New Dragon Quest Builders 2 trailers reveal Dragon Quest Builders save data import bonuses

The official Japanese website for Dragon Quest Builders 2 has received an update, revealing information and short trailers for new in-game bonus content rewarded to players who have save data from the first Dragon Quest Builders game.

Below are the two trailers, as well as info regarding the bonuses. Translations courtesy of Gemastu.

Save Data Import Bonus #1: Legendary Builder’s Cap

  • By changing your appearance with the “Dresser” item, you will be able to change your character’s hairdo to the original Dragon Quest Builders protagonist.

Required Data:

  • PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3 / PS Vita versions: “Escape Artist” trophy
  • Switch version: Save data in which the “Banner of Hope” has been erected in “Chapter 1: Cantlin”

Save Data Import Bonus #2: Dragonlord’s Throne Recipe

  • Obtain a recipe to build the “Dragonlord’s Throne,” which changes your appearance to that of the Dragonlord while sitting on it.

Required Data:

  • PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3 / PS Vita versions: “Torchbearer of Tantegel” trophy
  • Switch version: Save data after “Final Chapter: Tantegel” has been cleared

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Sources: Gematsu

Dragon Quest Builders 2 website update reveals information on Malroth

An update to the official Dragon Quest Builders 2 website showcased some information on the recently revealed Malroth; a boy who shares the same name as the God of Destruction from Dragon Quest II and does not remember anything about himself aside from his own name.

Unlike the protagonists, Malroth does not possess the ability to create, instead, he specializes in gathering materials and fighting monsters, making him a reliable ally when exploring Vacant Island.

Weapons that you craft can be equipped by Malroth, allowing him to assist you in battle. Giving him stronger weapons will increase his already impressive power.

When it comes to gathering, Malroth will also help you out. His assistance will aid you in covering more ground to speed up gathering time. However, while he’s great at collecting materials, he’s not so great at building things with them.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is in development for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, no release date has been announced. For a bit more information regarding Dragon Quest Builders 2, you can check out our other article.