1 month ago.
Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Comrades TGS trailer; October 31 launch date revealed
Square Enix has released a TGS trailer for Final Fantasy XV's upcoming multiplayer expansion - Comrades. Due out October 31, players will set foot as a survivor from Kingsglaive to find out more about the disappearance of Noctis after the events in Chapter 13 from the main game. As members of Kingsglaive, players equip royal sigils that grant special powers from the Lucian bloodline. Players can then strategize and create a balanced team to take on a variety of quests. In…
2 months ago.
The Final Fantasy XV: Comrades avatar creator is quite detailed
Final Fantasy XV's new multiplayer expansion titled "Comrades" is currently in a closed beta phase where those who purchased the Final Fantasy XV season pass will be able to test out the online mode with other players across the globe. In this expansion you'll be creating your own "Glaive" -- of the Kingsglaive -- tasked with protecting the royal line of Lucis. While the closed beta is a limited look at the final product, the number of options available is still…