Sean Bean, Aaron Paul & Lena Headey won’t be part of Final Fantasy XV’s game cast By André Mackowiak on March 31, 2016 at 5:27 PM

During the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Square Enix revealed that Sean Bean, Aaron Paul and Lena Headey will voice characters in the newly announced CGI movie Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV.

While the famous actors known from Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad will be part of this prequel-project, they will not reprise their roles as King Regis, Luna and Nyx in the final Final Fantasy XV video game. This was confirmed on the official Final Fantasy XV Twitter channel after the Uncovered show.

Square Enix is expected to announce the full main voice casts of the game in the near future.

Source: Twitter.com – Official English Final Fantasy XV account


  • Jchill

    Why not get the people who actually are in the game?

  • Jesus Christ

    I’m not understanding their rationale to use different actors for the movie and game. Why not be consistent with it?

  • Martian Wong

    Who is that in the image ? Luna? If yes…I don’t know what to say.

  • blallzark

    What I don’t get is why they “needed” to change the character designs for the film. If that’s supposed to be Luna, I’m not a fan of changes they made.

  • I totally agree with you since all three are great actors. On the other hand the CGI movie could be rather short so recordings for this movie could be done quick and less expensive. A full game on the other hand may collide with the actor’s schedule and could be quite expensive….

  • Jesus Christ

    But what happens to the whole idea of VA job being convenient. No makeup required, very flexible.

  • Martian Wong

    Totally agree with you.

  • Pleasance13

    I’m in the other boat. I wish they’d make her look like that in-game.

  • Dick

    Bear in mind these are famous and in-demand actors. It may simply be that their schedules can’t allow for it.

  • Justice V

    If Lena’s filming Game of Thrones she’s not even in the country for a chunk of the year. So that could be one conflict. Sean and Aaron not sure, but similar deals as on Aaron’s IMDB I think I saw like 3 movies coming out this year so he seems pretty busy too. Would have been awesome though if they could have used them for both. Not sure why Luna looks so much older and uglier in the movie version though.

  • grapes9h5

    I agree, I’m not digging this different designed Luna, BUT maybe there is a story reason. Every other character looks the same more or less. The casting of Lena Heady, while I think she’s an excellent actress with a great voice, also seems like an odd choice maturity wise for the Luna we’ve seen in the game footage. But like I said, there could be reasons for this we simply can’t understand yet.

  • 4FFAN

    The movie has a more realistic style while the game is closer to Anime/Nomura style…so I guess that can explain why…kinda.

  • so it’ll look like the actors, smh, not necessary

  • All I care about is the game’s voice acting. When will I get to know who been doing Noctis?

  • blallzark

    Yea, why not, make it look like every other modern AAA game. Why would Final Fantasy want to keep the look that sets it apart from the rest when the characters can look as white as possible.

    Whatever, the game looks fine, that’s all that really matters.

  • 4FFAN

    I’m not saying they should change the style, I’m just saying they did. Honestly I like both styles. I do think the change on Luna’s model is a bit exaggerated but if you look at King Regis, he didn’t change all that much.

  • Jesus Christ

    This Luna doesn’t has as much volume in her cheeks as the one in game. Google Luna for image in which she sitting down and lightly tanned. Her cheeks fuller, rendering her more youthful. We typically perceive fuller cheeks as youthful because that’s how we recognize a “baby face” as.

  • Jesus Christ

    I would allow if… per Prayer Request.

  • stevenm281

    They changed Regis’ design in-game to reflect his movie model, well they should the same for Luna cause now they look very different, she seems 10 years older in the movie.

  • blallzark

    Ya sorry, I should’ve made it more clear that I was actually agreeing with you in that is probably the reason Square did it….. I just find the reason flawed.

