Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 46 Summary; Patch 4.4 arrives on September 18 By Tony Garsow on September 1, 2018 at 1:46 AM

During Final Fantasy XIV’s fourteen-hour live broadcast to celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, we got a deeper look at “Prelude in Violet” — the Stormblood expansion’s fourth post-release update out on September 18th, 2018.

Patch 4.4 Overview

— Patch 4.4 “Prelude in Violet” arrives on September 18th, 2018.
— New main scenario quests, side stories, and sidquests will be added.
— Level 70 instanced dungeon The Burn will take place during the main scenario.
— A new Level 70 trial versus Suzaku in the Hells’ Kier will be added as well as an Extreme difficulty version.
— A hard mode version of Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum will be added through a sidequest.
— The newest tier of the Omega raid series will be added called the Alphascape.
— The battle system will be adjusted: particularly adjustments to job abilities and role action slots.
PvP will have “Focus Attack” added to the quick chat and PvP-specific HUD layouts can be adjusted on the Wolves’ Den Pier.
Even Further Hildibrand Adventures will release in Patch 4.45.
— The Forbidden Land Eureka will be updated in Patch 4.45 with a new region and the “Logos System”. You’ll also continue to upgrade your Eureka weapon in this duty.
— The Lost Canals of of Uznair will be updated with new dungeons.
— Housing will see mannequin indoor furnishings to equip gear to as well as new customization features.
— A Gold Saucer GATE will be added called the Leap of Faith — jumping puzzle.
— New crafting and gathering recipes have been added.
— Ceremony of Eternal Bonding will add Anniversary ceremonies.
— Captain rank added to Grand Companies, as well as new Squadron missions.
— Group pose will be updated to include minion actions, walking/running motions as well as time and weather settings.
— A new tier of Allagan tomestones will be added, the amount of record-able duties in the Duty Recorder will increase with revisions, features expanded for the Unending Journey, configuration data saved server-side.
— An “Alarm” has been added.
— Minion and mount guides will have a search feature.

Alphascape: Chaos

— The newest tier of the Omega raid series — the Alphascape — features Chaos from Final Fantasy I as a boss. The battle takes place in a square arena where you can fall off the sides. There will also be a Savage difficulty version released.

Suzaku — Hells’ Kier

Hells’ Kier is the battleground set for Suzaku, one of the Four Lords. This trial will have a normal and Extreme version.

The Shifting Altars Uznair Update

— The Shifting Altars of Uznair uses a roulette-like wheel to determine the challenges you will face.
— After landing on an icon you will face a boss — defeat that boss for rewards.
— Landing on a purple monster icon will eject you from the Shifting Altars.

Final Fantasy VII mounts and minions

— SDS Fenrir is a mount obtainable for Fan Fest — it plays Crazy Motorcycle as its background music.
— Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa minions will be available as minions for each region of the Fan Festival.


— Mannequins can be placed in housing and equipped with gear.
— Players can select an option to sell that gear to other players that will be managed through a retainer.
— You will be able to set a “house appeal” to signify what you use your house for — largely a roleplaying feature.
— These tags for house appeal can be accessed in each housing ward.

Gold Saucer

— A new Gold Saucer GATE has been added called the Leap of Faith.
— It’s a timed jumping puzzle where you can also collect bronze, silver, and gold statues to improve your reward.


— Fan Festival in-game mount SDS Fenrir will be sold separately on the MogStation for $29.99.
— Fan Festival in-game minions are Tifa (North America), Cloud (Europe), and Aerith (Japan). They’ll be sold separately on the MogStation for $6.99 each.
— Fan Festival will have a special battle versus Yojimbo.
— Fan Festival will be live streamed in all regions free of charge — all stage events will be viewable on Twitch except for the concerts.
— Tickets for Fan Festival in Tokyo start in early October via a ticket lottery system in which you must have an active FFXIV subscription.
— You’ll be able to pre-order merchandise to pick up at the Fan Festival.
— Cloud’s hairstyle will be offered as a prize for winning the Fanfest art contest, amongst other contests.
— New optional items are available on the MogStation today including The Red Hare (mount) and the Crimson Lotus (emote).
— Encyclopedia Eorzea II will go on sale November 24th.
— Final Fantasy XIV will attend Tokyo Game Show 2018 on September 23rd.
— Patch 4.4 Note Reading will take place on September 18th.

  • Randy Marsh

    So the leak was right then about Chaos. So wonder if Midgardsormr, Omega, and Adam and Eve turns are true then…

  • Krijn van Alten

    Than I am very interested how ‘Adam and Eve’ will fit into the story!

  • Miqote

    yea i heard about that leak. I was for certain they were going to have sephiroth in the last tier, but I guess not.

  • Krijn van Alten

    In other words: I was actually right when I told you that alpha was a reference to the first FF game!

  • Izanagi

    hmmm, Adam and Eve are nier characters not Final Fantasy ones tho

  • Krijn van Alten

    That they did not belong to a past Final Fantasy doesn’t mean that it can’t become part of it.

  • Randy Marsh

    Adam and Eve are original FFXIV bosses according to the leak. You know that Adam and Eve existed before Yokotaro’s series used it, right? I’m sure you’ve heard of its original source….

  • Randy Marsh

    Adam and Eve are apparently original bosses according to the leak, no Nier references.

  • Krijn van Alten

    That was not the point I wanted to make, Izanagi mentioned Nier, not me. I don’t even played that game.

  • I’m more into dungeons myself and adding to the main story.
    If they want to add in my stuff I would make it random like fates to keep it from being farmed nonstop.

  • I want the motorcycle and all the boss battles and dungeons.