Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae will feature new compositions, music from previous trailers By Erren Van Duine on February 11, 2015 at 4:38 PM

Many fans had been wondering about the music featured in the latest promotional footage for Final Fantasy XV’s upcoming demo, Episode Duscae. In the video, Square Enix used a rendition of the classic Final Fantasy main theme, which has been persistent throughout the majority of the long-standing series. The song’s inclusion in itself wasn’t too surprising – after all, we’ve already heard bits of the Prelude – but it was the familiarity of the arrangement itself that was throwing people off. Composer Yoko Shimomura took to Twitter today to attempt to quell much of the speculation.

In a self-proclaimed notice, Shimomura confirmed the Final Fantasy main theme heard in the recent Duscae footage was from Distant Worlds, and not one of her own arrangements. She says it’s a very nice piece of music and as a result feels a lot of pressure. In Episode Duscae, we’ll be hearing both arrangements of music from some of the game’s previous trailers as well as new compositions. Shimomura would like fans to look forward to it.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae will be available to download upon the launch of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Included as a first run bonus, the demo code will come packaged with all early copies of the game when it releases in March worldwide.

  • stevenm281

    Can’t wait to hear the new music!

  • Anime10121

    Likewise, Shimomura is my favorite composer bar none, so everything the woman touches is sex to the ears 😀

  • I was tearing up near the end of the Episode Duscae trailer because it was just so beautiful and then the logo just ~whoosh~ FINAL FANTASY XV ~shing~ EPISODE DUSCAE

  • I just want to hear good boss and regular battle music I don’t doubt the town and area music will be good. But since I spend a lotta time fighting in rpgs I like to be sure the battle theme agree with me. So far kh2, ff4, ff6, chrono cross, ys seven, and xenoblade have the best battle themes.

  • alexis

    Shimomura’s music is sooo beautiful, I’m so excited to hear new music from her in the first time in a while. Especially her piano songs, which luckily she does alot of ♥

  • Shinobuden

    I just hope the TGS trailer music won’t be some kind of overworld theme unless it’s made to be bearable. While undoubtedly a good song my ears would be bleeding from hearing it repeat over and over. It was actually hard for me to watch the tech demo footage because of the song.

  • NewestType

    If you like kh2s most, expect that with xv. Hell you can hear one of the battle themes in the new video. It sounds like kh last level battle music.

  • Wazi the pa

    Oh I see. I’ve never heard of the FF theme from Distant Worlds. I thought that music is really elegant. No matter, doesn’t disappoint me one bit. I just crave to hear the new music for FFXV!

  • Philip Hartshorn

    I don’t know if I’m looking more forward to her new compositions for XV, since they have consistently left me speechless, or to her arrangements of some of Nobuo’s classics…

  • The “all the tears” song? Can’t tell if that’s a boss or event battle theme. Could be the music to a scene when Noct fights foes.

  • I heard it live at Distant Worlds a couple weeks ago at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center right outside NYC and it was glorious. It’s the arrangement from the end of FFVIII with minor tweaks, but it was still awe inspiring.


    Yoko Shimomura’s Somnus Nemoris is one of the best songs from all games not just Final Fantasy series.

  • LukesAlike

    Beautiful, indeed.

  • Without question.