Sample the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo in English starting today By Erren Van Duine on January 21, 2014 at 5:41 AM

After last week’s little error, the Lightning Returns demo will be available across North America for all starting today. Square Enix had revealed the English demo – before mysteriously taking down their post – will be available for download on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live at some point this afternoon.

The demo itself comes from the beginning of the game and should be familiar for those who followed most of the game’s E3 coverage. In it, you’ll play as Lightning has she tracks down Snow Villiers through the palace of Yusnaan. While short, the demo gives players a brief look at the game’s battle systems and what to expect when it comes to the various real-time elements mixed with classic ATB mechanics as well as the job system-like Schema which allow for new styles of play with the press of a button.

Should you defeat the boss at the end of the demo – Zaltys – and record your score online via the game’s Outerworld functionality – you will unlock the Siegfried (Final Fantasy VI) garb for use in the full game. Additionally, owners of the PlayStation 3 version of the demo will receive access to an exclusive outfit – the Utsusemi Samurai garb – which unlocks on February 11th and can be used in the final game.


European fans can download the demo on Xbox Live today, while those on PS3 will have to wait until the PAL territories update at their usual Wednesday schedule.

  • ultromega

    Yup yup. Even among the worst reviews that this game has had so far, the combat is (almost?) unanimously praised. :)

  • ultromega

    I noticed that “Heavy Slash” is yellow on some playthroughs of the demo. When that ability is yellow, there is an auto-ability of “Strength +80.”

    I’m not sure if the other abilities are randomly yellow on some playthroughs. Has anyone else noticed any strange inconsistencies like this?

  • りんか

    is it just me but i can’t find the english demo on psn. only found jpn & chinese/korean ones.