Dress Lightning up like a Miqo’te from Final Fantasy XIV By Erren Van Duine on July 17, 2013 at 8:32 PM

Both E3 and Japan Expo brought news of an all-new crossover promotion between Final Fantasy XIV and Lightning Returns – both of which are scheduled to release in the near future and will be the last of Final Fantasy on current generation consoles. In addition to Lightning’s appearance in Eorzea – complete with matching character outfits and weapons from the XIII saga – it was revealed that a little bit of FFXIV would be making its way into Nova Chrysalia as well.

Back at E3, Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama unveiled a variety of new costumes for Lightning, including a FFXIV themed one featuring the garb and weapon set of a female Miqo’te. The outfit has since been detailed further in this week’s Famitsu, and promises a unique victory pose based on the “sexy” Miqo’te /pose emote that occurs in FFXIV. Additionally, Lightning will be able to don a Black Mage outfit that appears to be a sort of contrast to Serah’s White Mage garb from FFXIII-2.


  • zeke

    i dont know i like erren better haha JK they are all cool

  • Sapientia

    I don’t even know why we’re talking about Erren and Ehren. xD
    Don’t mind us silly fools. 😛

  • Izzy

    I loved this outfit at first but now after seeing that seductive pose, no thank you.

  • Ehren Rivers

    We are… quite different, as a matter of fact.

  • miss chel

    The outfit is cute on her, you see. The pose is just not.

  • miss chel

    That’s not the point. The point is they chose to exploit her character in this manner. It’s disappointing.

  • miss chel

    Ugh, here it is again, the “dress-up” statement. Kinda sick of hearing this again and again. As if it’s a negative term or something.

  • Sapientia

    It’s not like she’s some stripper out in the streets. This was an outfit that existed before LR. If you think it was chosen to “exploit her character” than what are the original Miq’ote girls to you? It’s an outfit, it’s not changing her entire personality. I don’t care about any ol’ victory pose either, and considering no one is forcing you to wear it, I don’t see the problem.

  • Sapientia

    Shit, they saw us!

  • Scisanietun

    To me the pose look as if shes being sarcastic which i think is very lightning.

  • LightningF

    Tell me about it. Such hypocrisy is astounding to me; but whatever, if they want to look like idiots then who am I to stop them?

  • LightningF

    Ehren is like my go to source for info which isn’t included on the disk for XIII-2 xD

  • LightningF

    Aw… The cape had to come in the way xD

    I hate you guardian corps for making her wear that cape now. >:(

  • William Bartee

    i hope they have added her valhalia costume as well

  • miss chel

    Yes, it’s the player’s choice to choose whatever the heck they want their Lightning to wear. But let’s be honest here, it is degrading to /her/ image. And when I meant this it’s because it’s out of her character, and they chose to advertise this for her and it affects her character’s image. A consistent image is important for a strong fictional character. I think the outfit is cute, I like it. The pose though is an entirely different thing because it’s a physical action done by the character. It’s rather different than making her wear something sexy like this but still having a pose containing her personality.

    The pose suits the Miqo’te girls because it’s an element of their convention as a race. For Lightning, it’s not. You’re right, the outfits won’t destroy what she stands up for as a character. But when they advertised her in that pose it is clearly, in fact, sexualizing and demeaning to her image. The devs themselves said that it doesn’t suit her character at all, then why did they still include it? The heck does that even imply?

    I’ve been pretty open-minded about her other quite revealing outfits including this one, but the pose was too much. People have the right to react to this negatively.

  • OmegaSin

    How fucking dumb.

  • zeke

    Wait who is the one that mainly puts all the news about the XIII series? never mind im talking about Ehren.:P

  • Ryuukishi

    Supposedly it’s a bonus for having a FF13-2 save on your console.

  • Ryuukishi

    I lost so much time in Saints Row 3 and Sleeping Dogs just messing around playing dress up with my character, so this game is going to be like crack for me.

  • Ksar


  • artemisthemp

    So any word on how to obtain it?

  • Storm2356

    If that happens to be the case, I’m gonna be pretty happy, considering that I’m gonna preorder this. Seeing as costumes are going to be an important part of the game, starting with two extra ones could be advantageous.

  • Storm2356

    I’ll agree agree that XIII-2 wasn’t the best, but it was okay. Still, I think you should wait and see what else they give us. Who knows? They might have more costumes you like, and even though I don’t know what you think about the gameplay, it might end up looking better to you. =)

  • Pekola

    I realize that this is entirely optional. But what was the thought process behind giving her this particular outfit? Doesn’t XIV have more choices that would suit her more? I’d like to think that it was chosen out of popularity and not merely some element of titillation.

    No, I’m not going to scream my lungs out or boycott the game, but I still think this is somewhat sketchy. I guess it’s okay as long as it’s “meta”. Still, it sort of gives me a strange feeling I can’t exactly explain.

    If a character is all about being sexy or provocative then that’s cool. But that’s not Lightning. And as much as I want this game, some arbitrary decisions made by the team seem a bit…questionable.

    All that said, I’d be happy if anyone could answer this question: Is it possible to -not- have to change outfits around? or do you miss anything by not doing so?

  • Sapientia

    Let’s be honest here, that’s your opinion. I don’t think it’s degrading at all. I know who Lightning is as a character, and I’m not offended by this. I think it’s kind of a funny reference to FFXIV, and I doubt this is going to change many people’s opinions about whether they’re going to buy this game or not. To me, it seems that using the whole “boobs sell” isn’t going to do much for Lightning Returns. People already know her character. Sure, there might be a few who become more interested because of this outfit, but really? Like it’s going to move thousands of men (or women, I suppose) to buy this game? I just don’t understand. As soon as she has an outfit that’s even a bit more revealing than what she’s worn before, it’s degrading. In my opinion, it’s kind of cute, and I’ll probably wear it for a good laugh, but it was included for the Go There campaign…you know, to promote FFXIV:ARR, LR, FFX/X-2…? It’s a Miq’ote canon victory pose. I never said you didn’t have any right, so I’m not sure what your last comment was aiming for. Like I said before, don’t use the outfit if it bothers you that much.

  • Sapientia

    Lol. Don’t be like that. xD

  • Sapientia

    Sleeping Dogs, ahhhh. Best decision by SE to pick that game up. I always had Wei in the black suit and glasses. So badass.

  • Ryuukishi

    I was partial to the aviator sunglasses and cowboy hat. There’s a new sheriff in town!

  • Rayneth Leung

    yh i can’t explain the feeling either it is sorta a bit iffyish i kept the anger to myself but regardless it just bothers me it’s puzzling

  • Rayneth Leung

    otherwise cringe giyaaaaahhhh shivel shriek faint x_x

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