Newly arranged music coming to Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster By Erren Van Duine on July 31, 2013 at 11:31 AM

Jump Magazine has a few new details out this week on Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster, although not quite the release date many fans are looking forward to.

Similar to Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, Final Fantasy X will see around 60 of its tracks rearranged for the HD version. Masashi Hamauzu – one of the game’s original composers and also responsible for Final Fantasy XIII’s score – has even participated in bringing these new arrangements to life.

The magazine also talks about trophies in the game – suggesting there could be some that provide a real challenge to the player. Fancy a go at the celestial weapons? While nothing is explicitly confirmed, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see where Square Enix is going with this. Platinum seekers just might want to prepare themselves to face 200 lightning bolts, just in case.

Again, no news on a release date as of yet, but the magazine promises something on that front soon. The game is still scheduled to release sometime this year on both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, with the later split into two separate titles.

  • M. Ziab

    “Platinum seekers just might want to prepare themselves to face 100 lightning bolts, just in case.”

    .. NOOOOOOOOOO. NOT AGAIN! *cries*

    Lulu was kind of my favorite character, but getting her celestial weapon was a pain in ass..

    Other than that, I love love love the fact that their rearranging the tracks, I hope they do Lightning Plains, Someday the Dream Will End, and Seymour’s Theme.. Oh, and Calm Before the Storm!

  • Tim Lomeli

    Seriously this remaster is the game that I’m most excited for this upcoming fall/winter. Fuck pokemon, fuck beyond two souls, fuck watch dogs, man fuck everything. Especially assassins creed iv, fuck that hard.

  • Azuardo

    Hah, I’m sure it was 200 lightning bolts, too 😛

  • Noctis Caelum

    I never made it with 100 lightning bolts. xD

    But, wow I’m excited with the 60 new Soundtracks.^^
    Hope they doesn’t changed it too much. :/

  • Nicky Spranz

    Do not mess up this soundtrack!

  • Nicky Spranz

    Spira unplugged?

  • InWaves257

    seriously if he fucks up Uematsu’s music i will personally poison him swear, he is not exactly a good composer

  • keriaku

    Other then having access to the international version sphere grid, this is the most exciting news I’ve heard about this title. Can’t wait for some epic music!

  • Syltique

    Hamauzu and Nakano composed almost all the best tracks in FFX. Uematsu’s last great FF OST was FFIX.

  • TheBusterMan

    Just give us a release date.

  • Syltique

    How would they mess it up? Better sound quality, rerecording, these are great additions.

  • M. Ziab

    Actually, I just checked, you need 200 bolts to get the Sigil. But it’s NOT that bad; it’s not a missable or anything.. You have as much as time as you need to do it since you can come back for it.. Plus, there’s a couple of tricks to help you do it, and the music helps you a lot!

  • NewestType

    Hamazu’s tracks have been some of the most engaging in X. Not to mention Nobuo is the only of the 3 without professional audio training (Which really does show in his solo’s on the black mages DVDs).

  • SirAuron14

    I want more info on the menu and how they got that to HD and if it has a modern look.

  • devidation

    Well this is not much but it’s a glimpse at least.

  • SirAuron14

    wow thanks!

  • InWaves257

    Pfft Final Fantasy would be nothing without Uematsu, Every OST from 1- part of X is amazing, there are a lot of shit tracks in X, also the Original FFXIV OST was fucking incredible, all the tracks in X that was not composed by Uematsu are utter shite, FFX’s music is a jumbled mess, they should have just given all the tracks to Uematsu. Don’t even get me started on FFXII the music in that game makes me wanna throw up

  • vagrant_soul

    Of course if the game being remastered they’re gonna re-record and remaster the music. SE has been on a good roll as of late so hopefully they won’t do nothing that drastic.

  • vagrant_soul


  • InWaves257

    personally of the top of my head i can not name on good FFX track that was not Uematsu, HECK i can’t name one good FF Track that was not uematsu

  • Anime10121


    Loving this trend they have with remastering just about every aspect of the games, ESPECIALLY the musics 😀

    Square is just not disappointing on the FF and KH front, and boy do I love being a big fan of both series!

    Now if they could only treat some of their other franchises with the same dignity/respect in the west such as DQ, Drakengard, or SO!

  • Carlos Pizarro Jr.

    You’re literally retarded. Do you realize how ignorant you sound? Every FF has bad an excellent songs and every composer makes excellent and terrible songs. Get over yourself

  • M. Ziab

    Do not worry! I’m pretty sure they won’t change anything! Just better quality with new recordings (Basically what Syltique said). The rearranged soundtracks from the iOS and DS releases received little to no negative feedback from the fans. 🙂

  • Carlos Pizarro Jr.

    Besaid, The Trials, Blitz Off, The Travel Agency, WANDERING FLAME!!!! All of these are from Hamauzu (and there are many more). And A TON OF THE BEST TRACKS are from both Hamauzu and Uematsu

  • NikkiCola

    I think it’s great they they are re-arranging the music. I really doubt they’ll change much. For one, the recording of the music will probably be crisper; you’ll probably be able to distinguish instruments. Also, maybe they’ll add more instruments or even, dare I say, vocals?
    Well whatever the case, I’m hella excited guys. You all should be too 😀

  • NewestType

    Hopefully we get a release date for the Remaster OST un-like the Kh 1.5 songs…

  • NewestType

    I hate to go there but, It sounds like you may be playing favoritism to Nobuo. I use to do the same with VGM osts. Most noticably with my Final Fantasy CDs. Sometimes it is better to think of music as a platter. Some styles and types of music fit certain situations and scenarios better than others. Even still, you should not limit yourself to the standards of Uematsu. Especially when theres so much good music out there.

  • Mihel

    Does Drakengard even have remasters?
    Btw, loving Drakengard 3 info so far, and half of the love is because Keiichi Koabe is doing the soundtrack.

  • Anime10121

    Nah, I’m more talking about the series entirely, meaning I WANT LOCALIZATIONS!

  • Andrea Toniolo

    So excited! Music will be even more awesome and i’m sure that with rearranged they don’t mean changed but just updated to fit an HD version 🙂

    Platinum for FFX will be a h*** of a challenge 😉 200 lightning bolts will be the least XD

  • Mihel

    Pretty good!
    Old FFX menus made an horrible use of colours, glad this as been rectified.

  • SiliconNooB

    I kinda didn’t want the OST changed… 🙁

    Hope they include the original BGM as well [like FFIV].

  • SiliconNooB