Tabata hopes to bring both Final Fantasy Type-0 and Agito overseas as a full experience By Erren Van Duine on September 18, 2013 at 1:12 AM

Months and months of fan demand and petitions might have paid off and the latest word out of Square Enix suggests that localization for Final Fantasy Type-0 is finally back in the cards. Following the announcement of Final Fantasy Agito, Square Enix is evidently up to the task – the details of which and why the original PSP version remained in Japan were uncovered in a new interview by US Gamer’s Jeremy Parish.

Needless to say, the full story is quite the eye opener:

“Some honesty — some modified honesty — is required here,” explained Tabata. “When Type 0 initially came out in Japan, we were already working on a localized version for the game. The work did actually start. It exists, to a degree. But at the time, when that work was progressing, the market for PSP in North America and Europe had very much gotten smaller. The projections we got from our overseas subsidiaries in Europe and the U.S. had also shrunk, together with the market.

“But we were very conscious — I was very conscious — that despite the fact that we weren’t able to provide the title at the time, there were many people who wanted to play it. I heard all the voices calling for it. An idea we had at the time was that, well, if the PSP market is shrinking, then maybe its successor, the PS Vita, was something we could consider for the title. At the time of this proposal, though, when we were talking about a Vita version, the number of Vita units in North America and Europe and what their expectations were, all that was very unclear. This was before it was launched, or right as it was being launched. These kinds of things were unclear, and the company was uncomfortable with going forward on the project without knowing more information about what the expectations were. Our final decision on that was to wait a bit and see what would happen.

“Now, with Agito coming up, our hope – my hope – is that we’ll be able to provide users in North America and Europe with both Agito and Type 0 as a full experience. That would be ideal, if we could provide both for the users. That’s the direction we’re going in right now. With Agito coming out, we can provide that full experience.

So is a localization for Type-0 still in the cards? Why yes – it will definitely be localized, according to Tabata without hesitation.

“Obviously the release of Agito factors into this decision, but it wasn’t just that. I now hear from the subsidiaries that Type-0 is something that they really want released in their regions. With Agito coming out — Agito coming out is a certainty for North America and Europe — the subsidiaries’ opinion was that releasing Agito without having access to Type-0 would not be the best idea.

“Well, let me modify this statement a bit. [Type-0’s localization] is in the final stages of consideration. It’s definitely the direction that we want to go in. Nothing is absolutely concrete right now with release dates or anything like that. But it’s definitely something that we want to do. Really, the primary motivation behind wanting to release the whole experience would be all the support and passion and enthusiasm of the North American and European gaming community that has reached out to us and asked for it. I feel very thankful, very grateful for that enthusiasm.”

Mobile fears aside, Tabata goes on to confirm that Type-0 will be localized in its original form – that is, for dedicated handhelds. While Square Enix remains mum on an official announcement for now, Agito is being localized with the intention of an overseas release, while Type-0 has entered its final stages of planning. Either way, it’s safe to say the fans have spoken – and Square Enix has finally listened.

Via: USGamer.


    Sweet! *Dance of victory*

  • stevenm281

    One hell of a good news!! Bring it on Square! Type-0 is a the right successor to FF9, when worldmaps were still a FF staple.

  • Protosin

    Finally! My hype for this game is back.

  • Jaylen Lightbourn-Levine

    looks like my prayer of hope and voting worked, kupo!! ^.^ duhduhduh duh duh duhduhduh

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    i hope it happen
    if Square Enix so scared about Piracy should make International Release Downloadable Only.

  • Tom

    This is hearthwarming. I really hope they release it in a physical form too. This is the only game that can break the ice and sell me a PS Vita.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    Less liking get physical since Piracy.

  • ultromega

    To quote WWE superstar Daniel Bryan…

    “YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!” 🙂

  • Randy Marsh

    If the game is released on the Vita; let’s face it that’s what it obviously is going to be released on, it will likely have a physical release. The Vita homebrew scene at the current moment is not even close to how bad the late gen PSP homebrew scene was. The most you can do right now on the Vita homebrew is emulators and ISO for certain PSP games. As far as I am aware of, you cannot pirate actual Vita games. So piracy is not a real issue on this.

  • Pete

    Such great news!
    I will spend the money to buy the game again.

  • NewestType

    Hopefully people quell there anger once they read the behind the scenes reasons for the localization process.

    Other than that, victory dances all around to NewBodhum


  • 4FFAN

    Yay! I feel so happy 🙂

  • James

    Oh Square, how you toy with my heart. With every bad news, there always follows good news. EXCITED for Type-0!!! XD

  • After the punch right in the face that we received yesterday regarding the lack of new information about FFXV on TGS, we finally got some good news about Type-0 and I can’t wait to play it on my PSVita! Collectors Edition I’m coming for you 😛

  • Death Penalty

    This is just plain excellent news, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game in all of its glory. I’m glad that SE apparently isn’t deaf to our pleas after all.

