Chrono Trigger
1 week ago.
First patch for Chrono Trigger PC now available
As promised, the first of several updates scheduled to hit the PC port of Chrono Trigger has been rolled out today following various fan feedback. The first wave includes the following: ‘Original’ Graphics Setting: A new option will allow players to choose between the current high-resolution character sprites and background graphics, or an ‘Original’ mode which has a display style closer to that of the original Chrono Trigger. Updated Font and Dialogue Boxes: Fonts…
2 weeks ago.
Chrono Trigger's PC port to see various updates starting this month
Square Enix will be making available a number of updates to the PC version of Chrono Trigger, the company announced today. The first of which includes an option to switch between the current game graphics and the original style. This update is currently planned for this first half of this month. Square Enix plans on sharing the full change list upon patch release. To coincide with this, the availability of the Limited Edition has also been extended until April 30 at 9AM…
1 month ago.
Chrono Trigger now available on PC via Steam
Square Enix has quietly dropped the mobile version of Chrono Trigger on PC via Steam today for $14.99, bringing with it a number of additions. Not only does this release of the classic JRPG include the bonuses originally added to the DS release of the title, but seems to come with its own additional enhancements as well. These include an autosave feature, mouse and keyboard support, and an updated soundtrack. Square Enix also announced that the mobile versions of the…