Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning featured in Louis Vuitton fashion advertisement By Tim Willers on December 26, 2015 at 5:39 PM

Final Fantasy XIII heroine, Lightning, is now on the runway. She now models for the french fashion company Louis Vutton. But in all seriousness, Square Enix posted a video of a new collaboration with the famous French fashion house yesterday, demonstrating how alien the concept of a purse is to the heroine of Lightning Returns. This is a promo done by Visual works with Lightning for this company.

Update 2: Second video showcasing Lightning in Louis Vuitton has now been posted.





What do you guys think of this new promotional campaign? Please voice your opinions below.

  • Red Makuzawa

    Visual Works always makes cool clips/videos. I don’t really care much about this since obviously it doesn’t concern me, lol.

  • Aliahsan

    I mean I still find it interesting. 🙂

  • jambawok

    That would be hilarious if that became a bonus schemata and weapon set for the lightning returns on PC; it’s basically just her same animations with a purse in her hands.

  • Tony Garsow


  • Martian Wong

    So this is the second part of Lightning Returns’ ending?

  • Queen of the world


    I like it very much! Its cool to see Lightning in new costume. She looks mega beautiful!

  • Burst Limit


  • James Stine

    She must not be forgotten.

  • Is this what Lightning has been doing after Final Fantasy XIII? She’s found a successful job for herself. Now if only that were true about the others…

  • GamaMoya

    Wonder if They gotten square enix permention for this??? or would they trip on this…

  • Sathil

    Goddess gots to find something to do eh?

  • Rebeca M. Nunes

    In one of the costumes she’s using the same tiara that Sailor Moon uses |o|

  • nickpierog

    She is the perfect savior, Lightning♥!:)

  • I’m not gonna lie, she really does fit.

  • Yes. It is. And then Toriyama’s gonna marry her. xD

  • Man. I thought it wasn’t that serious.

  • This takes weirdness to a whole new level but I’m quite pleased as a Lightning fan.

  • Jesus Christ

    Holy Myself! Yaaaaaaaaaaaassss!!! She’s so beautiful!

  • ElAbuelo69

    What an incredibly half-assed article.

    I want to believe this is due to today being the day after Christmas.

    Do a little research at least?

  • Crysus Bu

    She does look absolutely beautiful though,. You could say really cute because we’ve never seen her wearing luxury casual clothing before. That sparkle dress for instance looks so good. She actually reminds me of a lady I knew who is in her early 20’s wo was quite determined and never smiled much, BUT when she did, it was really quite something!

  • abc

    Lightning is in the legion of immortal heroes, Cloud, Squall and many others …
    Square is preparing a dating sim? just kidding

    Perfect for my video background.. HD?

  • Jesus Christ

    I LOOOVEEE that pink jacket. So Fabulous. So beautiful. So blessed! Yaaaaaaaaasss.

    Y’all noticed that tiara she wears? Reminds me of Sailor Moon’s. :>

  • MistwalkerKilyK

    What did I just see…

  • If they want to do something to bring a smile to fans with 13 stuff, just follow up on Type0 with a fully HD modern PS4 tech game set in the aftermath of that world. Is that gonna happen now that we saw that Ace promotional teaser?

  • Martian Wong

    Only Toriyama will marry her.

  • Martian Wong

    Yea, I mean they are in the real world now.

  • stevenm281

    Lovin’ it!

  • Frederick Badguy

    Then complain when the curse Motomu Toriyama . Nothing against women play video games , but more effeminate than Final Fantasy XIII , only Barbie

  • Dick

    I still don’t know exactly what they did to her face in LR, but she looks… different. Not as sleek and slight as in FF13/13-2.

  • Adrian

    What the fuck?

  • Jesus Christ

    I notice the first picture looks very unrealistic. It’s like they just crop her head onto the clothing. Her hair in inside the clothes?

  • cloud

    I like it… Lighting was a good heroine

  • Oooh! I love how they ended that promo with her iconic hand swipe motion from the beginning of FFXIII-2. Well, it was iconic to me. 🙂

  • Well, that explains the epilogue in Lightning Returns. 🙂

  • Black and blue.

  • Those outfits would’ve been perfect as bonus schemata!!

  • Justice V

    Not a fan of most LV stuff so not too excited. Cool to see though. But is that headband thing she wearing by LV? Because if it is…it’ll be way out of my price range, but at least looks awesome heh.

  • Mogster Mog
  • Jesus Christ

    Love the new pic, but I really wish Nomura do different hair styles. The same oh same don’t really work in all fashion attire though.

  • Invisikid

    In <3 with these images!
    Anyone know where to find high resolutions of them?

  • stevenm281

    While I love Lightning and she does look gorgeous, I think Luna would have been a more appropriate choice, she lives in a society similar to ours, dress with clothes more akin to our world than FF13 characters, she is a new face for Square Enix and will represent the newest FF.

  • Kitty ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    wtf lol