Final Fantasy Versus XIII Scenario and Designs Complete By Erren Van Duine on June 28, 2010 at 3:28 AM

In addition to Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura also spoke with Dengeki PlayStation regarding his upcoming game. Although the interviews were largely similar, several new, important details have surfaced.

By far the most important thing, is that the game’s scenario is now completed. Not much was elaborated on, but we can only assume that means the entire script and story have been fleshed out and finalized.

Character designs are also finished. We saw Noctis’ redesigned outfit back in December so it looks like we’ll soon see what has become of Stella and the other characters featured in trailers past. Naturally, this also means that Roen has completed the game’s clothing designs.

You can see that Dengeki also received the same screenshots we saw earlier in the week:

With Tokyo Game Show only a couple months away, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is shaping up to be shown in due time.

Source: FF-XIII.net.