Kingdom Hearts III TGS 2018 trailer; official boxart and screenshots By Wazi the pa on September 18, 2018 at 2:00 AM

As promised, Square Enix has released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III for this year’s Tokyo Game Show — offering viewers a whopping look of the game’s Big Hero 6 world as well as showing off new gameplay footage featuring the “Gummiphone”, which allows players to take selfies with Sora and his friends.

And in case you’re hungry for more, the video even supplies juicy tidbits to the main story involving particular faces that should be familiar to fans of the series.

Check it out:

Square Enix also released the official box art for the game, which will be available in all regions, as well as some new screenshots:


Check out the gallery below to view the boxart in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One cases:


Kingdom Hearts III is set to release on January 29, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • My god that box art!

  • Wazi the pa


  • Yo straight up truth!

  • Pleasance13

    While it’s crazy to see the official boxart and feel like this game is finally coming soon, I have to say this is certainly below Nomura’s usual standard. It’s cluttered enough with the 13 characters crammed in, why make the sky look so busy too? That said, it’s Nomura art, so a part of me still loves every inch of it.

  • Napoleon

    Ehh. I would like to differ. The game covers these days are getting really bland with just one protagonist in generic environment shot.

  • Napoleon

    So many characters in just one trailer. Makes me feel really nostalgic seeing my favorite recent Disney characters altogether.

  • Pleasance13

    I do truly appreciate that it’s traditional art. That’s rare and I fully expected to scroll down and see some boring CGI render of Sora.

  • I do understand where you’re coming from. As someone who has studied his art for years I will say this one (while a part of loves it) there is also that part that knows it’s really over detailed in a lot of areas and it comes off looking like a really well done Nomura-styled fan art more than official art.

  • Randy Marsh

    Amazing box art, very reminiscent of the original cover for KH1! Cannot wait for this to arrive!

  • I only like the original characters. Disney stuff never sticks with me but Aladdin and mulan

  • Please permanently kill the villains this time. I’m sick of villains getting to be saved or having the chance to run away

  • The level and detail. He does good work with building drawing as he draw with characters.

  • Back when people used to draw art. Not just 3D everything

  • JohnCaseyCB

    That, and not a single villain in this game is original, or even unique. All he did was bring back the dead guys.

  • I get it. He had way more story he wanted to do with them and likely he understands that a lot of people were attached to the villains of KH2 and BBS. So it’s not so bad.

    Just make sure to kill them all THIS TIME . No going into KH4 with Vanitas as the new big bad.

    Personally I would only have old Xehanort in KH3 and all other villains would be new.

  • Mehmed

    Am I the only one who thinks that this game resembles FF 13 Versus a lot more than FF XV?

  • Justice V

    Nomura’s skill in general has kinda stagnated when it comes to art. That said even with the busy sky this is probably one of his better drawings/covers in like 8+ years. The only real issue I have with it is everyone is super static. Donald, Goofy, Aqua and Namine are the only ones interacting with their enviornment. The rest could have just been cut and pasted copies of concept art for everyone. Even still it’s interesting enough to evoke a feeling when looking at it.


    You’re not wrong 😉

  • JohnCaseyCB

    The less we hear about Versus 13, the better.

  • Well because FF versus 13 resembled KH more than any other FF game. FF15 steered away from that became pretty much something else entirely.

  • eijin_kiver

    Noct. Is that you??

  • ShiruXIII

    Damn that boxart tho <3 !!

  • Paulinho

    i believe when Nomura dropped the project, he tried to get something of it into kingdom hearts 3,
    the whole getting deep in darkness so you can see the light, darkness and despair, but also bonding and learning from other characters are very Nomura style, also the amout of content and minigames and other ways to play it looks like its doing too,
    And i feel all of that was cut from ff15

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