Dissidia Final Fantasy adds Akademia Fountain Courtyard stage from Final Fantasy Type-0 this summer By Tony Garsow on June 12, 2018 at 9:23 AM

In a recent broadcast from Square Enix, the Dissidia Final Fantasy staff revealed that a new stage from Final Fantasy Type-0 will be coming to the Arcade version in a June 14 update and in late August for the console version. The Akademia Fountain Courtyard stage will change over time — from the Militesi invasion to the time of Finis.

Characters Ace (Final Fantasy Type-0) and Ramza (Final Fantasy Tactics) will also be getting story cutscenes of their own, and Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) and Terra (Final Fantasy VI) will see large revisions in their playstyle.

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  • David Thornhill

    Huge Type-0 fan here. I… am… STOKED!!! AND ACE IS ADDED INTO STORY MODE???? YESSSSSSS

  • Justice V

    Awesome. I loved the courtyard for some weird reason in Type-0 HD.

  • Final Fantasy

    this is fantastic . they’ve made a great decision. to not port it to pc yet just like kingdom hearts. now im REALLY jealous :'[