Final Fantasy VII Remake image boards on display at series 30th anniversary exhibit By Erren Van Duine on January 10, 2018 at 11:32 PM

Square Enix is set to hold a special “Farewell Stories” exhibition honoring Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo from January 22 to February 28. There, fans can catch a special look at exclusive image boards from the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake.

According to PR Times, the Sector 5 Church where Aerith and Cloud first met will be on full display. Fans can walk around and listen to a recording of Aerith’s memories (provided by her voice actor Maaya Sakamoto) recorded exclusively for the exhibit.

The exhibition will also feature other stories focused around the Final Fantasy series. The official event site can be accessed here.

Via: Gematsu.

  • SNK
  • Hyou Vizer

    “What is the appeal of this series?
    evolving game engines and computer graphics, as
    well as individual characters.
    stories of farewell left goodbyes have been drawn

    Then why, in this series,
    it seems that a separation has been drawn as a matter of necessity .
    That is because people will
    bonds and friendships are born .
    A farewell story is a story of encounter, conflict, difficulty and battle, it is
    our life itself.

    A retrospective held in a memorable year called the 30th anniversary this year,
    people who visited meet.
    That is exactly the
    emotion brought by parting with someone important that I experienced in the Final Fantasy series .
    People who are crazy about this story , those who are not so, even though they are
    painful, please experience the beautiful story
    and shake your mind.

    Final Fantasy 30th anniversary supervisor Producer
    Hashimoto Shinji”

    – google translate 😛

  • CLERITH MEET CUTE IS GETTING SPECIAL TREATMENT ALONGSIDE NOCTLUNA’S WEDDING?! This is amazing!! I love how much the first time Cloud and Aerith meeting matters so much to FFVII. #Clerith

    I cannot wait to see the new FFVIIR images.

  • Sarah

    I wonder if it will be Aerith’s memories from the entire game or before the game? Or both? Either way, that’s super cool. The XV stuff sounds as boring as Noct/Luna was in game, lmao.

  • whatupfoo

    Glad to see some news from Square about the FF7 remake. I’ll take any FF7 news at this point, seeing how they were completely silent in 2017.

  • bbarnavi

    Wow, two botched pairings for the price of one!

  • stevenm281

    They’ve not only been silent in 2017, but in 2016 as well, it’s been two years since the last big info and trailer.

  • Monokuma’sPantsu

    I’m so tired of exclusive events that only a few people can attend, the internet is a thing so just show everyone.

  • Patrick Bateman

    I WANT TO SEE SEPHIROTH AND TIFA! ( his face, not his back lol ) I wonder if they’re going to keep it where Sephiroth slashes Tifa and give her a huge scar? or change it to a stab instead. I always thought it was weird she never bared any scar from that cut that ” almost killed her”

  • Patrick Bateman

    right? lmao they had 0 chemistry aside from Noct constantly talking about her/thinking about her. they are the lamest “couple” in FF imo. TIFA and CLOUD had more chemistry and Cloud doesn’t even like Tifa lmao

  • Kyle

    Will the Church be remake church? Or will it be based on some other art style not relevant to the remake or from Advent Children?

  • Sarah

    I mean, I disagree entirely about Cloud not liking Tifa, but like, Noct didn’t even really talk or think about Luna all that often, at least not until after Altissia (when the game railroads you with that nonsense). The few times she gets brought up before that he either seems constipated or there’s a player choice on what to write in that lame-o notebook. They are definitely the worst.

  • Patrick Bateman

    geee i mean Cloud doesn’t have feelings for Tifa lol not that he hates her or anything lmfao it seemed like he did when they were kids, and then when he got Mako Poisoning and met Aerith he stopped giving a shit. maybe they’ll change that in the remake, but it seemed even in AC he was too busy being emo and thinking about his dead gf he creepily snagged off his dead friend ( really Aerith is the creepy one though because Cloud was at least sick and having an identity crisis :p )

  • Sarah

    Haha. Well, I’m a Cloud/Tifa fan, so uh, obviously I still disagree. But that’s cool, I like that the game is open to interpretation and I respect everyone’s opinion. 😀

  • Heather

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  • Bodyguard x Flower Girl!!!

    YASSSS! 20 years old and Cloud and Aerith’s meeting is STILL beloved by the fandom so much that Square Enix gives us something like this. Truly awesome! I adore #Clerith and to see a special event that will reveal FF7R images is all about Cloud and Aerith… it just rocks!!