  • Hailey

    I think it’s funny that people are scared of putting games on the vita because it’s not selling, when the real reason that it’s not selling is that THERE ARE NO GAMES ON THE VITA. (classics and persona 4 aside) It’s a vicious cycle.

  • Guest

    Wow how so entitled and childish. Like a bunch o kids tht didnt have exactly what they wantd for xmas.

  • Starlord

    I don’t like the “F2P” aspect on a story progression related game. I don’t want barrier stopping me from progressing through the story. SE can you just have us buy the game full price and let us play the game the way we want to, and not with barriers. ( This is for Agito btw)

  • Erren Van Duine

    So wanting good games to come overseas is entitled and childish? I don’t understand who you’re referring to here.

  • Jonathan Molina

    “Mobile fears aside, Tabata goes on to confirm that Type-0 will be localized in its original form – that is, for dedicated handhelds.”

    Please be for Vita! I need incentive to buy it.

  • Mark

    “Tabata goes on to confirm that Type-0 will be localized in its original form – that is, for dedicated handhelds”
    So it’s coming out for the PSP as well as the Vita?

    I’m really glad our prayers have been answered and all, but this better be released on PSP as well as Vita, as it was originally intended. I don’t have a Vita nor do I want one.

  • stevenm281

    Someone should ask him what he believes has more chance to release first in the West between Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy 15, lol.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Oh…..my….-faints-……but seriously, best news this week 😀 This is…..wow no words can describe how overjoyed i am over this! Localization…..never thought id ever hear that word for Type-0………although, I hope “original form” refers to PSP because I do not own a vita…..although…excuse me…


    Ahem, now…..super excited.

  • RoxasXIIIK

    Well crap. Now i gotta look into getting a PSVita soon. This was unexpected Lol

  • Sapientia

    Square Enix prevails.
    My smugness is completely justified.( ̄ー ̄)

  • Sapientia

    FFXII had a world map…so does LR, just a little disconnected.

  • FlamingLechon

    I could finally rest…

  • Crystal Power

    Hello everyone, what are the chances of this getting a physical release? I would love to buy a physical copy of this game, especially to add to my collection of other physical copies of Final Fantasy games I own. I really hope they release it for PSP or PSVita.

  • Death Penalty

    This is probably the best-case scenario we could have possibly expected as a result of Agito’s announcement. I… I am almost willing to forgive the lack of XV at TGS… This is splendid news and I really appreciate the company listening to even foreign fans.

  • Martian Wong

    So is a localization for Type-0 still in the cards? Why yes – it will
    definitely be localized, according to Tabata without hesitation. Is this something he said?

  • jayjaye

    I think he means that condemning a company that didn’t localize a game in a foreign country makes foreign fans sound entitled and childish. Which i have to agree. It sucks when that happens. But it doesn’t justify taking it on a company which is more or less financially unstable. If i had a product on the market, I wouldn’t feel the slightest big obligated to sell it wherever people asked for it especially if there only a small chance of having an exceptional revenue. IE the shrinking psp fanbase. And Yes i am aware that you see people asking for the game online but that doesn’t guarantee a sale nor does it justify bringing it over since the number of people asking for it is still rather small considering square enix’s usual projected numbers.. <– Preemptive strike against people who use that as a counterargument.

  • jayjaye

    I hope it stays that way. I understand that some people can’t afford to buy all these games but shit gets out of hand.when people take advantage of it. If the vita turns out like the psp scene this early in the game, I’m not sure if i would get the next handheld. Maybe if i like the games enough.

  • Kiwichan

    Showing fan support for games like this is the ONLY way they will ever come over. There is a world of difference between being entitled/ demanding and simply showing the publisher that western gamers DO in fact want this game and are willing to support it if it does in fact get localised. I dunno if you’re content to just play shitty military shooters and phone games the rest of your life but that’s how things will go if we don’t convince Japanese devs/ publishers that there is still a market for their games overseas.

  • Kiwichan

    If you think only having a digital version will prevent piracy I have no idea what to even tell you. Are you unaware of how bad piracy is on PC? An almost entirely digital market these days. Would not solve ANYTHING to make it digital only aside from maybe saving them money on making and distributing physical copies.

  • Lunastaria SpiritDiva

    Exactly, I don’t own a ps vita yet, because all of the games I want are for the psp. The only reason I have to buy a vita is Ys: Celceta and 1 game isn’t enough reason to spend $200 or so on a vita.

  • Lunastaria SpiritDiva

    It isn’t usually that they can’t afford to buy the games themselves, if you get sales you can usually afford 80% or so of what you want, but that the system cost itself takes away from the games you can afford to buy on sale. Even paying $200 for a vita takes away from the 8 or 10 games I could have bought for it on sale.