Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV
3 years ago.
Win Final Fantasy XV: Guess the release date
The Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event and release date announcement is approaching and we're using this opportunity to giveaway a couple copies of the game. That's right, you have a chance to get Final Fantasy XV free from us. We know that there have been rumors, but we want to ask you for your opinion and pick the exact day when FFXV will hit shelves. Who can enter this giveaway? Every Final Fantasy fan worldwide! What can I win? 1x Final Fantasy XV game copy…
3 years ago.
Play the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event bingo with us!
What is a major gaming event without the tradition of bingos? Usually they were created by gaming websites and communities for the large press conferences during E3, but the upcoming Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event surely is one of the biggest events in Final Fantasy history. The only prize for this bingo is fun. The fever of spotting something at the event, which is on the list and pleasurable marking it. The center of the sheet is free and a full…