  • Why? You’ve seen Tifa a thousand times before? In Advent Children, DoC, Dissidia. There’s literally nothing special or any hype appeal to Tifa showing up again because she’s shown up dozens of times before now. With Aerith, we’ve never seen her in HD graphics other than the brief cutscenes in AC and CC.

    This is Aerith’s moment to shine and Tifa fans have denied Aerith her “heroine” role for years so Square is probably doing this to remind everyone just who is THE heroine of FFVII.

  • “cloud doesn’t even like tifa”

    had me crackin’ up, I totally agree.

  • But it’s true… Cloud doesn’t like Tifa. He used to… back when she was the only girl in town. But the creators have said Cloud’s crush on Tifa was “ephemeral”, which means fleeting, as in, his feelings for Tifa do not exist as an adult.

  • Aerith was…. creepy? She was the only one to see that the present Cloud wasn’t truly himself, she spoke up about it wayyy before Tifa ever did. Aerith was the only one looking out for Cloud.

    Which is why in Itadaki Street Cloud says this:

    Cloud: “When I was on the Gondola, I know Aerith was aware of the real me, even though I wasn’t aware of it myself. ”

    Cloud: 「観覧車に乗っている時きっとエアリスは気づいていたんだな。俺が目を背けていた本当の俺自身に」

  • u mad

  • Patrick Bateman

    lmfao ” oh no an opinion different than mine!” LOL good for you bub, i don’t care about Aerith because i think she’s kinda rapey. i mean she takes advantage of a dude who’s sick and confused about who he is with Mako Poisoning, because he “looks” like her dead ex and dressed up like him….

    that’s cool that you want to see her though, i personally don’t give 2 shits about her. Tifa’s my girl and Sephiroth’s my man, deal with it lmao

  • Patrick Bateman

    dude you stalking me? lmfao i don’t care what you think. cool you have your opinion, i have mine lmfao move on 🙂

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    The background material covering what happened between FFVII and AC, and after AC, has more hints of his feelings for Tifa. And they are living together. I don’t think Square’s ever going to make it explicit, however.

  • Patrick Bateman

    see what i gathered from them living together, and even wearing the ring, was they did it all for the orphans. she knows he still feels guilty and has feelings for Aerith. but people can have their own interpretations. I always felt Cloud liked Tifa as a child, but Tifa was too busy trying to “fit in” with her friends and imo treated Cloud like shit, the only time she was herself imo was when they were at the Water Tower and he made his promise to her. Then he got Mako Poisoning and during that identity crisis was kinda over it by the time they were both young adults. Then again the original game kind of let you choose who you wanted to favor throughout the game even if some things were scripted, so it really is up to interpretation. I also never read any novel or anything like that so maybe there was more i missed. I’m just going by what i saw in the games and the movies, it always seemed like Tifa cared more as an adult, then Cloud did as an adult.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Well, AC was about him letting go of that guilt. Whether he and Tifa are true love or friends with benefits, the novels heavily imply that they’re not just playing checkers together in that home they share.

  • Patrick Bateman

    hey i mean i think he’d be crazy not to reciprocate if she has feelings for him lmao so i’m all for it :p just going by what i’ve personally interperated We’ll see what the Remake adds to that strange love triangle haha

  • Luke Watts

    So.. what’s the liklihood of these FF7R images being leaked? Seems high to be seeing as this is an event where the use of smart phones is encouraged as part of the exhibition. hoping for leaked pictures day 1!

  • How are they gonna handle the sex scene with Tifa and Cloud?

  • stevenm281

    idk, they wont pull a “The Witcher 3” way of displaying it, thats for sure lol

  • Yeah Japan is still repressed. Witcher and Bioware are good at tasteful sex.

  • Luke Watts

    I am both impressed and severely disappointed that all the Aerith fans haven’t come to shit all over this comment..

  • Because I would block the second they tried. I’m not gonna argue with them.

  • Stalking you? I don’t fucking know you lmao

    difference between our opinions is that mine is based on fact.

  • You fcking realize that Tifa is the one that knew the truth the entire time and chose not to tell Cloud because she wasn’t “ready” to do it? She even sat back and did nothing when Barret blamed Cloud for handing over the black materia and she didn’t defend Cloud once against him. F*ck sake, when Sephiroth is taunting Cloud with the truth, Sephiroth even taunts Tifa about lying. In this same scene, Tifa literally tells Cloud to “shut his eyes” and “don’t listen” when Sephiroth is simply telling Cloud the truth. Tifa doesn’t want Cloud to know the truth because she prefers the “fake” Cloud.

