Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XV’s car By Erren Van Duine on September 22, 2016 at 12:06 AM

One of the big talking points of late around Final Fantasy XV has been its car. Is it on rails? Can the car take damage? What about customization? Director Hajime Tabata answered all these things and more throughout Tokyo Game Show. Speaking with IGN Japan, we now have a clearer idea of what to expect going into the final game.

Final Fantasy XV‘s been designed so that other cars actively avoid the player. While you can crash into them, the Regalia won’t break after sustaining a lot of damage – only visible aspects such as a broken windshield or body damage will be available, though they have no bearing on the car’s actual performance. Final Fantasy XV isn’t an action game like Grand Theft Auto so the car must remain functional at all times.

You will, however, have to fuel up from time to time. You’ve got two choices here: take the car to a gas station or call on Cidney to pick you up for a small fee.

While on the road there’s a few other things to note: you can’t fall off cliffs, you can’t run into enemies with the car and there’s no going off-road – aside from designated dirt roads. You can handle the car freely provided you’re on a road, though, and you can turn around if need be. If you choose to drive on the wrong side of the road, cars will stop but you’ll still crash into them.

The flying Regalia obtained near the end of the game won’t be necessary to complete the main story either. However, Tabata says some additional areas on the world map won’t be accessible without it. When you’re in flight, it’s impossible to run out of fuel. You can’t take the car on water – that’s what chocobos are for since they can swim. There won’t be a car-specific mini-game, but at some point there will be a chase scene with it.

Because this isn’t an action game, it won’t be possible to enter other cars or pick up hitchhikers. You can increase the speed and reduce fuel consumption on the Regalia, though these upgrades won’t be essential to the main story. In effect, these things are there to allow quicker and easier completion of side quests.

On the visual front, you can change the color of the car and add custom stickers. Some of the pre-order bonuses include predetermined designs for this purpose.

While in the car, you can’t change the radio station but you can buy cassette tapes from certain shops to listen to on the road. These include various music from the Final Fantasy series.

There’s also no toll booths in the game. All roads in the game are open to the public and free to drive through.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    chase scene in an RPG game?
    that’s a bit out of place imo

  • Jesus Christ

    Boooo I can’t steal other people’s car? I’m waiting for FFXV: Final MIX then!

    No more restrictions!

  • AsianRiceGrower

    FF7 had a chase scene. There have been plenty of them in JPRG’s and RPG’s alike. Do they happen in every RPG? No but it is not like it is out of place or uncommon, at least to me.

  • alexis

    “you can’t run into enemies with the car”

  • alexis

    Didn’t Final Fantasy VII have a chase scene on a motorcycle?

  • alexis

    Also, cassettes? Cute 😛

  • Strabos2333

    “While in the car, you can’t change the radio station but you can buy cassette tapes from certain shops to listen to on the road. These include various music from the Final Fantasy series.”

    If this ends up being paid DLC, fuck ’em. For the record, I’m not referring to the tapes already in the game. *Or am I!?*

  • Fang Striker

    You need to play one of FF’s biggest hits FF7 …. it says otherwise.

  • Tom

    Somewhat reminds me of FFVIII. There was fuel in that game but you couldn’t just hop into a car or run into anything. Thou your SeeD rank went down if you used it too much I think…

    I’m looking forward to see how this whole car thing is going to turn out in the final game. How strict is it gonna be, how necessary to use the car and what if you leave the car behind and go on your own on foot.

  • Tom

    Important question! Does the game still have the Japanese style police cars?

  • XenoSilvano

    all these extras that are being revealed about the game makes me question the relevance of it all, it also make me wonder whether certain aspects of the game is being fluffed-up to cover-up other aspects of the game that is lacking.

