Dissidia Final Fantasy 17 hours ago.
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT demoed in new tutorial video
Square Enix has shared a new tutorial video covering the basics of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, including moving, guarding, and attack strategies for the home console version. The video also takes a look at the differences in performing bravery attacks then using the points collected to unleash HP attacks. Check it out for yourself below. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is due out early 2018 for PlayStation 4.…
Contests 1 day ago.
Win tickets for a Final Fantasy piano concert with Benyamin Nuss in Germany
Do you love Final Fantasy and great video game music? As a special bonus and collaboration for fans, we're giving away tickets for two concerts in Germany with pianist Benyamin Nuss. You and a friend could attend the "Nuss plays Uematsu, Hamauzu and more" concert in the Eventhalle am Westpark, Ingolstadt on Saturday, July 15 or the in the Laeiszhalle, Hamburg on Sunday July 16. There is also the chance for a Meet & Greet with the pianist. Benyamin Nuss is not only a…
Final Fantasy XV 3 days ago.
Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report set for June 23
Square Enix is preparing another Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report, with director Hajime Tabata and marketing manager Akio Ohfuji returning to address fans on June 23. Tune in at 20:00 JST to sample the latest on Episode Prompto (due out June 27) as well as a recap of the various happenings that took place during this year's E3. We'll update this post once the broadcast link becomes available.…
Dragon Quest XI 4 days ago.
Dragon Quest XI-themed Nintendo Direct scheduled for June 21
Nintendo Japan is set to put on a special Nintendo Direct focusing on Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, the company announced today. Starting June 21 at 20:00 JST, fans can tune in for the latest on the 3DS version of the game. Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is due out for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS on July 29 in Japan. A Nintendo Switch version is also currently in development. …
Final Fantasy XV 4 days ago.
Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto Trailer
Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto is the second paid post-release DLC, and will release on June 27th. Today, Square Enix has shared a new trailer that highlights the story and gameplay within. This DLC takes place during a segment of the game where Prompto is separated from the party and must fight his way back. Just a warning, it trailer includes some spoiler-heavy stuff for Final Fantasy XV. Enjoy! Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ7gs2bp9cU Screenshots Promotional …
Final Fantasy XII 4 days ago.
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age screenshots show off Hunts, Quickenings, and Espers
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age will be out in North America on July 11th, and today, Square Enix shared new screenshots of the game's hunt system, Mist Quickenings, and Summoning. Hunts Face down notorious beasts across Ivalice with the Hunt system. By accepting them through Clan Centurio, you'll be tasked with slaying enemies of various difficulty levels throughout your journey. First, you'll need to accept the hunt, talk to the quest-giver, kill the quarry, and return to said quest-giver for a…
Final Fantasy XIV 6 days ago.
Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood's Early Access gets off to a rocky start with congestion woes [Update] Square Enix statement alleges DDoS attack
Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood‘s Early Access period before Tuesday’s launch is off to a rocky start thanks to a crush of congestion that is affecting the game’s server infrastructure. While login queue times were expected to be high, other issues are preventing players from continuing through the game's story. Backing up a bit: those who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIV become entitled “Early Access”, simply meaning you’ll get to play the game four days ahead of the official June 20 launch. When…
Dragon Quest XI 6 days ago.
Dragon Quest XI officially goes gold; new gameplay footage shows off horse racing, skill panel and more
It's set in stone: Dragon Quest XI has officially gone gold, series creator Yuji Horii confirmed today during the latest "Countdown Carnival" hands-on event in Nagoya. This means the game has completed its main development cycle and is now in a ready-state to meet its promised release date. Viewers were also treated with over 25 minutes of gameplay footage, featuring the "Blacksmithing" and "Skill Panel" gameplay systems running on Nintendo 3DS, as well as the "Horse Racing" and "Casino" mini-games running…
Final Fantasy XIV 1 week ago.
Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Survival Guide: where to unlock the new job quests and features
Early access for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood arrives in a few short hours; those who have preordered the game will have a four day headstart on the game before the official launch on June 20th, so we thought we'd share some tips for jumping back into the game's second expansion, highlighting some of the new features therein. To start things off, here's where to unlock Stormblood's content, features, and Level 60 job quests outside of the main scenario. Red Mage and…
E3 2017 1 week ago.
Here's another look at Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto
Square Enix has shared another round of footage featuring Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto. Due out on June 27, players take will take control of Prompto on a solo story adventure separate from the game. Captured from the master build of the game, the video takes a look at basic gameplay as well as cutscenes. The full thing is said to run around two hours, with extra time devoted to challenge missions and the like. You'll be able to download…
Dragon Quest XI 1 week ago.
Dragon Quest XI PS4 special videos detail new footage
Square Enix and Sony Interactive Japan Asia have teamed up for a set of new videos detailing the PS4 version of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time. Featuring Japanese actor and singer Takayuki Yamada, the first video shows him playing the game in his living room, in shock at its visual quality and thinking on nostalgia. The second video features Yamada alongside series creator Yuji Horii, who play the game for a bit while having a chat. Dragon Quest XI:…
E3 2017 1 week ago.
Catch six minutes of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto in action
Square Enix shared a small treat for those waiting on Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto, due out worldwide on June 27. During a special live stream, Mat Kishimoto took control of our gun-wielding hero to share a first look at the game's upcoming story DLC. While brief, we see Prompto's gun carries unlimited ammo and he can perform melee moves such as take-downs as well in a traditional third-person-style shooter. Episode Prompto is said to run around two hours in length…
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