A look at Final Fantasy XV’s PC Demo By James Stine on March 1, 2018 at 11:14 PM

Many of you have heard that Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC soon on March 6th, 2018. We recently posted about the demo that was made available a few days ago. We took a short hands on look to see how the game shapes up on the PC. You can view the gameplay below which covers the base story line from start to finish available in the demo.

The footage captured was at 1080p and ran mostly at 60 FPS with about average settings. I did encounter a few dips here and there while also testing out some of the features. The first thing I noticed was the wide range of customization you have with the game’s graphics which is greatly appreciated. However, in order to change these effects in game, you first need to set the “Custom” setting at the main menu, otherwise you need to go back to the main menu to adjust the presets. With that taken care of, you’re free to adjust any settings on the fly as you see fit.

The game does include an in-game FPS meter that tracks a few other stats as well like clock speeds, although it is a bit intrusive and there’s no way to give you a less detailed version; it’s either on or off. Still, a nice feature to have to monitor your gameplay’s performance.

The game doesn’t support windowed fullscreen which means you’ll have to deal with the game popping out of full screen if you tab out or try to switch to a secondary monitor and have to fiddle with turning the setting off and on again to get the game back into fullscreen proper. This is a bit annoying, and I hope to see a windowed fullscreen version available at release.

Mouse and keyboard support is of course supported in the PC version, but so is traditional gamepad support. I plugged in my Dualshock 4 controller over USB and was able to get it working in game without any major hassle. The in-game button prompts also reflect the controller you pick as well which is a nice feature. Playing in first person with controller doesn’t feel very intuitive, but I can imagine with a mouse you would have more control. However, due to the frantic nature of the game, first person isn’t something I can see myself getting into just yet.

If you are looking to try mouse and keyboard, you’ll be happy to know that all of the game’s functions can be mapped to any part of the controller. You can even rebind the interact key separate from the attack key to avoid the annoying problems of picking up items and jumping by accident that many players experienced on console.

One nice feature the game supports is NVIDIA’s Ansel, a screenshot tool which lets you position the game’s camera wherever you want and apply different effects like depth of field or other filters.

It did struggle to work sometimes, and something I noticed was moving the camera angle reset the roll as well which made positioning a shot very cumbersome. Luckily, Prompto has your back with the in-game camera features, but it is nice to have different options.

One of the biggest glaring issues I saw out of the game was in Galdin Quay. The lighting under the rooftop of the restaurant was too dark to see very well unlike in the console versions.

This became worse when I came back from doing the quest for Dino when the area became almost impossible to see anything. Prompto decided in my gameplay that this would be a perfect time to take a photo of Noctis and Ignis with… interesting results.

Minor issues aside, it seems the PC version is shaped up to be a great experience for old and new players alike with the Royal Edition adding a bunch of new content to the game, as well as allowing players who don’t subscribe to the console’s multiplayer subscription services to play Comrades on PC with their friends.

The demo clocks in at around 21 GB which is pretty hefty for a demo, but if you have the space and are looking to see how the game performs on your PC, why not give it a try? It’s available on both Steam and the Windows Store.

Final Fantasy XV on PC launches on March 6th 2018.

  • James Stine

    Full PC specs:

    Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.4 GHz
    G.Skill Flare X DDR4 3200 16 GB
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB (OC)

  • •december

    I’m shaking with anticipation – PC mods really should just go wild
    The specs and graphics have been ramped up, even as PS4 gamer its plan to see
    The crystal clear photorealism from the very beginning was FF15’s strongest qualities.
    Here’s hoping they have fixed the secret Leaping-Off-of-Adamantoise cutscene with the downgraded graphics, hopefully for Royal Edition too.

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  • I don’t see any difference.

  • David Thornhill

    The world map looks better.

  • •december

    That minor issue of the maps being downgraded graphics, initially, was evident.
    Improving the clarity of the map is such a trivial thing that actually makes things a lot better… (I’m talking about the pause menu Map, btw)
    Royal Edition seems to be getting this too thankfully

  • I mean like battle system or more weapon types or making magic more than just a huge nuke AoE.
    The stuff people had a problem with. If I can take Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis out of the party and replace with with literally ANYONE else, that’d help too. Hell, soloing would be a good challenge.

  • •december

    Come to think of it,
    The Limit Break Spells (Flare, Freeze & Electon) look, and do similar damage, just like the normal spells… it might take a few days but hopefully someone can check if they’ve updated them too

  • I think at this point they don’t really care about doing anything to make the battles cooler or more reliable.

