Dragon Quest XI for Switch delayed due to out-of-date Unreal Engine 4 By Wazi the pa on April 7, 2018 at 9:19 PM

In an interview with Gamespot at PAX East 2018 in Boston, Dragon Quest XI producer Hokuto Okamoto shared more details behind the delay of the RPG’s Switch version.

“It’s true that the Nintendo Switch version is under development at this moment in time,” Okamoto told Gamespot. “Specifically with regards to the development, this game was developed on the Unreal Engine, but the version for Unreal Engine needs to be updated, I suppose, in order to support Switch. In that sense, the development is still expected to take a very long time. It’s still a long ways out.”

Okamato stresses that the Switch version is definitely coming to the West and went on to explain that the team did consider holding back the PlayStation 4 version to release simultaneously with the Switch version, but ultimately they were against it.

“Of course, we did consider releasing PS4 and a Switch version around the same time if that was even a possibility, but right now the outlook for the Switch version is still unclear at this moment in time. The Japan team, they wanted to release Dragon Quest XI and bring it overseas as soon as possible for our fans overseas, which is why they proceeded with the PS4 [and] Steam version[s] this time.”

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of Elusive Age is set to release for PlayStation 4 and PC on September 4 in North America and Europe. Check here to read the new features coming to the Western release, including English voiceovers and updated UI.

  • MajoraMan28

    So, they developed the game in an outdated engine, and instead of updating it for use to developing for the Switch, they just go lazy.
    I really want to know if updating a software can be this hard…

  • James Stine

    It’s not just “outdated”. Unreal Engine updates quite frequently. In development, you don’t just upgrade whenever there’s a new update. That can cause tons of things to break or unexpected behavior when parts of the engine update. Developers need to plan for an engine update and make sure behavior is still working as intended.

    It’s not as simple as going on your smartphone and clicking update and everything magically works. This is development we’re talking about, there’s a lot that goes into this. It’s not “lazy”, it’s long hours and hard work.

    In general in development, not even just game development, but you tend to stick to “stable” releases and releases that you know to work with your codebase. For game development, it’s an even bigger issues since it’s a much more extensive application than just something like updating WordPress for your blog or something.

    To answer your question, yes, “updating a software” can be hard.

  • I’m glad they didn’t delay the ps4 version. That would suck ass.

  • Lee Xueping

    Out of curiosity, does this update for the Switch support, does it compress and slightly downgrade the game for the Switch. (Not Saying that the Switch is bad, but I know it has a weaker engine compared to other Consoles.) Also, this means that people who want KHIII on the Switch better not expect it to come out right after the PS4 and Xboxone release especially with that customized engine.

  • MajoraMan28

    It’s not a customized engine. It has an update that helps develop for the Switch.
    The engine isn’t weaker by any means. The console is the one that doesn’t run the full features on a framerate that you would want to see released.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I agree!

  • One Eco

    Yeah, not going to believe this…

  • I mean I want everyone to get it but lets not hold anyone back.

  • Lee Xueping

    I’m talking about KH3 not the Unreal engine. While KH3 uses Unreal, the Unreal engine has been customized for lighting and particle effects. Also the game runs at 30fps on the regular PS4. So would a port be reasonable.