Square Enix opens Luminous Productions studio; led by Hajime Tabata By Wazi the pa on March 27, 2018 at 6:32 AM

Square Enix has announced the establishment of Luminous Productions, a new studio based in Tokyo, Japan led by COO and head of studio Hajime Tabata, known for his work as director for Final Fantasy XV.

Luminous Productions was established with the purpose of “developing new AAA titles and bringing innovative game and other entertainment content to a global audience.” At its core, the studio aims to “utilize innovative technology and creativity to change the future of gaming and entertainment.”

More information regarding new projects that Luminous Productions will undertake is set to be announced later this year.

Head here to view the studio’s official website.

  • Mehmed

    I dont think that this is a very good idea. I do hope i’m wrong.

  • Krijn van Alten

    I say: don’t judge too soon, but I do understand where your fears come from.

  • MajoraMan28

    Actually, it is.
    It’s going to be way easier to determine the quality of a S-E title from afar.
    Also, being a separate branch from S-E main business divisions is a good sign as well

  • ShiruXIII

    Good news but I just hope that they won’t be doing FFXVI.
    I would be more pleased to have Team Ivalice Alliance on it.

    Tabata is better suited for spin-off (like Crisis Core which was amazing) and other titles (like Type-0) !

  • •december

    I came for the juicy comments and the remorse of those FFXV’s Development-War criminals

  • •december

    Yes, Majora.
    Square Enix ruined Versus 13 / Final Fantasy XV, not Tabata.
    …And certainly not Business Division 2!

  • Average Afro

    Are you kidding after what he created in FFXV!? Give him more mainline titles but without any baggage!

  • Average Afro

    Nice. Can’t wait to play whatever they bring out.

  • MajoraMan28

    You didn’t understand my comment….
    It means that Tabata’s brand will be easier to identify, and given the studio’s profile they may focus on mid-tier games, not FF

  • One Eco

    Does this mean that Tabata will only do spin-offs again? I hope so!

  • Miqote

    Tabata is a failure

  • Patrick Bateman

    lmfao nty, we don’t need anymore terrible mainline titles.

  • Randy Marsh

    Good for him. Just interested to see what experiences he can provide for spin-off games.

  • Paulo Sousa

    i like this, its true that luminous is a powerull engine, but over the top for modern day consoles and even computers, so they having a separate studio handling his tools, gives square enix room for better distribution of work and assets.
    I believe its square best interest to have as always been to be on the forefront of thecnology, specially with the new nvidia cards with volta tech coming and raytracing, and ps5 a year or two from comingm square is prepping for the future.
    The luminous may have been troublesome to a young team, but as tabata mentioned they are already better at it, and much faster, so its stupid for square to let go of thet amount of work and money.
    Meanwhile current projects are made with unreal, so it is safer, and only when luminous starts to be safe for development and pushing ahead they should use it

  • Tabata has his faults. I will NOT deny that and FFXV hurt his reputation even if it was more so the fault of higher management but I will say he’s a guy that listen(When he wants to lol) and keeps trying regardless of reception. All his games he directed are a hit or miss for different reasons (FFCC because of gameplay, 3rdBirthday because of Story (That I blame Toriyama for and the loss of Parasite Eve License), Type-0 because of story approach(The game should have also been on Vita because the gameplay is more suited for mobile. Maybe if they port it to Switch it will be better), FFXV we all know how that went but that was due to poor management and time. He wanted to make a different game in 3 years while trying to finish someone else’s game that everyone was already asking for in 10 years. Had he had more time he would have been fine but he should have just stuck to the original plan and saved his ideas for the next game. Maybe whatever else he’s working on will be a better game since it will hopefully be a new IP and have no ties to any previous games so he’ll be free to tell a dark story with whatever action gameplay he wants haha

  • Whatever they do, they need to go back to making story and characters a priority again.
    No more disjointed story lines with plot holes.

  • Hasuki

    Are all of their ”AAA” games gonna have bad frame pacing issues?

  • Roger Wright

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  • King Zeus

    Who knows?

  • •december

    Tell that to Square Enix.

