Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and PC releases on September 4 in the West; English voiceover and more By Wazi the pa on March 28, 2018 at 9:47 AM

It’s been quite the wait, but Square Enix has finally announced the release date for the latest mainline installment in the Dragon Quest series.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is set to release on September 4, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. And in addition to this announcement, the company has also revealed that the Western release will also feature several upgrades and enhancements that were not included in the Japanese release, including:

  • English Voiceover
  • Draconian Quest: a hard mode that offers additional challenges for more experienced players.
  • Overhauled Menus & UI: graphical enhancements and more intuitive navigation.
  • Camera Mode: allows players to take in views of the beautiful landscape, character renders and ferocious monsters in detail.
  • A New Dash Function and many other system enhancements such as improved character and camera movement

Beginning today, those who pre-order the title from the PlayStation Store will receive an exclusive “The Legend Reborn” PlayStation 4 theme along with in-game DLC items.

The Square Enix Store will also sell an exclusive edition of the PlayStation 4 version of Dragon Quest XI. Expect more details to be announced at a later date.

And with that out of the way, catch the CG opening sequence, first English gameplay footage and a set of screenshots below:

CG Opening Sequence

English Gameplay


  • Uzair Syed

    I don’t have or care ofr one but is it not coming to Switch in the west as well? Different timing?

  • stevenm281


    The game looks so beautiful, the graphics, the animations, etc. I’m so happy they incorporated voice acting!

    However, is it me or the OST seems recorded Mono rather than Stereo? Something seems a bit off…

  • Gabriel Hage

    Can I disable voices?

  • alef321

    Happy birthday to me , hooray!

  • Voice acting. Nice.
    Welp day one.

  • Armandood

    Switch version is coming too but not this year.

  • MajoraMan28

    Remember that there’s also news on the Switch version
    Sad that VA is here. Hope we can have the option to disable it.
    What I really wanted was a confirmation if the soundtrack will be orchestral like VIII was. The Japanese version of XI has a hideous MIDI playing. Really hoping they change that like they did previously.

  • stevenm281

    That’s why the OST seems off, well I hope they’ll re-record it, its not like they didn’t have time to prepare for this.

    On the other hand, I love the voice acting.

  • One Eco

    The 3DS version will remain in Japan, huh? (that’s a bummer, an end-game set of dungeons based on the previous ten DQ main games was an exclusive feature of the 3DS version, something that made that version better in comparison to the PS4 version).

    Also, nice knowing that ENG VA is coming to the west, the JP version felt a little incomplete for me after VIII because of that. Also, Switch’s version is coming next year? I’ll definitely buy that!

    Also, DQXI is coming to Steam? Interesting move there, Square. Although I’m not a fan of PC gaming, this franchise needs more fanbase in the west.

    And, to the western fans, nope, this franchise won’t abandon the turn-based mechanics (like FF on FFXV’s case) because if they do, the japanese players (the main target of this franchise) will backslash Square to the death. Turn-based RPG and DQ are one and the same, and there have been some successful Change.org-like campaigns when DQX was originally launched in Japan almost ten years ago.

  • Miqote


  • Randy Marsh

    YES! They’re DQ8ing this game and adding voice acting! Beautiful British voice acting!

  • Randy Marsh

    Sadly I think the 3DS version will be staying in Japanese due to the differences that the game has to its console counterpart.

    Also it would require them localizing the game with two different gameplay modes, the lack of voice acting in the 3DS version is another factor, there’s reasons you could think of. However my main guess is Nintendo of America wanting to primarily focus on increasing the sales and popularity of the Switch.

    Let’s face it, if we had an option to pick between the two versions and get a new system because of it, what would you pick as the most economical way for yourself to save money? The 40 dollar game with the 150 portable system that has already has massive sales? Or the 60 dollar game with the 300 dollar system that Nintendo is still trying to gain a boatload in sales? So that could possibly be the reason of this lack of 3DS version, at least from what I could see being the core factor sadly.

    My husband was looking forward to buying the 3DS version, so lol I have bad news for him….

  • One Eco

    Maybe the Switch version is an enhanced 3D port with PS4 visuals, THAT would be interesting. And that would make both versions different enough to make the fanbase want one copy of each version (LOL, if that is actually the most plausible scenario, that would mean that by next year I’ll 4 copies of DQXI x’D)

    Oh, so sorry about your husband’s hopes for this game after this…

  • Randy Marsh

    The Switch is just the port of the PS4 version in Japan, so it will be the same here. Most likely the reasons for this is due to time it would take to port the new version of the PS4 version to the Switch to accommodate for the systems lower hardware specs. At least is my guess.

  • One Eco

    Don’t think so. Square has demostrated that PS4 ports doesn’t take this much time. Literally, the GL ver is going to be launched 1 year, 3 months after the JP ver. Up until now, even in the JP side, no one knows about the Switch version of this game.

    I definitely don’t know what’s going on, but this suspiciously points to, either a Final Mix version with Nintendo exclusive content OR a Switch version totally different from the 3DS & PS4 versions.

  • One Eco

    Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve remembered one thing about the JP versions of this game: the original japanese PS4 version of this game was actually capped at release, needint the 3DS version so the player could reach the True Ending.

    Also, the 3DS version had 30 hours of post-game content, while the PS4 version had 5.

  • Randy Marsh

    Only thing that could happen to make the Switch version different is if they Incorporated some of the elements of the 3DS exclusive features as QoL for the screen portable mode, nothing more, nothing less. Seeing the 16 bit mode for maps would be a fun little feature.

    The Western releases for the PS4 and Steam version are obviously incorporating the elements from the 3DS version, mainly the the 3DS’s exclusive classic mode EX dungeon. So the Switch version in all reasons will have this. So I do agree with your theory of something akin to the Final Mix/International/Director’s Cut version being in the works, possibly with a JPN voice track coming, hmm?…I’m joking on the latter portion…

  • Average Afro

    Nice! Between Ni No Kuni 2 and FFXV keeping me occupied game wise till I start Uni again. I have this to look forward to when I start again!