Star Ocean: Anamnesis uses tri-Ace’s very own Aska Engine, and they have modeling, effects, and textures on a level that can even be used on PlayStation 4. That said, unlike Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness that was made from scratch, Kobayashi feels that they can make a sequel with less expense and time using their resources.

With the HD re-release of Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K & Full HD Remaster on PC and Playstation 4, it will certainly be interesting to see where the series will go from here.


  • Patrick Bateman

    if there’s 1 series they can let die, it’s Star Ocean lol they were ALL boring af. you wanna reboot something Square? CHRONO TRIGGER!

  • Randy Marsh

    I wouldn’t mind a reboot. Unpopular opinion here, but SO3 was just so bad and ruined the series with how much they wrote themselves into a corner. I mean don’t get me wrong, SO4 was okay for a post SO2 game, but it was just a standard JRPG with a decent combat system.

  • Tizmah

    You want the modern day Square Enix to reboot Chrono Trigger? No. I’m already worried enough about FFVII Remake.

  • Patrick Bateman

    fair enough lol you def got me there haha i have high hopes for FFVII but i’d be a moron and lying if i said i wasn’t scared to shit that they’re going to completely fuck up this game ( series/trilogy/episodes? i don’t even know what to call it LOL ) by biting off more than they can chew and deciding to push out something unfinished just to meet a deadline, which normally i’d say ” take your time, i’d rather have something take longer and be perfect than have something rushed” but we’ve all seen unfortunately many times even if they take 10+ years it COULD still end up a rushed/half assed mess….


    make a huge reboot, Just call it star ocean.

  • Le blonde shaman

    Please stop rebooting legendary games. Chrono Trigger doesn’t need a reboot and neither FF7 needs, but modern gamers go “omg popeye hadns xOO” full butthurt.

    We should be rebooting bad games to make something good. Rebooting great games is a recipe for disappointment.

  • DarkSoraesteedKnight

    Know what I would really love? A Star Ocean MMO. Just think, being able to visit all the planets we’ve been to in the main games, flying around in space like Eve: Online, the integration of 4D Space, etc. I could see a lot of potential

  • Patrick Bateman

    really? cause last i checked Twin Snakes was amazing and so was the Resident Evil 1 remake, compared to the originals. Don’t try to pretend that Square isn’t the problem here, because it really IS them. the Chrono series has been neglected for faar too long, reboot/the third game that was cancelled, don’t really care which we get, but we need more Chrono games. and FFVII needed a remake not because of the graphics, but because the original was translated by an outside source that did a HORRIBLE job, the story NEEDS some fixing especially with the changes to the original that Crisis Core and Dirge added along with the mobile games.

    No one here’s crying about the graphics so don’t know what you’re talking about, plus this is a chance for them to add a “proper ending” even though i personally thought it ended well..also theres a difference between a reboot and a remake. A remake is keeping everything roughly the same story wise like the above examples i used, a REBOOT is like that Devil May Cry game with the ugly Dante with black hair..or the series that i personally enjoyed despite the terrible ending to the last game, Castlevania Lords of Shadow…..Rebooting Chrono Trigger doesn’t take anything away from the original, and if anything has the potential to bring NEW LIFE and NEW players to the incomplete franchise… don’t like it? play the original ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • chizwoz

    Yep, good idea. Not many people have followed the entire series. I don’t know if the first 2 even came out in europe until late on the PSP.

  • Artemis Polara

    as SO3 is my favorite Star Ocean and I utterly hated SO4, I have to disagree. SO4 was just poor story telling and characterization in general. (With a god awful and dogmatic message)
    SO5 is just lazy and small. But SO3 I feel was good beginning to end. People may have disliked the universal end bit or the 4D angle but honestly it was going to be either a divine god or a digital god given how they set things. Also sure they wrote themselves into a corner, honestly I’d wished they did what SO5 did and have midquels. (Though not lazy like SO5 did)

  • Randy Marsh

    It’s not just the plot twist I have a problem with. I could never enjoy the characters outside of Fayt, Maria, and Sophia, a large majority of the cast lacks real development apart from those three in my opinion. Approximately 50% of the game is terrible filler with the war on Elicor, sure it eventually involved the Vendeeni near the end, but it wasn’t good in pacing, it just goes on way too long. The fact the real story to the game does not begin until the second disc and takes a downturn in story reveals and the fast pacing towards the end was a major disappointment to me.

