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Final Fantasy XV 6 hours ago.
Skyrim is the sort of game Final Fantasy XV isn't
Final Fantasy XV's end goal is in sight, says director Hajime Tabata. Speaking with 4Gamer, he outlined a bit of the game, stating that - despite Nomura's departure - the fundamental game systems are more or less already implemented. He doesn't expect the game to take much longer after the release of the demo, and certainly not years and years. Tabata's plan since taking up the director's chair is simple: have progress continue with a set release date in his…
Final Fantasy XV 8 hours ago.
Final Fantasy XV is 55 percent complete after two years of work
Final Fantasy XV is around half-way done, said Hajime Tabata in a new interview with GameInformer Magazine. "We kind of started from the beginning of the game, so the first part is more complete than the others." Speaking separately with Kotaku, Tabata wanted to clarify: This is 55 percent during the two years Tabata has joined the project and the game's systems are more or less already in - there shouldn't be much of a wait after the demo is…
Features 11 hours ago.
Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 Trailer Analysis
As every one of you no doubt knows by now, a brand new trailer was released for Final Fantasy XV during this year's Tokyo Game Show. What could be better than that? How about this: It's confirmed as being actual, live gameplay and not a target render like much of last year's E3 footage. In the wake of such exciting news, we at Nova Crystallis decided it was time for another of our Trailer Analysis articles, and we're inviting you…
Interviews 15 hours ago.
Musical Magic: A chat with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy's Creator
"The music of Final Fantasy has been really successful," Square Enix's Ichiro Hazama enthuses to me. "It's got a great following around the world - you see the concerts everywhere, the soundtrack releases... That's why I think this music works quite well as a basis for a game in any market." Hazama, producer on the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy titles, is explaining to me why he feels his strange little music-based, screen-tapping spin-off was not only successful in Japan, but in foreign…
Final Fantasy VII 18 hours ago.
Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is more than just a racing game
During a special stage at Tokyo Game Show, Final Fantasy VII G-Bike producer Ichirou Hazama showed us that the upcoming mobile game isn't just a simple racer. Modeled after the original motorcycle mini-game in Final Fantasy VII, G-Bike allows Cloud not only the ability to jump and slash enemies with his sword, but he can also use Limit Breaks and materia-based magic. Similar to the original game, Cloud will battle against normal enemies but bosses will make their appearance as…
Final Fantasy XIV 19 hours ago.
Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Game Show 2014 trailer
Wrapping up a monster show this year, Square Enix has released its TGS trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The trailer follows much of the same content we saw back at E3, but towards the end players can catch up glimpse of the newest Primal threat, Shiva. Patch 2.4 was also somewhat detailed at the show. with three new dungeons on the way along with the Final Coil of Bahamut scheduled alongside the new Rouge/Ninja class and job. The…
Final Fantasy XIV 1 day ago.
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Letter from the Producer LIVE in TGS 2014 summary
Letter from the Producer LIVE @ Tokyo Game Show 2014 just concluded, and while there were no special announcements regarding Patch 2.4, there were a few smaller ones regarding the upcoming Patch 2,4; Dungeons, Shiva, PvP, Fan Festivals and more. The stream opened with what could only be described as the likely intro to Shiva's Primal Battle, with the Primal being reflected in ice before flying toward the player's screen. The usual Naoki Yoshida and Toshi "Foxclon" Murouchi took to the…
Final Fantasy XV 1 day ago.
What is Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae?
The name "Duscae" is a location in Final Fantasy XV's game world - not a pun on the Japanese words "desu ka" or "Is it?" (which lead to the awkwardly named "Final Fantasy XV: Is it an Episode?"), Hajime Tabata said as he presented the game to an audience at Tokyo Game Show. Frankly, the director said, he is too old for that sort of thing. When the demo arrives, players can probably complete it in a bout an hour…
Final Fantasy XV 2 days ago.
Final Fantasy XV demoed at TGS, more information expected at Jump Festa and more often
Square Enix showed off a new demo of Final Fantasy XV during tonight's TGS stage events, showcasing a technical demo of sorts of the cityscape shown in last year's reveal trailer in an effort to dispel Japanese user impressions that this week's new trailer was pre-rendered content. Hajime Tabata, now sole director of the title, also took some time to share some information about the upcoming Duscae demo packaged with Final Fantasy Type-0 - the likes of which his team…
Final Fantasy Type-0 2 days ago.
Asian version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will include dual audio
Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia will be handling the Traditional Chinese and Korean localizations of Final Fantasy Type-0 for PlayStation 4, the publisher announced today. Arriving alongside the rest of the world, fans in the Asian region will be able to purchase the game in three flavors. Releasing on March 17th, the English version of the game features dual audio in both English and Japanese along with subtitles in English, French, and Spanish. On the same day, a Traditional Chinese/Korean…
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