    They seem lazy. Their ideas for battles and story are odd and slapped together. This modern Square isn’t trying to work that hard. Reused animations, dissidia nt battle set up, the puzzle piece like story. It all seems like a serious lack of effort.

    After all, just put type 0 or 13 or XV battle system beside KH2 or KH1 final mix. Which one looks more fun and more cool?

  • James Stine

    I don’t believe they ever said anything about updating those features in the PC version, let alone in the demo. I’m sure you can expect to see new things in the full release with things like the new Armiger.

  • I’m saying they’re not working on key things that need work.
    The story.
    The plot holes.
    The battles.
    The lack of development in villains.
    The lack of towns
    The lack of healing spells
    Lack of depth to area.
    Too many caves and dark places.

  • •december

    Your preference. I say Final Fantasy XV looks way better.
    The warping/warpstrike alone, it’s really your individual preference as is mine
    Battle was one of the least ‘lazy’ aspects of FFXV as a whole

  • James Stine

    They’re definitely working on about half of those issues if not more. They’re constantly adding more stuff to the game. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up for you to decide, but they seem to be filling in all the blanks you describe here over time. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  • I’m saying above all else that stuff should have been in the game from the start. Patches and DLC should not be filling in story. And battle system should be fully developed by game’s launch. Patches and DLC should fix bugs or add to the a game, not fix plot holes.

    At a certain point Square starting thinking graphics and name recognition was enough to sell games. It’s sad, because there was a time their stories were as good as Xenogears.

  • If you say so.
    I hope from now on in future games they do more than 3 elements and no healers. That wasn’t smart. (what if I don’t want to use an item to heal and don’t want to cast a random attack spell?) And why only 2 towns? The Italy place and the town on the high way near Titan. That’s it. All else are rest stops. It’s a HUGE world, but all you see is the bare minimum. Why?

  • •december

    lolll – Comrades made up for the lack of variety in base game’s magic – also can’t help but feel the Summons still got a story to tell looking at how they protect Angelgard Island if you try taking the Royal Vessel there…

  • [email protected]
    Comrades is irrelevant to me. The main canon story and what happens therein is all that matters. The battles lack tactical angles. The villains other than Ardyn were not fleshed out or even really explained. Even with the kingsglaive movie. Using clips from trailers and the movie also soured the story.

  • •december

    Multiplayer Final Fantasy sounds dumb but its really superbly done for FFXV. If you’re ignoring it thats kind of understandable cause I hated the idea but ended up loving it after playing Comrades. There’s tons of canon story in Comrades too

    Yeah I’m afraid the villains, atleast Prompto’s dad Verstael, was really fleshed out in his Episode DLC

  • But this shouldn’t be the future of FF. Relying on DLC and patches for story. Story can be added with doc but it should only be side quests. The stuff they did with Ignis basically rewrote the ending of the game. SMH

    Here’s how I’d do things.
    1) story deep and mature with happy and sad times
    2) character development
    3) exploration and voice acting
    4) lots of side quests
    5) great music
    6) graphics on pat with the system
    7) dlc to add more dungeons and bosses and hidden gear and lore

    That’s how I’d make games. 1 being highest priority. But instead they just care about graphics and shameless advertising and BS crossovers to promote other games for money like AC, even tho that’s a okay game.

  • what Square-enix has done to their game is exactly the same thing that the movie industry has done to blockbuster movie, they put in all that crap that they know people will pay to see and place any real substance as an after thought, this is why entertainment has gotten so bad, they are more interested in titillating you into spending money than presenting a piece of entertainment that you may actually enjoy

    *sigh* whatever happened to the games that were humble

  • Well I agree on some of that. But there’s a reason some games and movies still tell deep and meaningful stories and still have action and suspense. Example: KH games are still fun to play and after the first game the story got complex. Same with Xeno games. Xenogears and Xenosaga series. It’s not impossible to find a non-retro RPG that still have story as much as action and doesn’t rely on fanservice only.

    Summer blockbusters are the same thing. If you wait, watch and are patient you can find good ones out there that are far more than just explosions. People hate the marvel movies, but there’s still lots of story there. It doesn’t follow the comics all the time, but the story exists and is well acted. Before Avengers most summer blockbuster movies were just mindless car chases with no tie in lore of the movie or any scope of story. Now we have movies that tell their own stories as well and tying in with past movies. Not to the level and depth of say Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. But they still try to do either best. As long as there’s effort i can respect that.