  • stevenm281

    I’m surprised that a company of such high standards wouldn’t want the voice cast of their compilation to be consistent…

  • blallzark

    Which actually would make sense if that’s how it is….. But movie is a prequel soooooooo……

  • blallzark

    $, thats the reason

  • Average Afro

    No. Movie starts just before the events of the game and runs concurrently with the game. Not technically a prequel

  • stevenm281

    it starts a bit before the game but its mostly happening at the same time. The reason why the invasion of Lucis and the treaty signing were removed from the game is because its the movie’s plot.

    While Noctis and co. are on the road, what happens in Lucis is seen in KingsGlaive rather than in the game.

    Same goes with backstory of the four main characters, instead of being in-game, its through the anime series.

    And yet, with all these removals, we still get a 50 hours story in-game.

  • Luna looks better now. Before, she looked like an anime

  • alexis

    It’s a shame. Lena Headey has such a nice voice, and it would have sounded really unique for Luna. Well, can’t wait to see who will be her voice.

  • alexis

    star power, my dude

  • alexis

    I think she’s beautiful honestly

  • alexis

    Why do you keep saying this? This isn’t why they changed the design.

  • stevenm281

    they mentioned it last night, the first factor was because of his power to maintain the shield, but thats all happening in the movie, not in the game, so when they changed the model for the movie, they had to change his design in the game as well

  • Dick

    She’s more gaunt and masculine in the movie is the problem, I feel. In the game she looks very demure and feminine.

  • noctcaelum

    This made my day hahahaha

  • noctcaelum

    I actually thought that sean bean is already voicing for regis in the new game trailer.i thought they sound the same.when I first heard the english voice it sounded familiar

  • alexis

    You’re reading it in a way that makes no sense. They didn’t change it for the movie and then change it in the game as a response, it was a change altogether. It would be the same logic as saying that Luna replaced Stella in the movie and so they replaced her in the game to reflect it… that’s not how it works.

  • Jesiah Grant

    Love the consistency, doesn’t matter I was going to be playing/watching in Japanese anyway

  • Why is Luna and his father in the movie but not Noctis? Why not just have the movie be about Noctis’ mother and father? Why do they do this so much? Kill and parent and then have a kid obsessed with the living one. Almost always the father he’ll follow in the footsteps of instead of being his own man.

  • Looking like an anime is good. It’s a japanese game.
    Now she looks older. Like she wears a lot of make-up and then suddenly stopped.

  • Sounds to old for me. I don’t like squeaky voiced ladies but that lady sounded like someone’s mama.

  • alexis

    Being a Japanese game isn’t a reason why something is better to look anime-ish. In fact it could be argued that leaning that way simply because they’re Japanese is uncreative.

  • No I was speaking from how I saw it. I prefer an anime look because real life is boring and ugly. The more realistic something is, the more depressed I get. That’s the reason I broke down in tears during both times trying to play Skyrim. Ice and brown mud streets and grey rocks. Looking at it all I could think of was disease and hatred and suffering. But when I look at Tales games or KH games or Falcom games I feel a sense of epic adventure and happiness to be alive. Wonder and accomplishment. I need bright colors with my serious epic tales.

  • Codes McGodes

    Tbh I think it’s really stupid that they’re gonna have two different voice casts. It’s gonna throw the whole thing off. Everyone keeps saying “well maybe their schedules didn’t allow it”, but that doesn’t really make sense. The movie is a tack-on project, while the game has always been the priority. If anything, the game actors wouldn’t have had the schedule to do the movie, but in all honesty, they almost definitely would have.

    The most likely reason is because they wanted to use star power to advertise a feature-length film. Star power isn’t as sought-after in video games, and a game is rarely advertised with “featuring the voice talents of-“. I suppose it’s possible that they still don’t have voice actors picked for the game yet, and Headey, Bean and Paul really aren’t available to do the game as well, but with a release date only six months away, and literally years worth of voice work done already for several members of the cast, I find it extremely unlikely that they haven’t picked out their game Luna and game Regis yet.

    Also just to someone’s point about a movie being less expensive, that’s not necessarily true. The recording time is most likely shorter, but the cost is actually probably higher. I’ve studied a bit of voice over, and fewer lines doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper. The worth of the audio is really what determines the cost. So celebrity value, campaign potential, and market distribution are more so what influence the pay rate of voice over. “You’ve got mail” for example is only three words, but it’s worth several million dollars.