    I could not get into the combat to be honest and every character’s fighting style feels incomplete for some reason. Voice acting is also hit and miss, in both the ENG and JPN, but it’s an early PS2, so they get a pass.

    I know it sounds like I’m ragging too much on the game, but I do understand the appeal some people can find in the game. However, the game was just simply not my cup of tea. I still do enjoy the OST to the game and listen to it on a regular basis.

    I do think SO4 was kind of meh story wise, but it never bothered me too much. I’ve played hardcore generic jrpgs, so the conventions in that never bothered me a lot, neither did the annoying message. However, after playing SO3’s unfocused story and messy gameplay, it was kind of an improvement to me. However, it is just one’s perspective when it comes to SO4, same with SO3.

    But SO5, yeah, it’s kind of crap. I only thing I liked from the game were Fidel, Miki, Reila, and Fiore (for the wrong reasons). other than that let’s not talk about it. I have a perfect way to sum it up: a downgrade version of Tales of Graces f, but IN SPACE!

  • MMOs are where franchises go to die.. This needs to stay single player.

  • Chrono Trigger is great. It is Chrono Cross that needs to be rebooted.

  • DarkSoraesteedKnight

    I don’t know about that. Final Fantasy has been widely successful yet it has two MMOs to it’s name

  • Artemis Polara

    I enjoy this soooo:
    SO4’s plot, while I guess a bit more focused, felt more insulting to me. The characters, story, and voice acting were a sharp downgrade. (Also SO4’s story felt rather short) (When I got to near the end of the game, I was like, it’s almost done already?!) The only joy I got out of that ending was kicking the shit out of Faize. His fanboy antics annoyed the fuck out of me.

    Also never felt a problem on Elicoor in terms of story, except of course Fayt whining about the UP3. Ironically though I’m happy he decided to go against it to help. (Unlike Edge who would likely just let them be wiped out)
    I do agree disc 2 felt rather rushed.

    Honestly Maria and Sophia kinda felt meh to me. Maria pops in and feels like the generic hero with a tragic past and then Sophia was just the sister/possible love interest and because she was missing throughout most of the game was kinda bleh. (Neither pissed me off though) Honestly outside of Roger and Peppitta though, the SO3 cast didn’t really have any poor party members to me. I mean Albel and Nel were easily my faves. (Though of course that’s just personal preference)

    Also while SO4’s combat I felt was more refined in some ways, the strategy felt dumbed down to me. Mostly it felt like spam your set battle skills for top HP damage. There were so many battles I’d just keep tapping R2 and keep up a fight until running out of MP then popping some blackberries and repeating the process. SO3 I feel had a better balance and alternative strategy built in with MP death as an option and having skills cost MP and HP.

    Also of course SO osts are awesome, I listen to all of them 😀
    Also I was okay with the cast of SO5, mostly just everything else was boring and lazy. Also never played Tales of Graces so I can’t compare them.

  • Logan Hager

    I would definitely play this, especially if they made it similar to FFXIV.

  • Logan Hager

    Reboot Second story, it was an awesome game, or as DarkSoraesteedKnight said do an mmo.

  • Randy Marsh

    I’ll give you that man stockings Albel was pretty cool, I kind of forgot about him because I accidentally lost out on him when I played the game because I accidentally took the circus freak. Also no one ever said Edge Maverick was a good character, hahaha! At least I never wanted to slap the living crap out of Fayt like I did with Edge, so you got me there. However, I’ve always been a fan of Claude in terms of MCs tbh.

    I’ll agree the idea of the 0 MP = Death mechanic in the game was a good way to prevent Symbology and Art spam, which has always been my complaint that the modern entries in Tales series have never been able to manage. So I can agree it may have made SO4 too easy having that removed.