  • Breathless

    Ok, no actual car damage is acceptable I guess (though some level of realism should be retained, make it slower or harder to handle or something); no falling off cliffs is…well, it would potentially have to explode killing everyone in it, it could be a way to game over, but fine whatever.
    But no going off-road and no hitting enemies? That’s pointlessly too restrictive imo. And lol can’t change radio stations on a car radio while in the car??? If it’s a thing in the world that there’s only one radio station to listen to, yeah, makes sense. Other than that……..
    Not sure where I stand with swimming chocobos vs no speedboat switch on the car though.

  • What kind of dick would go around crashing the car into other innocent drivers? Running over the robot soldiers is one thing but it’s not okay to get-off on murdering innocent people.

  • Xervath

    All in all it’s more or less what I expected to get. I guess the no-off-road thing is a minor susprise, but I’ll live with that. I can understand no-hitting-enemies, I guess. Guess the biggest concern at the moment, for me is how easy these cassette’s can be obtained, how many songs are on such a cassette, are they ‘mix tapes’ or are they full game-OSTs, and can I at least swap cassettes while driving?

    Other than that…I’m pretty much okay with this. Interested to see which “otherwise inaccessible areas” I can reach with the SSV Regalia V-TOL Turbo X-15 :]

  • nextpkfr

    There aren’t any radio stations.

    “Pointlessly too restrictive”

    The point of not going off road or hitting enemies is that they would need to design a completely different aspect to the game. You have to think of this from a design perspective. Even if they had the time to spend to make those features work (which wouldn’t be easy), it would quite possibly wreck other design aspects. For example, the player could simply drive through an area which is supposed to be difficult to navigate on foot.

  • If I can get a full playlist of all boss and regular battle themes for the car radio I’ll be satisfied. I especially want the battle themes of 7 and 6. Those who Fight Further and Decisive Battle are pure gold. Though Battle with Four Fiend for FF4 would be a must too.

  • D.3ND

    Xenosaga episode 2 had one.

  • vishmarx

    i dont get the radio bit, wasnt there a lucian radio channel that plays only xv songs?

  • Mina-P

    Yes and it was AH-MAZING. You got to swing cloud’s sword while u motorbiked, im hoping u get to do the same thing with noctis *A*

  • Mina-P

    Yesss cassette tapes too bad music licensing is so expensive I’d love for prompto to bring along a tape labeled ‘prompto’s super awesome cool mix-tape for roadtrip with bros<3' and the rest of the guys absolutely hate his taste in music.


    why do you mean by you cant change the radio station? surely you can select which song you want to listen to? dont tell me its auto play and you have to wait for the song you want to come on.

  • Mina-P

    FFXV: GTA edition???O.o

  • Mina-P

    and ff7…. and ff8… and panzer dragoon saga…. and wild arms 3… I mean Chrono Trigger had you racing a junkyard robot named Johnny I think they can do just about anything in an RPG

  • Starlord

    Jesus Christ wants to steal? Ooooh boy!

  • Xervath

    Perhaps there is the one radio station, and for music from the other games you have to find/buy the cassettes…?

  • D.3ND

    Ever since GTA released on PSX it became a mediocre bad influence to the younger generations back to now.

  • noctcaelum

    well as tabata said this is not GTA

  • D.3ND

    This just gives you an idea on the political and economic state on eos. Their might some radio stations depending on the location and how strong their broadcasting signal is.

  • D.3ND

    Do you think the Empire gonna let radio stations broadcasting people’s opinions while they’re conquering kingdoms and city-states? No, yes they could control the media at a degree but they have nasty habit destroying things they don’t deem as military asset.

  • Justice V

    I think they mean changing stations like in GTA or Sleeping Dogs etc. How those games had a bunch of different types of stations hip hop, talk radio, classical, rock, etc. Other articles have said you can change the music, but you have to skip through each song not pick from a list.

  • Justice V

    It is a classic car.

  • Justice V

    Best part about RPG’s? Nothing is really ever out of place as long as it makes sense story wise.

  • Justice V

    The fact we can actually steer the car is surprising to me. I was happy when it was just on rails, but this is cool too.