  • Jesus Christ

    Enlightening. You’ve made good points.

  • stevenm281

    In case you don’t remember, a while ago Tabata mentioned that the invasion of Lucis, the signing ceremony, etc., were removed from the game and people were bitching about it (with reasons at the time as the game was supposed to start this way during the Versus XIII era).

    Now we know why, all those parts removal from the game were not removed totally, they are still part of the universe, they’ve been relocated to another media (movie, anime), and we’re still getting a 50 hour story in the game.

    As Tabata confirmed, the game focuses on Noctis and co. and their adventure, the movie focus on whats going on in Lucis during this adventure, and the anime offers backstory on the main four characters through flashbacks while Noctis and co. are on their roadtrip.

    Again, you don’t want to experience the universe they built for us, you want to experience your vision of what it could be… Enough with the why not this, why not that, we’ve known this part of the story since Versus XIII, can we just experience it now without complaints? Since it became XV, fans have been totally irrational.

  • stevenm281
  • Daniel

    That’s why I dislike the FF fanbase -_-

  • alexis

    I don’t see how the shape of Luna’s face has an effect of bright colors or epic adventure, but if that’s what you say then I’ll just take your word for it…

  • Marcus

    that’s why i’m not worried about luna. they prob picked lena cuz she sounds very similar to the main va.

  • Marcus

    i think this movie is gonna take place early on in the game not during the game. luna meets up with the party at some point after she escapes the city so the film will just lead into the beginning. i also still think we will see parts of the invasion in game just not the whole thing.

  • Looking like an anime is good for games like Star Ocean and Valkyria Chronicles. What’s the point of making a game with realistic graphics when you have the characters like an anime?

  • stevenm281

    Star Ocean ain’t anime, its a cartoon/realistic hybrid. Now Tales of series is anime looking.

  • D.3ND

    It seem’s that everyone is ignoring the Fat Chocobo in the Room and are more caught up with the different VA between the game and the movie. You’re overlooking the fact the CGI is running 3 times the amount of polygons then the game and not running on Directx 11. Because of this, it’s little bit more detailed then the game and have more flamboyant freedom, namely for motion and facial cap for better translation of expression and movement. It would be alittle weird if they use the same face model from the game due the limit of polygons they had to use with the Directx 11.

  • Anam Hamid

    OK this is not Luna can’t believe how realistic this CGI is hmm plz change the CGI to to current game one plz at least I can enjoy the movie like that

  • Anam Hamid

    Prefer 3d anime style

  • I guess it’s just me. But I get depressed and less interested the more realistic and down to earth something is.

  • If it’s like that, the movie should be added to all the games at the option screen when you first turn it on.
    There’s no such thing as perfect so complaining is just going to happen. I can like the game and still complain about the parts I don’t. When the time comes and there’s something you don’t like, no one’s gonna be able to to tell you how to deal with it, will they? You have your life and experiences and complaints and I have mine.

  • Jonét

    I believe they changed Regis to look older in the movie as a result of him aging rapidly from keeping the shield over the city for so long. Therefore, if he appears older in the movie due to a plot point that exists in both movie and the game, his ingame model needed to be cchangedhange to reflect the movie’s plot.

  • They really pulled so many great actors this time, especially Lena Headey. My prediction of weakly Luna is no more. She’s the official ice queen now.

  • Anton Villarica Lagda

    hope they “improve” the english batman voice of Noctis,, Tabata said he would make him sound “younger”

  • Jaeger19ultima

    So you’re saying that japanese is all about anime? You are stereotyping them and stunting their growth. It means that you believe Japan should never be more than anime. You are boring tasteless and you will undoubtfully tell me why i’m wrong and why your world view of stereotypes should be the view we all follow but whatever you say you will say it to spite me. I just believe your comment speaks for your racism