Final Fantasy XV’s Version 1.21 update lets you spar with Aranea Highwind By Tony Garsow on February 1, 2018 at 9:51 PM

Final Fantasy XV Version 1.21 has a new, free update available tonight that includes the ability to spar with Aranea Highwind at a campsite (provided you’re beyond a certain point in the storyline.) You’ll finally be able to skip time forward to dawn or dusk at a campsite — useful for taking on hunt marks that only appear at night. Alessio has new items to trade for Oracle Ascension Coins in Altissia, and Ignis’s hair has been appropriately ruffled to match his outfit obtained from Episode Ignis.

The full list of updates come courtesy of the folks at r/FFXV, which can read below:

  • Version 1.21
    • Conclusion of the Assassin’s Festival
    • Inclusion of Aranea as a training partner at camp
    • Implementation of a standby option at camp to advance the time of day (“Wait until morning” or “Wait until nightfall”)
    • Addition of new items at Alessio’s trading post in Altissia (see below)
    • Introduction of new drills to the tutorial: Practice Tutorial
    • Fixed the hairstyle for the Episode Ignis crossover outfit (does not apply to Chapter 14 Ignis)
    • “Arts” category for Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto (applies to Character Swap)
    • Chapter 14 Tweaks (dialogue and textures)
    • The Assassin’s Festival’s Semur Skewers can be found somewhere in the world
    • Added dialogue
    • Various bug fixes

    Alessio’s New Items
    • Silver Ore: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
    • Gold Ore: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
    • Prismatic Shard: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
    • Prismatic Ore: 3 Oracle Ascension Coins
    • Mystic Circlet: 60 Oracle Ascension Coins
    • Purified Salt: 60 Oracle Ascension Coins

In case you missed it, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition now has a benchmark and specs to scope out, as well as retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses. The game will alongside the Royal Edition on March 6th.

  • alef321

    Added dialogue huh …
    can’t wait for the PC version so fans just data mine all it’s secrets .

  • •december

    So this is why big names leave the PC Editions til late…

  • •december

    I’ve played against Aranea and she’s really tough from Level 99 you can’t block a couple moves, Idk if it’s because I’ve forgotten how to play the game or not but I really enjoy her challenges.

    Ifrit’s updated design is nice, Shiva speaks in plain english after the scene now.

    Really admire the Wait til morning/nightfall option but it loads so quickly, it’s just a little surprising lol

    Might have to replay this game, from the beginning, sooner than I thought!
    Type-D Regalia (Off-road) is so much fun man… Gonna need it from the beginning or atleast Chapter 3-ish of the game

  • Sothe Zephyr

    “You’ll finally be able to skip time forward to dawn or dusk at a campsite”
    Interesting, almost like, every other game with day/night cycles had this on the game’s release.
    I n t e r e s t i n g

  • •december

    Yeah I know right?
    Suffice to say they should atleast disclose their limitations at development stage and those contractual restraints everytime they release new updates and dwell on this heavily!

  • Vallen

    The game didn’t get enough Dev Time and came out prematurely, everyone knows that at this point. Why are you still bitching?

  • Vallen

    I always wondered if new dialogue replace the old ones, or if both still exist on the game.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Because people are allowed to “bitch”. Relax. The game had *plenty* of time to be developed, the company fucked up. So yes, I can be disappointed and annoyed by the amount of patching up and upselling this game has had since release.

  • David Thornhill

    Is it that hard to realize that such a massive game like this would take time to actually complete? It’s not their fault they couldn’t finish the game by the deadline when they’ve been demanded to release the game in the first place even when the others knew it wasn’t complete.

    Enix wanted to complete the game.
    The others just wanted money.
    Enix is still doing what they can to finish the game.
    The others is still getting their money.

    Not sure what’s there to complain about.

