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Final Fantasy Type-0 15 hours ago.
More of Final Fantasy Type-0's Class Zero, summons featured in new screenshots
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's latest round of screenshots brings the focus back to several more members of Class Zero. Joining a line up 14 characters strong, Eight, King and Sice add even more variety to the playable line up. We also get a look at the game's main antagonist Cid along with Qator Bashtar of the Milites Empire. Summons play a big role in Type-0, where players must sacrifice themselves to call upon the likes of Ifrit, Shiva and Bahamut…
Final Fantasy XV 15 hours ago.
See Noctis parry a few enemies in these new Final Fantasy XV screenshots
It's that time again - Square Enix has published its direct feed versions of new Final Fantasy XV images that hit the Japanese magazine circuit this week. This time we've a closer look at action in battles including a special ability called "Spiral Thrust" as well as various scenes with Noctis parrying and dodging attacks along with teleportation. Spiral Thrust is one of the abilities the spear weapon will carry as its main attack. It is triggered by pressing a…
Final Fantasy XV 17 hours ago.
Final Fantasy XV aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release
Final Fantasy XV won't be releasing for quite a while yet - longer than we expect, according to director Hajime Tabata. While it's safe to expect the game to launch outside of this year, it's likely that when it does it will be out across all regions at the time time - or at least that's what Square Enix is hoping for. Speaking with Mexican game site LevelUp, Tabata explained that while he can't reveal the release date, he says…
Final Fantasy Type-0 2 days ago.
Everything you need to know from Hajime Tabata's Reddit AMA
Hajime Tabata took part in his first Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) event today, polling fan questions from the community at large on the subject of Final Fantasy Type-0. While the bulk of the "interview" focused on the upcoming remaster, Tabata also took some time to answer a few personal bits before opening the end of the session to a bit of general Final Fantasy and XV topics. Thanks to our friends at Gematsu, the majority of his answers have…
Final Fantasy Type-0 3 days ago.
Here's what Final Fantasy Type-0 looks like compared on PSP to PS4
Final Fantasy Type-0 has had quite the overhaul, as seen in a new comparison video Square Enix broadcast during tonight's Active Time Report. The video switches back and forth from the original PSP version to the updated PS4 remaster, allowing for a look not only at various locations within towns and battle areas but also our first real look at Orince's world map and Real Time Strategy (RTS) segments that take place during the story. Check it out below. Thanks,…
Final Fantasy XV 3 days ago.
More on Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae's length, original concept and the status of airships
Final Fantasy XV's demo has seen some changes since its original conception, director Hajime Tabata admits. With the recent news of the oft-promoted car seeing its removal, Tabata took a bit of time during tonight's Active Time Report to address some concerns that have been floating around since. The car will still be very important to the full version of Final Fantasy XV as the game is really pushing for that road trip feel. Following feedback from last year's Tokyo…
Final Fantasy Type-0 3 days ago.
Watch the latest Tabata's Active Time Report right here
Square Enix has posted their latest Active Time Report broadcast from the North American side of things, giving fans a further look at Final Fantasy Type-0 HD from the view of director Tabata himself along with a few members from the marketing team. We'll have the full details following the video. Watch it below: …
Final Fantasy XV 4 days ago.
Tabata talks Final Fantasy XV's world map, says airships are still to be determined
Final Fantasy XV's world is based on reality. "The towns and the cultural references that you see throughout the world, you’ll get a sense of realistic towns and cultures," Tabata told GameSpot in a new interview. "That’s one aspect that has remained since the title was first named Versus XIII." Should you choose to walk it, ride a train or even drive through it - XV's world is a connected one and based heavily on real-world influences. We've known Lucis to…
Dragon Quest 4 days ago.
Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride out on mobile platforms today
The latest Dragon Quest game to hit mobile is Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. Out today across both iOS and Android platforms, DQV was the first entry in the series to introduce monster recruitment abilities while telling a story across generations. As the second title in the "Zenithian" trilogy, the game tells the story of a young Hero traveling the world with his father, Pankraz. Over the course of their many adventures, and after discovering a world…
The World Ends With You DLC comes to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call
Even more Square Enix franchise tracks outside of Final Fantasy are available to download in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, Square Enix has revealed today. Beginning from The World Ends With You, fans can also download new music from Chrono Trigger, Romancing SaGa 3 and Final Fantasy VIII. Each of these tracks is out now for $.99: BMS Final Fantasy VIII — “Liberi Fatali” BMS Romancing SaGa 3 — “Last Battle” BMS Chrono Trigger — “World Revolution” BMS The World Ends With You —…
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