Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ teaser site, direct feed screenshots and Famitsu scans By Red Makuzawa on May 14, 2015 at 12:47 AM

Square Enix has officially announced the first Kingdom Hearts game on iOS and Android devices is releasing later this year called “Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ”(Chi). The mobile title port of the browser game which only released in Japan will be available as a F2P with in-game purchases. The story told is from the “oldest times” of the series and leads into Kingdom Hearts III. Players will be able to strengthen their keyblades and obtain medals by exploring throughout the various Disney worlds.

A teaser site for the game just recently launched recently. Nomura did mention in the interview that a western localization is in the works and they are currently testing the game in North America, though no other details have been announced.

  • It’d said that this game will set up KH3 and also make us reevaluate the plans of the villains in KH games. Xehanort has been pulling Zanatos gambits and Batman gambits since almost day one. I hope that when he dies all that comes to a halt and it becomes a new villain’s turn. I like Xehanort as a bad guy but he’s been surviving on borrowed time for too long. No more Orochimaru body hoping, just die.

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    *flaps hands excitedly

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    This game looks as if it’s going to be fun! Hopefully I can play it.