PAX Prime 2015: Everything you need to know from Final Fantasy XV’s Active Time Report By Wazi the pa on August 29, 2015 at 10:43 PM

During today’s Active Time Report event, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata showed off a handful of information – ranging from concept art and information to brand-new in-game footage of Final Fantasy XV.

This article will detail all the important notes from within the event.

First and foremost, Tabata has re-confirmed officially that Final Fantasy XV will be releasing in 2016.

Tabata: “I want to take this opportunity at PAX Prime to announce that we will officially release Final Fantasy XV in 2016.”

Tabata also added that more information regarding the full release date will be given at a ‘special’ event in March 2016. No specified date details has been given in regards to the event but expect to hear them in the coming months.

Next, a handful of concept art and in-game shots were previewed in the Active Time Report with which all of them had purposes of them being shown.

Starting with the city of Altissia, it was modeled after the city Venice, in Italy. Additionally, two images of Altissia where shown, with one being a complete concept art and the other pre-rendered. Tabata says that the visual quality of Altissia in-game will be of the same standard as the Altissia pre-render.

Also, a concept art of Hammerhead and Lestallum was shown. The Hammerhead is a maintenance shop modeled off an actual Hammerhead Shark. If you look closer at the Hammerhead concept art, you can see Cindy is in it but she does not own the place. Tabata teased something from that very concept art that might interest long-time fans of the Final Fantasy franchise so I’ll leave you guys to guess who it is.

Tabata: “I think any Final Fantasy fan will get the idea if I say ‘that mechanic’ from the Final Fantasy series [is the owner]. Did you notice the little old man taking a nap on the right side of the screen?”

Looking closer at the Lestallum concept art, there is a huge structure at the center of Lestallum and it plays a important part in the town. That very structure is how the town is getting it’s power. Deeper in the structure, lies a crater and within the crater, rests a meteor that is still burning.

There is another concept showcasing the expansive world of Final Fantasy XV, where players are able to stop anywhere at any time, set up camp and bond with the party members.

According to Tabata, the concept art showing off Regis and the car Regalia is “very important.” The Regalia of course, is the vehicle that Noctis and friends use it to travel through their journey. As we learned a while ago, the Regalia is owned by King Regis, Noctis’ father. Though one of the key themes in Final Fantasy XV is the “bond between friends,” another key theme is the “bond between father and son.” This means that even while Noctis is traveling with his friends, he’s also indirectly bonding with his father as well.

Returning concept arts such as Lunafreya, Myth and Leviathan were also shown during the event – the former two coming straight from the FFXV demo.

With regards to Leviathan, many Eidolons in Final Fantasy XV have their own personalities, are intelligent and play a “vital role” within the story. Specifically, we learned XV’s Leviathan is female and has a connection to the city of Altissia.

The Myth artwork details how the world of Final Fantasy came to be. On the right side of the image you can see the Eidolon Ramuh, the old fatherly figure. Him and other Eidolons are involved with the creation of the world.

Finally, the Lunafreya concept art. Though it has been shown a number of times before, Tabata has this to say about the game’s heroine:

Tabata: “We’re actually going to reveal some more information concerning Luna at our Tokyo Game Show event, but what I really wanted to get across is that she’s a very strong character – a very strong woman.”

To our surprise, the official Final Fantasy XV twitter profile has uploaded an additional concept art of Luna, as a bonus of what’s more to come in the Active Time Report at Tokyo Game Show 2015.

Last but certainly not least, Tabata showed off a never before seen concept art of Final Fantasy XV, depicting an outpost known as Caem. Located near the ocean, Noctis and friends will arrive at the outpost and take a boat across the ocean to reach to a town called Accordo.

When asked if the boats will be rendered in real-time and provide seamless travel, Tabata said:

Tabata: “Yes, of course, everything will be rendered in real-time. You’ll get in the boat in real-time, seamlessly. Your travel across the ocean in real-time, as well… But you won’t be journeying on the boat, as well. It’s sort of a one-way trip, in that sense.”

Next up we were shown new footage of Final Fantasy XV focused on the driving mechanics. Tabata pointed out that they changed the position of the steering wheel from the right side to the left side of the car as a result of discussions with the FFXV team.

Square Enix also shared a video message from Avalanche Studios’ CEO Christofer Sundberg in which he outlined the collaboration between Square Enix and Avalanche Studios in regards to sharing technology for the development of Final Fantasy XV. Though discussions are early and not much can be said at this point, Avalanche Studios is interested in the collaboration.

Rounding out the panel, Square Enix will host yet another Active Time Report at Tokyo Game Show 2015 where more details on Luna will be shown, as well as the game’s fishing and chocobo features.

As an added bonus, Square Enix has set up two official Final Fantasy XV twitter accounts with one that is the official English twitter account and the other for Japan:

Two videos of in-game footage of Final Fantasy XV are now available to watch as well, with one showing off the car mechanics and the other showing development in progress footage of the game:

Update: The videos have been replaced with better quality versions.

