Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Tutorial Video released By Red Makuzawa on April 16, 2015 at 8:18 AM

Square Enix has released a tutorial video ahead of the location test for Dissidia Final Fantasy on arcade systems today. Specifically, the video focuses in on combat controls. You’ll see the arcade version is based on the usual PlayStation controller buttons since the hardware itself is running on a modified PS4 base.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is due out on Arcade systems this fall in Japan. A PS4 version is yet to be announced as Square Enix is still considering development on that version. The arcade exclusivity will last for a year, so don’t expect it any time soon.

  • Rin

    Awesome! Can’t wait to play this version of Dissidia. ^^

  • stevenm281

    It’d be pretty stupid to be developping it on a PS4 base with Sony’s help and not release it on PS4 down the line. It’s coming, I’m sure of it, but only when the game is 100% done which will take a whole year of updates on the arcade version.

    I’m ready for this! I’ll be able to play with my bf for the first time a FF title!! If they include local coop and not just online that is.