Final Fantasy XIV 4.45 arrives November 6th with the return of Eureka and Hildibrand By Tony Garsow on October 26, 2018 at 8:05 PM

Final Fantasy XIV 4.45 is set to arrive on November 6th, and with it comes the third foray into The Forbidden Land Eureka via the Pyros Expedition. This time around you’ll be able to create special duty actions with the power of “mnemes.” The actions can be used regardless of your battle role and are only used within Pyros.

Hildibrand’s adventures continue as well — still on the case of a missing legendary sword after apprehending the infamous Wolf Burglar.

Square Enix also shared details on a new feature that will allow you to save UI changes server-side so that you can pull your settings from any platform.

The Forbidden Land: Eureka Pyros

The Pyros Expedition

“The expedition’s quest to reach the headquarters of the Students of Baldesion at the center of the isle continues, and to that end they have relocated to a new base camp to utilize an ancient proto-aetheryte. Yet as they venture further north into a network of caves hidden within the massive mountains, frozen tundra gives way to smoldering lava: Pyros, a new region replete with new wonders and new threats…”

Logos Actions

“Harness the power of mnemes and acquire special actions to aid you on your expedition in the Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros.”

Even Further Hildibrand Adventures

“Joy and dismay walk hand in hand this day, for while we have at last brought the notorious Wolf Burglar of Kugane to justice, the Soboro Sukehiro was lost to us once more! In the affable yet enigmatic swordsman Jim, I was so certain we had found a new friend, but alas, when the opportunity presented itself, he absconded with Master Akebono’s most legendary of swords. Disappointing as this turn of events may be, my faithful assistants and I must rally our spirits and resume the chase, for Jim must answer for his misdeeds!”

  • I just hit the Warrior of Darkness arc and finished HW. I just can’t catch up.

  • Krijn van Alten

    O year you can. Between the release of 4.55 and 5.0 there is around 5 months without any new content. That is time enough for you to catch up.

  • Randy Marsh

    It’ll be easy to catch up, the story starts going faster after 3.4’s arc and Stormblood’s leveling process to 70 has never been hard compared to Heavensward’s road to 60, you’ll be fine bud.

  • I’m already 63, I don’t want to cap too early but it looks like it’ll happen very soon.

  • Denny Martin

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