Dissidia Final Fantasy NT “Weapons Pack” DLC available on April 26th By Tony Garsow on April 17, 2018 at 7:26 PM

Square Enix shared today that a Weapons Pack DLC will be available on April 26th that includes a 4th weapon for nearly all of the playable cast. The lone exception is Lightning, whose fourth weapon is already obtainable in the game right now. A fourth weapon will be available for the six upcoming Season Pass characters and will be sold separately.

The first season pass character, Final Fantasy XII‘s Vayne Carudas Solidor will also be available to play in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on April 26th. You can see him in action here.

No price point has been shared for the Weapons Pack as of today. You can check out the new weapons in the images below:

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  • One Eco

    As a brief resume of the weapon pack (since, SURPRISINGLY, Square doesn’t do its job well):
    Sun Blade & Diamond Shield (Warrior of Light)
    Zanmato (Garland)
    Arsenal IV: Gaia Blade, Demon Spear, Orichalcum, Flame Bow, Power Staff and Diamond Shield (Firion)
    Punish Rod (Emperor)
    Golden Sword, Kiku-Ichimonji & Omnirod (Onion Knight)
    Spectral Tentacles, aka Ahriman Tentacles (Cloud of Darkness)
    Waxing Sword & Waning Sword (Cecil)
    Spear of Trials (Kain)
    Obsidian Scales (Golbez)
    Arsenal IV: Tidus’ Brotherhood, Cecil’s Holy Fang, Maria’s Bow, Squall’s Revolver, OK’s Eternity Blades, WoL’s Lustrous Shield and Zidane’s Mage Mashers (Bartz)
    Void Sword (Exdeath)
    Zanketsuken (Terra)
    Electrical Hair Ornament (Kefka)
    Ogrenix (Cloud)
    Second Katana (Sephiroth)
    Hyperion (Squall)
    Revé Arms, aka Griever Arms (Ultimecia)
    Orichalcon (Zidane)
    Circular Cores (Kuja)
    Arc Sword (Tidus)
    Sin’s Roots (Jecht)
    Laevateinn (Shantotto)
    Platinum Sword (Vaan)
    Shire Crook (Y’shtola)
    Armaments IV: Flametongue, Wyvern Lance, Force Stealer and Plunderers (Noctis)
    Excalibur (Ramza)
    Magician’s Deck (Ace)

  • One Eco

    Vayne’s skins & weapons are called:
    – Skin 01: Consul Officer of the Empire
    – Skin 02: Fortis Novus

    His weapons are:

  • One Eco

    WARNING: The names are definitely going to change in the ENG localization

  • Kyle

    I’m glad the game still has support at all despite the reaction. I have a friend that really enjoys this game and I want him to be happy.

  • xMysticx

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