NieR: Automata 1st Anniversary livestream event dated for March 3 to March 4 By Wazi the pa on February 22, 2018 at 8:48 PM

To commemorate the action RPG’s one-year anniversary since its release in Japan, Square Enix will be hosting its next official livestream for NieR: Automata from March 3 to March 4 in JST, the company announced.

Additional information about the event will be announced on February 26.

If you’re just learning about the game’s existence or in need of some convincing to play it, we highly recommend you check out our full review of the title. Spoilers: We loved it.

NieR: Automata is available worldwide for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

UPDATE: Square Enix has put up the Niconico page for the upcoming livestream. The event will include developers behind the game as well as guests who will play the entirety of NieR: Automata. Hence, it is advised that viewers experience the game before watching the livestream.

Check out the timings and featured guests for the livestream below:

March 3 (7:00PM JST)

  • Yosuke Saito (Producer)
  • Yoko Taro (Director)
  • Takahisa Taura (Game Designer at PlatinumGames)
  • Yoshikaze Matsushita (Character Modeling Artist at PlatinumGames)
  • (Guest from 7:15PM to 9:00PM JST) Yui Ishikawa (YoRHa No.2 Type B voice actress in NieR: Automata / No. 2 in Ongakugeki YoRHa)

March 3 (11:00PM JST)

  • Chihira Mochida (No. 16 in Ongakugeki YoRHa)
  • Mio Hanana (No. 21 in Ongakugeki YoRHa)
  • Takahisa Taura (Game Designer at PlatinumGames)
  • Miyako Maikawa (Commander in Ongakugeki YoRHa)
  • An Tachibana (Anemone in Ongakugeki YoRHa)

March 4 (3:00AM JST)

  • Naoki Sitou (No. 9 in Shounen YoRHa)
  • Hisashi Murata (No. 21 in Shounen YoRHa)
  • Shin’ichirou Ueda (No. 2 in Shounen YoRHa)
  • Yuuto Doi (No. 6 in Shounen YoRHa)

March 4 (7:00AM JST)

  • Hatsune Matsushima (Talent)
  • Others

March 4 (11:00AM JST)

  • Yosuke Saito (Producer)
  • Ushizawa (Livestreamer)

March 4 (3:00PM JST)

  • Takahisa Taura (Game Designer at PlatinumGames)
  • Hito Matsudaira (Character Modeling Artist at PlatinumGames)
  • (Guest from 3:30PM to 5:00PM JST) Hiroki Yasumoto (Pod 042 voice actor in NieR: Automata)

March 4 (7:00PM JST)

  • Yosuke Saito (Producer)
  • Yoko Taro (Director)
  • Keiichi Okabe (Composer)
  • Takahisa Taura (Game Designer at PlatinumGames)
  • Others
  • nonsense2596

    Just bring a bugfix update to Steam for god’s sake.

  • Ren

    2B’s VA? Check.
    Devs? Check.
    Actors and actresses from stage plays? Check.
    POD 042 VA? Check.
    9S? MIA.

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