HQ Lightning Returns VJump scans By Ehren Rivers on March 19, 2013 at 5:48 PM

Well, looks like we’ve got some new stuff for you! Clearer scans of the Jump article pertaining to Lightning Returns’ “Dead Dunes” have surfaced, and it looks like there are some new screenshots contained within them. We’ll have clearer versions of those too the moment we can get our hands on them, but for now enjoy these! If you can help with translation, drop a line by my twitter here.

EDIT: ¬†Even larger versions of the scans are now available, and we’re replaced the older ones with them! You can actually see the shop UI mentioned below now, and get a clearer view of things like Bhunivelze in the background.


Writer’s Thoughts: There appears to be some kind of Sand Sahagin in one of the screens we don’t have a larger version of, leaping out of the dunes to attack Lightning. On the other page, the small box at the top contains some sort of shop with a UI we haven’t seen yet; While we have no solid evidence at the moment, it’s possible that this is our first look at the game’s cafes.