    Whereas Aerith actively sought after the “real” Cloud and even told Cloud that he should take care of himself and figure things out. Tifa NEVER does this. Aerith is the ONLY person that knew Cloud wasn’t himself and she was the ONLY person that wanted the “real” him.

    Just be honest with yourself, all you fcking care about is that Tifa has an enormous chest size. You don’t know jack sh*t about her character other than that.

  • Patrick Bateman

    lmfao “I’m not stalking you, i’m just desperately trying to force feed my opinion to you even though you CLEARLY don’t agree and continue to reply to you 5 days after your last comment” . I-DON’T-CARE dude you say it’s fact, i don’t. That quote from Cloud doesn’t prove anything against how I see Aerith and Cloud’s relationship, imo IT’S WEIRD the whole thing is weird. get over it lmfao and again MOVE ON <3 🙂

  • Patrick Bateman

    why are you so angry you emotional child? lmfao my god. take a break, smoke some weed, it’s going to be okay lmfao i’ve never seen someone rage so hard over differing opinions. you need help dude 😐 I didn’t read anything after ” you fucking realize” get a life man, move on 🙂

  • Patrick Bateman

    might want to preemptively block that Stray Arrows kid, that child went BALLISTIC over my comments below LOL

  • Was it because you like Tifa and Cloud over him and Aerith. Smh none of that stuff matters. We all know how things end up. And Cloud does care about Tifa else he would have went thru hell and high water for her. People need to let this go.

  • Luke Watts

    It’s cringe-worthy… but funny as fuck to watch.

  • Patrick Bateman

    yeah i think, i don’t know, he was going off about stuff i wasn’t even arguing about or denying, he was just stating stuff for the sake of it LOL like you said ” it doesn’t matter” i 100% agree. to each their own, no reason to go completely bonkers over this shit hahaha

  • And it’s gonna be all over the place when the remake comes

  • disqus_jfFTHUreoG

    No, it’s because he made one of the most and absolutely stupidist and flat out and blatantly false comment about Aerith being a rapist when Aerith was trying to find the real Cloud from the beginning, as soon as she met Marlene she was trying to find the real Cloud, asking what the real Cloud was like. Then she said things were different and she wanted the real Cloud. Not to mention Aerith didn’t know Cloud was sick, or the truth about anything, but was trying to figure it out because she genuinely cared and wanted to know Cloud for Cloud. Also the girl had seven years to move onto a new relationship yet some people give her the most absolute hell and bash the crap out of her, even with the most ridiculous comments of rape, not caring how silly that looks when she didn’t know and wasn’t there at Nibelhiem.

  • I agree both sides of the fans get heated and say stupid stuff. But in my eyes Cloud and Tifa make sense and Aerith and Zack make sense. But if you think different it’d be wrong of anyone to mock you for it. We’re not kids. If they wanna be childish, block them.

  • Justice V

    Oh yeah, forgot almost all about that scene. Aerith’s first meeting with Cloud wasn’t a very impactful one.

  • Justice V

    Huh? The only thing you mentioned Aerith wasn’t in was DoC. But she’s in Dissidia, AC, BC, CC, and the KH’s. (bC being the only non high def version of her, but she still got updated art in it. For a dead healer that’s quite a lot of exposure.

  • Justice V

    Considering every oportunity in the game I chose Tifa over Aerith I never really saw any romantic feelings from him to her. There were hints, but same amount was given to tifa and barret. With AC it never seemed like he was longing for a dead gf, and more he just felt like he let Zacks and her down and his strong feeling of connection to her due to Zack made the guilt even worse. But not like a “damn the love of my life is gone what amI to do?” Kinda way.

    I do hope the remake clarifies some things, at least adding in more ref to Zack and Aerith having been a couple so as it’s less of a subtle backstory that is easy to miss.

  • what are you talking about? Both were described as “destined”.

  • Justice V

    May have been destined, especially with the back story of Zack and Aerith, but meeting the flower girl on the street for a random conversation after blowing a reactor wasn’t very wowing.

    Wasn’t until later when you’re like oh, hey it’s that girl from the beginning. Falling through the church roof is definitely more interesting than “hey what happened?”