Life is Strange 7 hours ago.
Life is Strange: Dark Room out now
The penultimate episode in the season follows Max as she continues her investigation into the missing of Rachel Amber and the threatening apocalypse in Arcadia Bay. In the fourth part of the episodic adventure by Dontnod Max must use her powers to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place while the End of the World party approaches. Square Enix also released the launch trailer of Dark Room, which is available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One since…
Dragon Quest 14 hours ago.
First bit of Dragon Quest Builders gameplay
Dragon Quest Builders is a Minecraft-clone that looks to be a very good one if its first gameplay showing is anything to go by. Square Enix showed a bit of the PlayStation game off at their Dragon Quest press event this morning - and although off-screen, we can still get a decent feel of what the game will play and look like when it launches in Japan later this year. Check it out below. …
Final Fantasy Type-0 15 hours ago.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD coming to PC on August 18
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is set to arrive on PC just several months after its console cousins, Square Enix announced today. Launching on Steam starting from August 18 for an as of yet unspecified price, the PC version includes a number of updated features focusing on camera, full Steam achievements and trading cards, scalable motion blur settings and a customizable dynamic screen shot mode. The PC release will also offer full controller support, and for high end PCs - upgraded…
Dragon Quest 19 hours ago.
Dragon Quest XI announced for PS4 and 3DS, Nintendo NX version "under consideration"
Square Enix Japan has announced Dragon Quest XI - revealing that the eleventh entry in the main Dragon Quest series will launch on an unprecedented two platforms - the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo 3DS and is also in consideration for the 'NX', Nintendo's new and as-yet-unannounced console. The different versions will offer two different games that follow the same story thread, similar to Ni No Kuni, which launched in Japan on both PS3 and the original Nintendo DS. Both the PS4…
Dragon Quest 19 hours ago.
Dragon Quest X announced for PS4
Square Enix announced today during their Dragon Quest presentation that Dragon Quest X - the first MMO in the series - will be coming to PS4 in Japan. Dragon Quest X is currently available on Nintendo Wii, PC, Wii U, 3DS, iOS and Android in Japan. The game is yet to be localized in the West. While not officially confirmed, Square Enix also told GameSpot a NX version of Dragon Quest X is “under consideration” - similar to what they've said about…
Dragon Quest 20 hours ago.
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 coming Spring 2016 in Japan
Square Enix confirmed during their Dragon Quest presentation today that Dragon Quest Heroes 2 will be releasing in Spring 2016 on PS4, PS3 and PS4 in Japan. The game will contain a new protagonist and world, new characters from past Dragon Quest games in the series and a four-player multiplayer. More information is promised to come at this year's Tokyo Game Show in September. Square Enix also revealed that the original Dragon Quest Heroes, which is yet to release in the…
Just Cause 3 1 day ago.
Meet the Just Cause 3 team in a new video
Today Avalanche Studios released a new video, giving a little insight into the studio behind the latest installment of the Just Cause series. Avalanche Studios was founded 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden and launched the first Just Cause game in 2006. Over the years the team size grew from six members to to two-hundred and fifty, especially after the studio founded a subsidiary in New York City in 2011. Just Cause 3 is currently in development besides Mad Max and will be released globally for PC,…
Dragon Quest 4 days ago.
Next mainline Dragon Quest title to be announced on July 28
Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street Journal has reported on Twitter that the invitation to next week's new Dragon Quest title presentation will featured the announcement of the next mainline Dragon Quest game. スクエニさんからの招待状によると、来週火曜日にドラクエ新作発表会をするそう。「三年ぶりのドラゴンクエスト本編最新作」のほか、シリーズ関連タイトルの詳細発表もあるとのこと。 プラットフォーム情報はまだありません! http://t.co/oTOUxgCVj3— Takashi Mochizuki (@mochi_wsj) July 24, 2015 Dragon Quest X, the last mainline title from the franchise, launches back in 2012 on the Wii, and then later on PC and Wii U. Dragon Quest fans have been eagerly awaiting this announcement, and to date, this is the…
Final Fantasy XV 4 days ago.
Next Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report at Gamescom on August 5th
Square Enix has revealed that the next Active Time Report will be live at Gamescom on August 5th at 6PM local time along with a wealth of Let's Plays focusing on Episode Duscae and several Q&A sessions for fans at the show. Every day on the Final Fantasy XV Stage will present a different YouTube or Twitch personality doing a “Let’s Play” of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Version 2.0 with live commentary for the audience. Attendees will be able to meet…
Final Fantasy 4 days ago.
Final Symphony II's nostalgia-packed concert track list revealed - featuring FF5, 8, 9 and 13
The team behind the wildly successful Final Symphony concert series has finally revealed what fans can expect from the upcoming Final Symphony II, with the new edition of the concert series sporting some of the most beloved and classic tracks from Final Fantasy XIII, IX, VIII and V. The new concerts will begin with 'In a Roundabout Way - Fanfare', an original piece by key Final Symphony contributor Jonne Valtonen. After that, the concert will move on to showcase four complex…
Dragon Quest 5 days ago.
Square Enix is holding a Dragon Quest press event next week to announce a new title
Dragon Quest has been the theme of the last several issues of Jump - bringing us the latest information on new titles as well as the upcoming 3DS port of Dragon Quest VIII. All of this has been building up to a "new title presentation" which the magazine has revealed will take place in Japan on July 28th. The conference will be live streamed and - much like the last mainline entry in the series - it's likely here we'll…
Dragon Quest 5 days ago.
Dragon Quest of the Stars announced for Mobile
Square Enix has just announced a new title for the Dragon Quest series titled "Dragon Quest of the Stars" for iOS and Android devices. You'll be able to explore across the whole star map, customize your character and advance to fight against the star crisis. The game will launch later this year in Japan as a F2P with micro-transactions.…
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