  • •december

    Best option is just to leave the game untouched until the last DLC is released then! But I can’t wait that long lol, I can barely wait til March 6th

  • Vallen

    Right? If people are sad about XV, then they can try to wait for the complete edition and get an enjoyable finished package at the end. Or if they don’t like it at all, just sell it and move on – don’t stalk this game’s update cycle to complain at every opportunity like 2-years after the game came out

  • Emorelle

    I don’t disagree with you however, I want to point out that this is the Complete edition and um……. its still not complete lol ;P
    p.s. Also shouldn’t be selling product as finished (60 plus price tag) if its not. reviewers being the dumb &^%$’s they are never told us it wasn’t finished. So we all bought it thinking it was okay. SE fucked up and I don’t think there is anything wrong with calling them out. I also realize that there is nothing wrong with loving it either but don’t lie for them.

  • 2me

    It’s their job to properly deliver a game concerning their development time. It’s not customer’s job to understand the product being different from their ads due to development issues. A year with patches and they don’t even fix Smoked Eye Behemoth Quest. Stalking? Hahaha, so you mean youtubers who talks about how the companies handle Battlefronts 2 or Destiny 2 or Mass Effect Andromeda are stalkers? This is a new level of fanboism. What’s next? Are you going to look after developers’ children too?

  • •december

    LOL! It gives them something to do.
    I mean I know a lot of trolls who will complain about something, just to get a reaction

  • •december

    ^This guy brings up a good point its not the customer’s job, its the game developers – In saying that most their trailers do have “Subject to change” or something similar

  • •december

    Reviewers have to only review what was given, and what was given in FFXV was a lot and very well implemented, especially chapters 1-9, 13 and 15. For me Zegnautus Keep and Pitioss will always save FFXV’s later half of the game lol.

    What’s missing is most evidently the story elements, as characters seem to jump back and forth between decisions or important life changing events happen off-screen. Reviewers don’t have to review whats not there, and tbh what was there was great.

    For the consumer however, Story wise and exploration-wise …it just wasn’t there for chapters 10, 11, 12, 14

  • Betty

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  • NoctLightCloud

    Ikr? Off-road Regalia is such a nice feature and adds much more fun to the driving experience~

  • •december

    The more I try to defend this game,
    the more they release features that make me agree “This should’ve been in the game at the beginning” – I’m struggling not to be salty! Really need to replay this game but I must wait until its completely complete…

  • NoctLightCloud

    I agree 100%, december! I will also wait. I don’t want to invest hours of playing just to find out that they added a new playable character (hoping for Aranea) just after I finished most of the content.

  • •december

    It looks like they’ll be adding all the options from last year’s Survey into the main game I haven’t seen anything missed so far.
    I reckon Aranea will be playable in the sense of how Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus are playable through Character Swap – also Comrades.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    I paid $80 for a game that I expected to be complete. Not sold back to me in pieces lol. I dont know how people defend this at all.

    Also, everyone is allowed to criticize XV. Sorry you don’t quite enjoy it ^.^

  • NoctLightCloud

    That is a very interesting fact you’ve noticed. Thanks for the Picture since I couldn’t remember all the options anymore (I chose World of Ruin back then). Also, playable Luna as well as Gentiana make me want to wait even longer for every update to be released. I hope they won’t mess up the World Of Ruin DLC (I also hope that Comrades is NOT supposed to be the World Of Ruin DLC).

  • •december

    Nope. World of Ruin DLC = Royal Edition/Expansion = Unannounced Expansion DLC. So no need to worry there. Comrades will be receiving more updates too, it was surprisingly immersive and enjoyable I really await that update.

  • Shinobuden

    I’m gonna be the devil’s advocate here. This is the Complete Edition, yet it’s not even complete. There’s still more coming. So why shouldn’t people be allowed to express their opinion just because it’s negative and not positive? Even moreso if they spent a large amount of money on the game, such as the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. It’s not the consumer’s fault for buying an incomplete game, it’s the developer’s for not delivering a complete game. You call it complaining, I call it justified criticism. That and people have a right to be here and comment just as much as you do, regardless if they’ve sold the game or not or are holding off on buying it or have a negative opinion on these updates. Who are you to dictate what people should and shouldn’t do? You seem to be on quite the high horse there. I think you should dismount it. If you don’t like what people are saying then block them and move on instead of complaining about people complaining just because you don’t like what they’re saying.