  • That’s what I mean. Story is what rpgs are all about. Yet recently they don’t care.

  • •december

    Reputation really means nothing, they just want a marketing strategy and a pay cheque lol

  • SMH integrity and passion for an art is a dying artform

  • Kyle


  • Kyle

    If you think FFXV hurt any part of his rep, you are sadly mistaken and you might even be a fool.

  • Kyle

    That’s why Square gave him his own studio. You are a failure, and a tool with no preference or opinion that matters.

  • King Zeus

    PC only serves for making console games.

  • Kyle

    The console versions fail hard in comparison… too bad really. Ignorant oaf.

  • King Zeus

    How does HZD compare I wonder.

  • Average Afro

    You’re another short sighted idiot I see.

  • Justice V

    Type-0 was a mobile game. It was originally on psp. They just ported it to ps4. XV, discussions can go around for ages and never have a clear concensus on heh. Crisis Core gameplay was mostly marred due to being restricted to psp. BBS which came out years later only slightly improved the gameplay but used CC as a stepping stone to get there.

  • Patrick Bateman

    LOL right I’m an idiot because I don’t agree with you lmfao I ain’t gonna call you names because you don’t agree with me, I’m just gonna smile 🙂

  • FFXV did hurt his rep. Look at all the people who are in the comment section that has little to no faith in this man and it all relates back to FFXV. People talk about FFXV being bad just as much as people says it’s a good game. Most people who waited 10 years for it think otherwise. The people who waited from 2014 up love this game. If you’re a versus fan who loves 15 the way it is then you might be a not comprehend what a full complete game is with no plot holes that can’t be fixed. The game is a mess and it doesnt take a bunch of updates and cut content DLC episodes to prove that aspects. For whatever reason that may be, it’s something that happened and Tabata gives bad PR talk sometimes to clean up these messes that end up back firing on him. Regardless, despite his faults I still think Square messed him up as well with the dev scheduling behind this game.

  • They ported Type-0 on PS4 hoping for it to do well but it didn’t sell like hot cakes like how they thought it would and it’s really sad. People cared more about the FFXV code than Type-0 itself. I understand why they did it but because of it’s mission structure, it worked better as mobile title.

    XV, you are correct about that lol

    It’s good CC helped those FF games that came after it. Trust me, I love CC. I’m just saying what through some other people off.

  • ShiruXIII

    I didn’t say that his work on FFXV was bad (we can at least thank him for releasing FFXV), but only that he seems to shine more on spin-off titles like Crisis Core (it was really great in my opinion).

    Type-0 was fun but story-telling was a bit odd and there were too much main characters with little time to know them better…

    If Square wants to keep doing Open-World games, I think that FFXII’s approach was better executed (even if it’s not a real open-world game but it has some similarities).

    -> That’s why I prefer to have Team Ivalice Alliance for the next mainline FF.

    I really think that turning FFXV into an Open-World was a huge mistake :/.
    FFXV story can truly be enjoyable with a linear progression like the Pocket Edition (which I found a lot better than the main game in several aspects).

  • Justice V

    Depends. Crisis Core, Type-0, XIII (the first at least) were all heavily story driven, and less fun in terms of gameplay. They went the opposite route with XIII 2-XV. They need to find a good middle ground for the future I guess. Though XV had too many issues on it’s own to really blame on SE going the wrong route. If they make XVI similar that lacks in terms of character and story then yeah. But I’ve still got hope for an all new adventure.

  • Type-0 had the best battle system of all the 13s. Crisis Core was fun for me, just could use more variety with the skills (not make limit breaks random either).
    I don’t understand why they can’t find a middle ground. Exploration, story, fun battle gameplay, these all used to be a given. Now they seems confused how to pull them off.

    16 needs to be a full blown high fantasy game. They need to do something removed from the steam punk, sci-fi, and modern life angle. That way they can all in on over-the-top epic battles and magic and evil villains. I’m talking action-packed acrobatic martial arts and magic spells flying all over. Like that. When they do the more modern stuff everything is slow and all down-to-earth grounded. Making the story boring. All the talk about cars and food and politics in XV never amounted to anything and it was all over the damn place everywhere you went.