Naoki Yoshida, Yoshinori Kitase, Shinji Hashimoto and Yosuke Saito appointed Directors for Square Enix By Raptorchan on March 1, 2018 at 2:37 AM

Square Enix has announced with a press release that some changes are being made to its executive team.

The following list of Executive Officers have been appointed to the position of Director and Executive Officer at Square Enix, allowing them to enter the company’s board of directors. The list below, provided by DualShockers, reveals quite a few familiar faces, all of which will be starting their new positions on April 1st.

The list includes:

  • Yoshinori Kitase (Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Producer)
  • Yosuke Saito (Dragon Quest series and NieR Automata Producer)
  • Michihiro Sasaki
  • Hirokazu Nishikado
  • Shinji Hashimoto (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Brand Manager)
  • Yu Miyake
  • Naoki Yoshida (Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV)
  • Kazuharu Watanabe

Yosuke Matsuda remains the as Square Enix’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Executive Vice President Keiji Honda and Yukino Chiba have decided to retire as of March 31st. In addition to this, Hideaki Sato and Motoharu Mitamura have been appointed as Executive Officers.

According to DualShockers, Square Enix introduced its system based on Executive Officers back in 2015. The board of directors has been revised in accordance with the changes of the current age and to further strengthen Square Enix’s business foundation.


  • x5kevleo

    huh, What does this mean?

  • Invictus

    Well, means to say we will get Kitase to direct a game again. Instead of just overseeing it.

  • alef321

    I’m really excited for Hashimoto’s game.
    he has a good vision when it comes to games.

  • stevenm281

    No, they ain’t project directors, they are the Board of Directors, they’ll oversee Square Enix as a whole, not be each assigned to a specific project.

    This isn’t about gaming per se, it’s about their business policies, human resources, etc.

  • But does this mean good things for home system RPG or just more of the same?

  • Nice. But that might be enough.

  • Lame

  • MajoraMan28

    In other words, the company is still being headed by clueless people
    S-E really won’t return to what it was, is it?

  • Shane Firth

    Say what you want about the others but Naoki Yoshida has done excellent work with FFXIV, not only saving it from total disaster but also turning it in to one of the worlds best and most commercially successful subscription based MMOs.

  • Shane Firth

    Not really, consider what Yoshida did with FFXIV, it was a dead duck before he came in and now it is flourishing, having him on the board of directors can only mean good things, same with the producer of NieR Automata – that game was a massive risk and it ended up being one of the best games released last year.

    It might not mean new projects, but the practices leading to new projects should now be in better hands.

  • My focus is on new stories being told instead of recycling and porting old games. That’s it. All the rest of that stuff with good business practices should be a given for intelligent business anyway.

  • Shane Firth

    It should be a given, but sadly the old blood lead SE to where they are now on the front of new stories getting the focus. If it’s story you want then I highly recommend XIV, it has some of the best story telling from a SE game in years and most of it can be played as a single-player experience with the game taking care of matchmaking for any content you need other people for.

    Plus you can play up to the lvl30 stuff for free so you can get a taste.

  • Theresa

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  • stevenm281

    but this isn’t about directing games, its about directing the company, their policies, financial resources, human resources, etc.

  • Shane Firth

    I think you misunderstand what a game director actually does. The things they do are the things you listed, just on a project level. The only difference is that a game director also functions as part of the development team, but usually in a hands off fashion (Which is Nomura’s problem, he finds it hard to keep hands off – for better or worse).

    If you can find a few hours I highly recommend the noclip FFXIV documentary, it takes a very frank look at why it initially failed and what Yoshida and team had go through to turn it around, it also paints a clear picture of what game directors actually do.


  • stevenm281

    I know what a game director is, but this article ain’t talking about game director, its about the Board of Directors, its not at all about their projects, its about politics and resources.



    These links should give you a better definition of what a Board of Directors is.

  • Shane Firth

    Are you purposely being dense? You whined about the people being moved on to the board, to which I responded that in essence Yoshida has proved he has the chops for it… You know what? I’m bored. Have a good one buddy.

  • stevenm281

    I whined? I didn’t say anything about their choices…. you mistake me with Majora…

    I really don’t care who’s elected to be part of the Board, if they were chosen, Square Enix must have their reasons.

  • Shane Firth

    Oh shit… sorry buddy, i didn’t looks at the usernames. I mean you both have 28 in there, makes you practically related.

  • Diane

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  • NewestType

    XIV is basically a recycylcling grind for currency… and this is coming from an owner of 2 meister quality figures.

    Everytime I see an update for XIV if feels like they just copy/pasted the frames from Heavensward.

  • I played 14 all the way to the Ultima Weapon fight, and after I beat that i stopped. I just can’t pay monthly especially when I never get any friends to team up with on the net.

    I’m waiting for DQ11, FF7 remade, KH3, and hopefully a story and character development heavy FF16.