I Am Setsuna coming to the West on July 19th; new teaser and screenshots By Red Makuzawa on April 22, 2016 at 10:11 AM

I Am Setsuna is coming to PlayStation 4 via PSN and PC via Steam on July 19th in North America and Europe, Square Enix announced today. You can read a description for the game, view an English dub teaser trailer and a set of screenshots below.

You can also check out our spin through the Japanese version here. Square Enix will be streaming gameplay of the English version today, catch that here.

I AM SETSUNA tells the sorrowful story of Setsuna, a young woman of incredible inner strength, and the sacrifice she must undertake to the save the people of her land. Players will be immersed in an emotional and unforgettable story of true bravery as Setsuna leaves her hometown with her bodyguards on a journey to the farthest land.

New character illustrations, revealing details of the heroine Setsuna and her bodyguard Endir, were also released. Endir, the main playable character, is a skilled mercenary whose destiny is changed upon meeting Setsuna.

I AM SETSUNA offers beautiful art and game design that harken back to Japanese role-playing game classics of yesteryear, and includes various features inspired by legendary titles from the golden era of JRPGs, such as CHRONO TRIGGER®’s memorable battle system.

  • Day one and done!
    Will there be anything added to this game too?
    Dlc sidequests?

  • Yuntu

    No DLC that I know of and the game doesn`t have voice acting outside of maybe some battlecrys you will hear in combat.

  • Smh all that and its short….

  • Yuntu

    It`s a budget title with nearly no money behind it, what did you expect?


    hype. i hope it sells well in the west, tokyo rpg factory needs to one day make AAA jrpg 🙂

  • 45 hrs of story.

  • Yuntu

    Then sorry but you are delusional. This isn`t even a fullprice game.

  • Are you sorry or are you just tired of reading what i have to say since in your view its nothing but complaints?

  • Yuntu

    A mix of both.

  • Thats what i figured.

  • Yuntu

    You must admit, you have very strange expectations regarding pretty much everything.

  • Vallen

    Digital? bleh..

  • EM

    No physical no buy. I feel like this game will just sell bad honestly, resulting in us getting no more Tokyo RPG Factory games. Oh well, Square is retarded.

  • I like games that look like persona or tales or ff but have a story thats like dark and serious. No panty jokes. Lots of shops and exploration. And a battle system like wild arms 3 and grandia w or tales of Abyss. And i love continue plus of dlc that adds to the post game.
    Its not unreasonable.

  • Yuntu

    That`s fine, but not every game is meant to deliver on that. For example this one is just meant as a little nostalgia trip with CT gameplay, nothing more outside of that. And probably to test out what this new studio from SE (the one behind this small project, Tokyo RPG Factory) is somewhat capable of with smaller projects.

  • I just hope it’s a success so next time can get something longer and with full voice work.