New Final Fantasy XV screenshots detail towns, Titan, the car and more By Erren Van Duine on December 25, 2014 at 10:06 PM

Today Square Enix has uploaded a batch of new Final Fantasy XV screenshots, providing us with direct feed captures recently seen in the Japanese magazine circuit and last weekend’s Jump Festa in Japan. Along with the new female mechanic, Cidney, we’ve a look at the massive Titan as well as several shots showing Noctis and friends about town and several story image cutscenes.

We’ve also learned that Cor Leonis is still around and will be joining your party from time to time, as well as the importance of the game’s camping system – which is being structured deeply into the game’s stat and buff mechanics. Further information from this week’s Famitsu can be read in our earlier report.

  • I read that camping is where the days exp pts are awarded. Why did they do that? What if you fight 10 battle before a boss and don’t camp because there is no camp site near the boss. That means you’ll not get the level boost you need unless you back track to a camp side at midday or night.

  • Wazi the pa

    The number of strands of hair on Noctis is over 9000…… LITERALLY!

  • Saphiren


  • That man in the screenshot where everything is covered in snow… is that Ignis? Judging by his clothing I think it is.

  • Dustin McFadden

    These screenshots are all straight from the new trailer. Was kind of hoping for new screenshots not seen in the trailer.

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    Looks awesome considering how its open-world and the map seems huge. Still by far the best hair I’ve seen in gaming. Looks even better than TressFX on my PC.

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    Good question, I understand how they want the characters to feel real, so giving them sufficient rest gives you buffs, and debuffs if you don’t sleep for days, I like that idea. Maybe its just an added way to encourage camping.

    The game is still in development, that comes down to testing and making sure those kinda things don’t frustrate players, so it could change.

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    Looks like Gladiolus to me.

  • You’re right. He doesn’t have sleeves now that I look closer, so it can’t be Ignis.

  • Himiko

    There’s likely a ton of safe spots since you’re the one that’s setting up camp. It would be best to grind beforehand, as well.

  • Maybe but would it really be so hard to award exp after a battle. Camps can still be for everything else. Plus I doubt they’ll be victory poses or the fanfare with campus being the only spot where victories are calculated.

  • The buffs being maintained thru sleep I like. I just don’t like the exp pts only granted in camp.

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    Yeah, if XIII only let you use CP at save points, then you’d have to backtrack before something like a boss fight. That would be annoying because you could be leveling for an ability that you need for the fight, it would just suck to go back and return.

    We still don’t know how it works exactly though, so we’ll see.

  • Noctis Caelum

    Goddess Screens…but no 1080p?
    Damn was so excited to put them as a wallpaper.

  • SykraS

    yeah so what? tabata said that sometimes you’ll be forced to go through battle after battle without camping. thats a good thing, it forces you to be more cautious and rely on your skills & tactics cos you’ll be at a disadvantage and it gives us a challenge. do you want someone to hold your hands throughout the game?? i think to will also give us a sense of “tough times” lol seriously tho how is this in any way a bad thing?


    WOW! Graphic is Stunning. The best looking hair from all games. And that snow effect is Amazing. I hope there will be snowy days in the full game.

  • It’s not about hand holding. Imagine doing multiple battles running to a campsite to retain it all and dying on your way there. All that work will be undone. I like the camp idea but saying a character doesn’t get stronger no matter what without it is impractical to me. Unless we can save anywhere I could see monsters surrou d potential campsites and forcing you to fight them even after you face a swarm already. A challenge is fine but what if you ran out ta items or you have turn off you ps4 and leave for work that second.

  • Yeah you’re right. For all I know we might be able to at least save anywhere or when an event battle orbkoss comes you’re automatically awarded exp.

  • Himiko

    I like this idea a lot because you control when you level and you can still grind out or fight monsters. Whenever you want to level, if you’re doing a challenge run, it would just take one nights rest. It’s not like you have to wait long anyway. Midday is when you can set it up.

    I don’t think that was ever the plan even with Versus XIII. However, in last years E3 trailer, we saw a bit of Prompto cheering & doing so after a battle. A camp system doesn’t suddenly rule it out.

  • alexis

    why is everyone so hot omg

  • alexis

    prompto still has freckles! so cute!

  • KingObscura

    Super Sexy lil Noctis.

  • Jedihillis

    My favorite one is the pic of the snow-covered train.

    Trains + FF = awesome.

  • Jesus Christ

    Omgosh! I’m surprise that Prompto doesn’t look like a drug addict in that screenshot. He’s actually quite blessed looking here. Yas!

  • I hope that FFXV will have an in-depth photo mode. It’s too gorgeous of a game to not have one.

  • Will camping to level up and no victory celebration ruin the game? No. But I miss celebrations and I just hope monsters don’t act as roadblocks to camp sites and prevent you from saving your leveling progress. I games I play nothing I hate more than finding or earning something sweet just to die before saving.

  • Himiko

    Best not to assume something is not in when nothing is confirmed yet. You can likely save or auto-save since camping doesn’t seem to require that, but I hope so, too. It defeats the purpose of the safe spot!

  • Well camping would still be spots to cook and get stats boosts from food. Plus likely skits or scenes will happen there. Maybe Not can keep a travel journal and sort thru his feelings for Stella and Luna.