Below we’ve compiled a gallery of concept art and in-game screenshots from the panel.

  • Martian Wong

    Awesome, this ATR itself re-ignites the hype for me. Half year to go before the release date.

  • Wazi the pa

    Same here. It has gone way above my expectations. They listened and listened right.

  • Look at the gun! It reminds me of the old Versus XIII trailer from 2011 where it showed Prompto use his gun against a flying beast. It seems they’re trying to bring that back to XV.

  • Interesting they took the Katana from Ignis and gave it to Cor. But I mean it’s nice to see him in-game moving and what not and also the fact that guns are also still in the game for the player to use and it seems to work similar to how they showed it off in the Versus XIII 2011 trailer.

    And I wonder if you can hook on to that giant bird to take a bit of flight.

  • Wazi the pa

    I honestly did not expect to see Noctis shooting with a gun.

  • Octavio Valdez

    Well apparently you can now warp strike into the magitek troops airships and beat them inside before they jump at you

  • HalfLucan

    Final Fantasy XV: Unlimited Blade Works.

  • HalfLucan

    !!! Luna is the woman from the concept art holding the ring!!! Ah mate, she’s going to be on a warpath as well considering it was her own country that attacked her (nifleheim)…

  • Noctis Caelum

    Simply amazing gameplay, hope to see the full HD version.
    I’m so happy to see that Noctis uses a gun, hope he can also use katanas, whips, rapiers, axes ect.^^

  • Sathil

    Smoother video available but with no commentary but smoother. For the driving part at least.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    I’m a bit confused, so we can’t actually manually control the boat?

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    I don’t think we can manually aim with it though. Sucks.

  • stevenm281

    no, we can’t

    Similar to Junon going to Costa Del Sol in FF7, or from Granseal to the new continent in Shining Force 2, or the ride from Port Prospect to… I don’t remember the other town in Dragon Quest 8.

  • stevenm281

    we shall see, its not impossible, its still only 50% complete, we don’t know how much depth they’ll put into it.

  • stevenm281

    Well that is what I call a substantial ATR, we got information, concept arts, in-game footage, loving this!

  • karasuKumo

    The music whilst in the car genuinely sounds like something from Wii Sports. Everything looked nice though.

  • Syul

    Hey, in the image about the myth of FFXV… Is that Ultros at the left? XD I wish it is XD

    P.D.: that shirtless Gladiolus on the image after the myth one *-*

  • stevenm281

    its possible

  • I was surprised by the amount of info given away at this event and let’s not forget, TGS is like 2 1/2 weeks away and we’ll be getting a bigger “DAWN” trailer there as well, along with other updates. This ATR gave the game so much more depth (guns, ferry boats, driving, intelligent summons that are actually part of the story, a new area in Caim, a katana-wielding boss and not to mention the release window) that it makes me feel like FF XV is just getting started. I can’t wait to see what more they’ve got in store for us, not to mention that new demo. This game is being made with the utmost care put in every single aspect of it and that just means we’ll get an even greater finished product!

  • THis was a good one. I like that it’s coming out next year and that we see Noct with a sheild and a gun. The summons playing a major role is good too. But I want them talking not just part of the lore. I wanna see a giant Ramuh looking down talking to Noctis.

  • No idea. Just glad it seems like Siren, and the knights of the round table might be in it.

  • Yeah you can. First things are on auto, but at any time you can switch to manual and take over where they stop or if they stop on a dime. I doubt you can pull off doughnuts in the streets but you can drive.

  • Yes you can as I hear it. Ignis drives on auto, Noct on manual.

  • stevenm281

    you control the car that way, not the boat

  • Oh my bad. I thought we were talking about the car.

  • david paw

    He also throw kunai… that’s cool.

  • Zenobia Joyner

    Ok i really like the idea with the gas and what will happen when we run out
    so now i would like to know how long will the fuel last us through our time on the road i wonder.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Lol, I think you need to read my comment again. Doing doughnuts in the street in a boat would be rather impressive.

  • I messed up. Though we were still talking cars.

  • That’s gonna be fun to warp in there and hit them with a blitz attack with the buster sword. (Tempest and Zwihander )

  • Felipe Medeiros

    So the idiot changed more and more things from versus XIII, now the game isnt part of the FNC isnt? He should screw noctis design and give him a new name like “Noite” witch means night in some language and pretend its never had a link with versus XIII, that would please ppl more.

  • Justice V

    Hasn’t been part of the crystallis at minimum since it got titled xv. It really had no reaon to be in the first place. It only shared one god with xiii, had no other real connection to it. If there were going to be l’cie in the game nomura already said they wouldn’t be anything like xiii’s l’cie. So there’s really no harm in taking away xiii’s mythos and changing it up a bit to be domething new/better

  • Justice V

    Don’t think so. At least not on the first trip using it.