  • I don’t see the appeal. As a lover of RPGs, if I play a character, I try to make the character do things that fit their personality. I doubt Noctis would sadistically run people over just to stroke his ego.

  • Yuntu

    Read the article again (not meant insulting). What he says is there is one radio station to listen to (we`ve heard that one in a trailer once, if it is still the same) and you can buy cassetes to listen to which will feature FF music.

  • Yuntu

    Why do people want this game to be like GTA in the car aspect. lol

    We can switch between FF songs from cassetes we buy and have a radio station, that`s more variety any other FF ever had for its travel companion.

  • Yuntu

    Sounds like the usual fluff a FF game has around it that XIII was missing for the most part.


    thats not what im asking. when you put the cassette in, do you get to select which music or is it autoplay from beginning to end , can you choose to go to track number 5 of the ff7 cassette or track number 9.

    that was my question.

  • Yuntu

    You can switch between tracks as far as I know.

    But I think some sites complained you didn`t have a list to go through. As in you can`t directly select the song you want but need to know where it is on that cassette.

  • Asakura93

    So just like in real life then, eh?

    (Oh wait, it’s 2016.. people don’t know about cassettes anymore..)

  • XenoSilvano

    …maybe it is just me (I think it is just me), I feel like some of these extras are somewhat superfluous (as in unnecessary, like they do not really need to be there), I do not really see myself making use of much of it: fishing, car custimisation, clothing and all the other little things

    please excuse the late reply… computer problems

  • Yuntu

    No problem.

    For me thats one of the pillars of FF that was missing in XIII. They always have small stuff in there you don´t need to do. Like treasure search with chocobos in 9. A small little race through a town in 12. A motorbike chasing scene in 7.

    All that adds to the overall experience, those small little touches always put FF for me above other JRPGs. Or as developers call ’em “one ofs”, stuff you develop for that one scene usually no other dev does (GameInformer had a guy working on Deus Ex HR in an interview and he said that as an example why FF games take so long to make and that this small stuff can be extremly time consumning) – as Eidos, aka Deus Ex; Tomb Raider; Hitman, got bought by them and SE looked at how they develop big games in the west and the other way around).

  • Yuntu

    Wait that chasing scene was mandatory, scratch that one.

  • jack

    Its a video game bruh ofcourse I’d want to crash my car into other cars its just a game

  • You can do it if you want, but I don’t find that fun. To me if i get off on stuff like that in a game it’s a step towards starting to like it in real life. That’s why I don’t like games or stories staring rapist or heartless murders or sadists.

  • stevenm281

    I’ve loved games like GTA since I was young teenager and I never had any violent urges or incident for that matter.

    As long as you know the difference between right and wrong, fiction and reality, etc., you’re fine.

    Nonetheless, I don’t think its a suitable approach for FF.

  • When I play RPGs I like to make choices that fit the characters. I know Noctis isn’t a shameless asshole so I don’t want to hit people with his car.

  • Daniel Lloyd Geoghan

    most pointless car driving mechanic of the year award goes to final fantasy 15. and guess what thats fucking fine i like that its this way. gonna just be driving around liek i aint got nowhere to be.

  • Mobley Twoeleven

    LMAO I had an eight track in my first vehicle. Yeah, I’m getting old, but not old just yet. only in my 30s

  • Armless Gamers (offender420)

    But noooo Ignis steps in and wont allow me to drive the damn car!
    What’s the fucking point of having an offroad car in the beginning of the game, have fun exploring and all of a sudden you cant manually drive anymore???
    Exploring takes for fucking ever now since auto drive can only follow roads as if it were on tracks..
    May i remind you that it’s an offroad car.
    Not being able to go offroad with an offroad car (in auto) is the biggest bullshit ever, just enable me to fucking drive already; no one wants to be limited like this, not being able to properly drive until after chapter 3.. i thought it was supposed to support free roam but they are pretty much forcing me to race true the story mode..
    Biggest bullshit EVER